Steve Nash On Future With Lakers: ‘Next Year Is Not Guaranteed’

Steve Nash On Future With Lakers: ‘Next Year Is Not Guaranteed’


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The debate rages on about Steve Nash’s immediate future and whether he’ll be playing for the Lakers next season or simply released by the team using the stretch provision.

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Although it was recently reported that the Lakers intend to keep Nash next season and eat the $9.7 million left on his deal, Nash believes nothing is guaranteed moving forward according Paul Coro of

“Next year is not guaranteed,” Nash said, although his salary is. “You never know what will happen with my back and the situation with the team. I just want to play a little bit in case I don’t get to play again.”

It has become clear to Nash at this point that the end is near. Nash may be able to produce when on the floor, but simply can’t seem to deal with the toll it takes on his 40-year-old body.

With that being said, the two-time NBA MVP will likely have only a few more games left in his NBA career and appears to want to make the most of it.

Now that the Lakers organization is seemingly moving forward with Nash in the fold, the veteran point guard taking on a mentor-like role with the team seems to be a likely scenario. If unable to play consistently next season, Nash could become useful as a mentor to players like newcomer Kendall Marshall and any point guards that may be acquired by the team in the off-season.

So although the future remains uncertain for Nash, there still may be some light at the end of the tunnel with a possibility of a summer of rehabbing being exactly what is needed for a potential farewell tour next season.
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  • Danny E. Pagan

    Convince him to retire and bring him in as an assistant. Right now, he’s more useful mentoring guys than going to the endless cycle of rehabbing, playing 2-3 games, getting re-injured, rehabbing….

  • Jim213

    Nash likely brought this up as an April fools joke. But on a more credible note,

  • Chippaz

    Dante Exum or Embiid
    Resign then trade Gasol and future pick for Kevin Love.
    Wait for Kyrie Irving in 2015 free agency.

    • Zimmeredge

      wh’os gonna defend with Irving and Kobe and Love…
      draft pick plus Gasol for Love? lmao

    • Joseph Apohen

      Is Embiid better than Gasol? Do we need Irving if we have Exum. I understand he might be a carbon copy of Kobe.

  • comrade24

    If we end up drafting Dante Exum he can play the 1 or the 2 and will be mentored by two of the best ever to play those positions. Smart move keeping Nash around even he can’t contribute a lot on the court. Way to make the best of a bad situation.

    • Chippaz

      Having Kobe and Nash as mentors would be the best situation for any rookie. Especially Exum, hopefully that’s their reason for keeping Nash. Help developing and mentoring Exum, is what his 9 million should be for next season.
      Developing more championship banners for the Lakers as well as another superstar.

      • Nataniel Lambert

        Do you have any idea how much this “mentors” will cost to the Lakers? It’s exactly $ 33.2 millions, which is more than the half of the projected team salary. The salary cap will be set at $ 60 mil. for 2014-15 season.

        • Chippaz

          Exactly turn a negative into a positive.

  • Josh

    I’d like to see Nash back for another year. I don’t care if he plays or not, but he can be a great mentor to other point guards. Almost as soon as he arrived in Los Angeles, Steve Blake’s game changed and looked just like vintage Nash. He can do that and more with younger guys.

    • Baltazar Costa

      He was 2 years here already and he didn’t mentor anybody. If that was the case to keep him around for one more year, then he should have mentored that piece of garbage, named K.Marshall and teach him how to play this game.

      • veneno

        piece of garbage K. Marshall…..You got that right…..what a waste of space….

      • Josh

        You weren’t watching. Nash had a huge impact on Blake. I never saw Marshall play before coming to the Lakers, so I can’t tell if Nash has any impact on his game.

    • Smart

      Pretty intelligent. Pay Nash $10 mil and Pay Blake another $ 4 mil.
      Why not just get a $ 14 mil player that can play properly.

      Good Earth, that is why we have smart general managers.

  • cyborgspider

    “Nash may be able to produce when on the floor” … eh, based on his shooting percentages and defensive abilities (which weren’t great to begin with), I don’t know if he actually helps the team.

    Accept a reduced Steve Kerr-type role, 10-15 minutes a game, once or twice a week. That’s the best I can hope for. Worst is staying at home collecting a check. It’d be cool to be a coach and teach the next PGs how to play the game, kind of like Chauncey when he was hurt with the Clippers.

    • ra

      Agree to Nash staying in the Steve-Kerr type role. We then need a PG with huge upward potential to receive his tutelage. Farmar sort of already has his own way, so … who would that be?

      The good news is that Nash probably feels like he got something for nothing, and so he might offer ‘more’ in terms of instruction to make up for his huge contract and lack of playing time. Better than having him retreat back to Phoenix and mentoring there (although, he already did that with Phoenix’s current PG).

      LA needs some good mentoring from Championship players (Kobe) and MVP future Hall of Fame point guards (Nash). It’s win-win for the next phase of Lakers – and, it makes sense for a ‘rebuilding’ of the team.

      • Al Haldie

        No matter what happens NASH is not leaving CAL. he just bought a 4 + MIL dollar home in L.A. – does not sound like ARZ to me…

  • Baltazar Costa

    Definitely, St.Nash won’t take a medical retirement. In that case, the only option we have is to trade him in the summer as an expiring contract for several second round pics and cash consideration.
    He and Kobe are hurting the Lakers chances of rebuilding. They both get heavy paychecks without any contribution to this team. Shame on you greedy assholes.

  • rik

    Possible lineup next year if everything goes right.
    PG: Bledsoefarmarnash
    SG:Exum meeks marshall
    SF: kobe young bazemore
    PF: gasol johnson kelly
    C: Embiid hill sacre
    Coach: Lionell hollins

    • badfuthamucka


    • Omar

      How would we get Exum AND Embiid??? Exum and Bledsoe is possible though. Rather bring Ariza than Meeks and Young. Or even Deng but that would mean Pau goes elsewhere

      • Joseph Apohen

        We have to keep Young. He can score in bunches and beside he is a fun guy to watch, and I think the guys like him and that is good for the chemistry.

      • rik

        Exum would sign as a free agent and embiid is selected with our drafy pick.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Kaman is superior to Sacre, who is MDA’s favorite. I don’t think he’ll develop to be a good player. I think he’s reached his peak. If Pau continues to play as he has been lately and Kobe comes back at even 90% of what he was, I think they can compete. Hopefully the two rookies can help. The question is, where do we get the money to pay for Nash and Gasol?