Steve Nash, Lakers Fall to Warriors in Pre-Season Debut

Steve Nash, Lakers Fall to Warriors in Pre-Season Debut


After one of the most talked about off-seasons in franchise history, the Lakers were finally back in action tonight up in Fresno. In their first pre-season game of 2012 they faced their division rivals from the Bay Area, the Golden State Warriors. This might have been the highest anticipated pre-season game in team history, as everyone was waiting to see the reloaded Lakers play together for the first time.

Well, not exactly the entire roster. Still recovering from back surgery, Dwight Howard was ruled ineligible for tonight’s game. Starting in his place was rookie Robert Sacre, who was the team’s only draft pick in last summer’s NBA Draft. Before the game Mike Brown mentioned that no starter would play more than 20 minutes, and that he would attempt to get all 19 players on the current roster into the game at some point.

While the outcome of the game didn’t matter, it was still an opportunity for the Lakers to begin their quest for the team’s 17th championship. As they say, every journey has a first step. Let’s get to the quarterly breakdown.

First Quarter

With all the hype surrounding the Lakers entering the season nothing short of spectacular was to be expected in their first game together. Even if it was only a pre-season affair. Still, the team came out strong and looked like they had already been playing together for months. Nash seemed to blend perfectly with the rest of the starters, dishing out two assists in his first seven minutes of play. Kobe Bryant also looked well rested, scoring six points in the first quarter.

The player of the quarter was Pau Gasol, who led the way with eight points on 4-5 shooting. He did it in a variety of different ways as well, whether through a sweeping hook shot or fadeaway jumper. Golden State didn’t have any answer for the Lakers in the first 12 minutes, and L.A. took a 26-17 lead into the second quarter.

Second Quarter

The second half saw more of the same from the Lakers (as well as an in-game interview with Dwight Howard). Mike Brown emptied the bench a little more and we saw players like Devin Ebanks, Greg Somogyi, and Steve Blake get onto the floor for a little bit of run. There was also some strong contributions from Jordan Hill, who seems to have developed a bit of an outside shot during the off-season.

Nash continued to look strong for the Lakers, leading the team on the floor and distributing the ball well. Bryant, who was co-leading scorer at the half with Metta World Peace, shot just 2-7 from the floor in the first half, but did score 10 points. His jumper looked a bit flat, which isn’t anything to be concerned about quite yet. All 10 Laker players who got into the game in the first half were able to get on the board, and L.A. led 56-49 at halftime.

Third Quarter

To nobody’s surprise, Los Angeles began the second half with their entire starting lineup on the bench. Before the game Brown said no player would get more than 20 minutes of run, so it was all set up to be a reserve-filled second half for the Lakers. One player who did get a good amount of burn was reserve big man Jordan Hill, who didn’t disappoint. While he did settle for a few too many outside jumpers, Hill rewarded Brown’s trust with some strong hustle, good activity on the boards, and even some offense.

The Warriors came out firing in the second half, and took their first lead midway through the quarter. In response, we saw another Laker make his team debut when Jodie Meeks checked into the affair. Meeks, a free agent pickup from Philadelphia, is expected to be the main backup for Bryant this season, which made it a bit surprising that it took until the 4-minute mark of the third to get him into the game. Golden State ran in front of the Lakers by the end of the third, carrying a 20-point lead into the final 12 minutes.

Fourth Quarter

Over the course of the third and fourth quarter the Warriors went on a 35-0 run. Now, that would be impressive enough in football, but in basketball it’s almost unheard of. The Lakers reserves struggled severely in the second half, and couldn’t get anything going offensively. Darius Morris had a serious case of over-dribbling, and nobody else could get anything to go in the basket. Meanwhile, Golden State got hot from outside and ran out in front of the Lakers’ second unit and coasted to an easy victory.

But, as is the case with the pre-season, it wasn’t about the score as much as it was how each player looked. With a gaggle of Lakers looking to secure roster spots, there weren’t a lot of stand-outs among the second unit. After getting into the game Jodie Meeks hit a couple shots, including a long-range 3-pointer. This was encouraging since that’s what he was brought on board to do. In the end, every Laker got into the game but not all of them lived up to expectations. It’s tough to get anything going on a roster filled with players who are working to prove themselves rather than make others better, but it gives the team something to work on heading into Wednesday night’s pre-season affair in Ontario.

When the final buzzer (mercifully) sounded, the Warriors had defeated the Lakers 110-83.

Los Angeles will be back in action Wednesday night when they take on the Portland Trail Blazers at Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario.


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  • Rvbautista12

    Time Warner is no good! I called 11 bars a no one was showing the Lakers Game, due to the greed of Time Warner! Thousands of fans weren’t able to and won’t be able to watch Lakers game! The Lakers organization need to do something about this!!
    On the other hand, from what I’ve read, its fine that the Lakers lost! Mike Brown and the staff af finding out the Lakers Chemistry! Seeing what players can make plays! Its a practice game and finding out what the bench can do (and they did ok)! Lakers fan for life! Let’s go Lakers

  • Afrinaso

    It is great that the bench got to play.  I actually think the coach is great as I have been watching him for few years.  Plus he did well against OKC, he put the player in a position to win, OKC was simply too much and Lakerland did not have the roster to stop them.  Now, this is a preseason game and it is the best time to get valuable playing time to the bench.  LA’s problem is not the starting five players; there’s a great need for a deep bench and LA simply did not have it last year.  Let’s hope that through the few preseason games, the coaching staff will be able to match players who play well off each other.  The key to a successful playoff will be a healthy Lakers with Kobe and Nash (and to a lesser extent, Meta and Pau) not overplaying because of their age and even more importantly, because of the amount of professional basketball they have played.