Steve Nash On Whether He’s Considered Retirement: ‘No, Not At All’

Steve Nash On Whether He’s Considered Retirement: ‘No, Not At All’


Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has been in the news quite a bit lately with the 39-year-old continuing to deal with multiple injury issues that has kept him sidelined for the majority of this season.

After the most recent setback for Nash, the veteran point guard was thought to be seriously considering walking away from the game. Apparently, those rumors of his retirement may have been premature with the eight-time All-Star saying the following on Friday via Bill Oram of the OC Register via Twitter:

Nash is set to turn 40 in February and is really struggling to stay healthy, the writing is on the wall with his Hall-of-Fame-caliber career in the NBA quickly coming to an end. Despite his body giving him all the signals that it’s time to consider retiring, Nash is reluctant to do so and will continue to battle through these persistent injuries in order to get back on the floor.

Nash is expected to miss another 10 days, but it may be considerably longer than that if the setbacks continue. Along with Nash trying to bounce back from another setback, Kobe Bryant is still trying to work his way back into the starting lineup for the Lakers after finally returning to practice last week. Bryant has made progress in his rehab and attempt to return to the floor, but still may be a few weeks away as he tries to work himself back into game shape.

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  • Jim213

    Good, still has value $$.

  • hookedonnews

    Good to hear. Hope he can get healthy. Hope Kobe is not pushing things too fast. Looking for both of them back before the end of the year.

  • meep

    it will be nice to see nash out there, but he can say he will return and all that. but who knows how his body will hold up in the long run. it not like this injury new he had it since last season. i just wish nash the best and hope he doing the right thing. i dont want him playing if it will hold back the lakers.

  • Cali Jeff

    At this point I don’t think he can help the team, if he does come back it should be off the bench. It’s just too disruptive to the flow.

  • ra

    And, Nash just commented on ESPN that the talk on retirement was the ‘first he heard of it’. So, when Vescey (sp?) mentioned that he heard someone who heard someone say that they heard that Nash was talking retirement, we can be sure that this media type will make up anything to try to keep himself relevant.

    Don’t believe anything that is ‘heard’. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth (like in this article).