Steve Nash Praises The Fan Base, Ready To Move On From Dwight...

Steve Nash Praises The Fan Base, Ready To Move On From Dwight Howard


It was the most difficult season of Steve Nash’s career as he broke his leg in the Lakers’ second game against the Portland Trail Blazers. Nash returned early to help the Lakers make the playoffs, but the injury never fully healed and he was eventually shut down in the first round against the San Antonio Spurs.

After an off-season of rehabilitation, Nash looks to redeem himself this season and prove that he’s still one of the best point guards in the game. Despite the difficulties he encountered in his first season with the Lakers, he ultimately enjoys playing for the Lakers and fan base:

“It was a great experience to play for the Lakers, to be a part of this community, and to play for this fan base. It’s an amazing opportunity and experience that I’ve completely embraced.”

When asked about Dwight Howard’s departure, Nash believes that everyone has moved on from the situation including the passionate fan base:

“I think Lakers fans have such pride and passion for their team and the history of the club. I think in the end, Dwight didn’t want to be here. I think they were happy to move on. There’s a tremendous history here and the fans are incredibly passionate. I think they want people who are Lakers, who want to be Lakers. I think everyone kind of moved on.”

While this will only be Steve Nash’s second season in Los Angeles, he truly understands what it means to be a Laker. Nash also made a great point about the passionate fans. At the end of the day, the fan base wants players who want to wear the purple and gold armor and represent the city. Regardless of what the media says, most players want to play for the Lakers at one point in their careers and that won’t change because an All-Star center decided to leave.


  • Jim213

    Fans should move on from DH? Nash wants the teammates to accept low expectations? Tell that to the players that compete day in an out. Although some have a different mentality but we don’t tank.

  • The Rock

    Steve Nash better earn his money he gets paid over $9 million per year.I got faith in a 3 point shooting lineup of Steve Nash,Steve Blake,Jodie Meeks,Kobe Bryant,Ryan Kelly,

    • Paytc

      If Nash can manage to stay healthy he should do well.The yhave the right idea with limiting his minutes.That was always one of Nash’s problems when he was on the Sun’s…he spent so much energy during the regular season it took a toll on him come playoff time. If he has a good back up he can not have to shoulder too much until we really need to call on him IMO.

      Go Nash, Go Lakers!

      • The Rock

        Yeah i know Steve Nash is a great basketball player.His age is a concern therefore limiting his minutes and giving him days off especially on back to backs should do wonders in extending his career while getting the most out of him.Some of us have been hit by a cheap shot before i know i got punched in he head when not expecting it well Steve Nash has gotten hit with more cheap shots than probably any player i know of he is a tough Canadian and he will give it a go.When i said earn his money i meant is he still a top 10 point guard and if he is please prove it to us fair enough.Nash is 39 almost 40 so limiting his minutes is only logical IMO.

        Oh ya before someone asks me yeah about the 3 point lineup Steve Nash,Steve Blake,Jodie Meeks,Shawne Williams,Ryan Kelly can be a bigger version without Kobe.Also Wesley Johnson and Nick Young along with Jordan Farmar are also good 3 point shooters so the 3 ball should be flying in LA all season long.CAN’T WAIT in my Bart Scott voice lol.

        I do realize Kobe won’t play Power Forward much if ever.Yup yup it’s all about the Lakers media day tonight.

        • Anthony Wright

          I know I am a little late with this, but I am kind of hoping Kobe does not come back for about at least the first ten games.. I hope the lakers do well in that time frame with nash leading the way so that when kobe comes back he feels comfortable allowing nash to take a little more control, therefore , relieving Kobe of some of the stresses he puts on himself and allowing them to work as a even better tandem … I believe Kobe coming off major injury is the one who needs to be taken care of the most until fully recovered.. I still have faith that the two time MVP steve nash can find a shell of himself with a lineup of this many good players , to get a systematic game plan for winning, especially with his long time coach in charge of the fray.. JMO

          • Paytc

            Anthony Wright,

            Please don’t think for a moment Kobe did not, or does not, want Nash to run the floor. There are a few Nash fans who have it all twisted thinking Kobe, and his so call ego got in the way of Nash running things last year. That Kobe took over the pg slot and ran the floor pushing Nash to the 2 slot to utilize him as an outside knock down shooter. That was not the case….

            The truth is Nash broke his leg in the second game of the year and that forced the team to call on Blake and other backup point guards. Because Blake and other backups were not as effective running the point Kobe stepped in to shoulder the load doing a brilliant job.

            Upon Nash’s return of course they wanted Nash to take over but Nash was not 100 % upon his return. So I think Nash and Kobe having mutual respect for one another, discussed the best option to take which led kobe to continue sharing the load with Nash.So Nash played the 1 and 2 guard positions.

            Kobe being the ultimate team player with the most championship desire always has and always will do whatever the team needs to win a championship.

            I am confident that Kobe and Nash are on the same page more so probably than any other two players since Fisher left the team. These two IMO have the highest basketball IQ’s on the team. They also have a great deal of respect for each other.

          • Paytc

            Anthony Wright,
            Please notice I am not singling you out as a person who thought Kobe was wrong to grab the floor leadership role last year. I just saw that as a good time to point out the facts. I think you have a great deal of respect for both Nash and kobe, just as I do.

        • Paytc

          The Rock,
          I am totally with you on Nash making a great deal of money. I think Gasol and Kobe also make a great deal of money. Kobe being the teams and leagues best player (not to mention his international branding appeal) always earns more than he is paid.

          Yes, Nash,Gasol,Kobe and every other player has to “STEP UP ” and give us their all out best “effort”.

          No player is allowed to get away slacking,especially the teams 3 so call super stars . Everyone from the Owners,GM,Coaches, to every player, needs to be accountable period ! IMO that is :-)

          Go Lakers !

  • richard

    DH has has been in the league 9 years… he is what he is… he is in the stage of his career where you don’t start learning new anymore… it’s just improvement here and there, but as far as learning something totally new you aren’t accustomed of doing, that would be near impossible. No matter how he wants to learn some offense today, when it comes to real game, he will revert back to his old self. BAsketball as in any other sports is a game of habit. YOu form your habits during the first 5-6 years of your career as Worthy said in the interview, all the fundamentals of your offensive moves, is learned in that first 5 years. After that, you are who you are. YOu may improve, but not much, only refinement of what you have learned early on, smarts of the game – that’s what you learn later.

  • Jim213

    Correction: Went with the posted article (re-edited?, y) but since viewed the vid. SMH

    Since the memo for Nash was brought up, use the (Teeters #1) that the organization incorporates. KB24 likely uses this already but Nash would benefit from it given his age and years of play. I myself use it (don’t need one) but it helps with regards to my outdoor physical activities. Sounds like a promo but it’ll help Nash. IMO

    Health should be #1 this year for vets. With regards to fans putting DH behind, since early 7/2013 he’s thankfully been forgotten (myself) except by certain writers. I’ve been against resigning DH from the start given the $118 mil which only buys defense but offensively he hasn’t grown to his potential, Although, I hear that he’s spent the off season in Colorado training? DH isn’t a franchise player like a KB24 or Shaq.

    However, at his age Shaq had substantially developed his game around the same period. But can’t compare both b/c DH shouldn’t be compared with one of the best big men. I prefer COMPETITIVENESS from the team given the history as we can’t win a championship every single year. But as long as the team stays competitive = contention, the odds of winning more championships will favor the franchise.

  • Paytc


    I realize that’s the so call “chip on the shoulder” motivation. My concern with that is it relies too much on outside motivation. You have to have the hunger already built in,that’s what “real champions have.

    So when we win the championship we still are hungry and filled with the desire to repeat ,not wait for an outside source of motivation.

    I’m calling for each and every player to “STEP UP” and be accountable enough to give us their best effort each and every day regardless on using something from the outside to motivate them. Don’t wait on something “STEP UP ” and take that something.

    I will take “effort over an excuse ” and a great attitude over a so call great player like D12 8 day a week :-) We should have better chemistry now and going forward.

    Go Lakers!

  • The Rock

    I agree with the teeters concept,i also suggest Australian Cream and ICY Hot to Steve Nash.Also Kobe and Pau should use that stuff as well.Massages on the legs,feet and back will go a long way this season.Lakers need to treat the old players like a Rolls-Royce.

  • The Rock

    Yes some Australian Dream cream will do great things for the old guys on our team.Also if Nash or any other old player is ever in pain just go to a doctor and shoot up some Toradol.

    Another thing is mediation and yoga that shit helps out a great deal with relaxation and calmness that creates wellness.

    I think some zen is always relaxing.Hot tubs are also helpful to heal older players aches and pains.Also cold tubs filled with ice can do wonders for a aging athlete.Nothing beats some Geritol for the aging athlete it seriously helps.

    Just my 2 cents man.Lakers suggestion box is filled with these type of suggestions possibly.

  • Paytc

    I don’t think Kobe needs anything outside to motivate him. He has motivation already “built in”. I know he may use a bit of outside motivation at times but he does not need or rely on it.

    Steve Nash is right to give the Laker fans props. Nash is also right that Howard did not really want to be here. I think it was too much weight for Howard to shoulder living in the shadow of past greats.

    Nash has the motivation of wanting to win a championship that’s what he intended to accomplish when coming to play with Kobe in the 1st place.
    So I don’t think he needs anything outside,but if other players need an outside source of motivation by all means use whatever you need to encourage yourself to “STEP UP” and give your max effort.

    Go Lakers !

  • Paytc

    Dan, I agree with you on that !

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