Steve Nash Knew Right Away Kobe-Dwight Dynamic Wouldn’t Work

Steve Nash Knew Right Away Kobe-Dwight Dynamic Wouldn’t Work


The Los Angeles Lakers went all out before heading into the 2012-13 NBA season. GM Mitch Kupchak pulled the trigger on two blockbuster trades to acquire two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash and arguably the best center in the game, Dwight Howard.

Unfortunately, neither trade worked out long-term with the Lakers losing Dwight in free agency and Nash only playing 60 games over the course of two seasons.

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Although Nash’s short time in Los Angeles has been disappointing with the veteran dealing with multiple injuries, Dwight leaving for the Houston Rockets was a severe blow. The three-time Defensive Player of the Year was being groomed to be the new face of the franchise in the twilight of Kobe Bryant’s career, but it just didn’t work out that way with him. Howard never really fitted in or wanted to play second fiddle to Kobe.

Apparently, Nash and the majority of his teammates knew Dwight and Kobe coexisting wouldn’t work long-term as he told Bill Simmons of

“I think everyone could see it was going to be tough from the start. As the season went on, I think Dwight didn’t hide the fact that he didn’t like it. You’ve either got to decide, ‘I don’t like this so I’m going to say I don’t like it and move on,’ or you could just eat. And you could tell that he wasn’t committed to moving on. He was stuck in ‘I’m stuck and I don’t like it’ mode.”

One of the major problems with Dwight throughout his short time with the Lakers was the fact that he wasn’t 100 percent healthy. Dwight felt as if he had to come out and prove himself while the team was dubbed a legitimate title contender.

As a result of Dwight’s health issues and rocky relationship with Kobe, the attempt to build another dynasty in Los Angeles failed miserably. All the right moves were made by Kupchak and the front office, but it just never came together and now the team will basically have to start from scratch this summer.
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  • Kïd Špłãšh

    Why Is His Name Still Getting Mentioned On The LAKERS,NOT Rockets Page???

  • michael

    dwight is gone, why can’t we just move on? And to be honest, I think most people agree with nash.

  • Carters Room

    lets stop acting like jealous ex boyfriends and just move on from dwight

  • kevin Jenkins

    Got a great PG for you guy, and his name is Isaiah Grayson from CSUB who finish the season with 33 points, all season this kid have carried his team on his back he would be a great athlete to have on your roster. Very competitive kind of remind us of Allen Iverson- Google this kid stats you’ll see why.

    • Zimmeredge

      he’ll probably go undrafted in the nba. he got out of the radar because he missed two full seasons. btw Darius Morris was also a great pg 😉 university doesn’t mean anything. just sayin’

  • Zimmeredge

    i’ll take a risky bet but the lakers will win another title before Dwight win one.

    • fool

      Why be sour grapes. Who cares on this point. If Howard wins, that is good for him. Just like all the players, he deserves to win.

      Frustration should be directed at the Lakers for not being able to keep him.

      • Zimmeredge

        i’m no frustrated. if he remained fine… but he decided to leave. fine too. but don’t expect me to wish him luck. he is our enemy now for he plays in a different team.

  • Tank Nation

    Lakers are out in the hunt for #1 pick hush up on the Dwight talk old news.

  • bdog81

    Howard never really seem to care if we won our not and life Kobe, that shit bothered me. Kobe had done so much for the Lakers Dwight needed to get with the program or bounce, we’re weren’t going to let Kobe retire somewhere else. And for the record, Dwight will not win it all in Houston. Spurs, warriors and Clips can take them out.

    • fool

      ESPN, “Kobe is not a franchise player anymore”, But, DH is more of a Franchise player now that Kobe.

      Did you check Houston’s record lately.

  • hookedonnews

    Howard will never be the kind of player he could be because he doesn’t have the mental toughness.

    • Chrmngblly

      Heart. He has no heart.

      • hookedonnews

        That too.

  • Bertka

    Jim Buss seems to know nothing about NBA basketball.Jimbo seems like a clueless putz.WTF is Jim Buss doing ruining i mean running the Lakers?????Please let NBA people run the team and just sign the blank checks dip shit Jimbo.GTFO Jimbo!

  • Bertka

    Loser Howard is gone.Jimbo the retard should have never posted those billboards!

    • Daryl Peek

      Jeanie posted those billboards. Jeanie is in charge of the business side of the franchise which covers marketing & advertising…

      “When it came time to try to convince Dwight to stay, we lost the best closer in the business in Dr. Buss,” she said. “Putting up a billboard probably wasn’t the right thing, but we have to learn how to do things differently because Dr. Buss isn’t here.”

      People really want to blame Jimmy for everything?

  • SD

    Nash is correct. Early on, anyone could see this wasn’t going to work with Dwight-Kobe. The main reasons were Dwight’s health, his impending free agency, Kobe’s “ticking tock”, etc. I really think Dwight’s health was the biggest reason this didn’t work. If he had sat out until he was 100%, I think that 1. he wouldn’t have gotten the same level of criticism 2. He would have been healthy and ready. Steve Nash’s injury was a big reason Dwight left. If Nash were healthy, he would have been playing at a decent level, i think, and able to be a buffer between Kobe-Dwight. If Pau were healthy, same thing. Dwight had pressure to play mostly, I think, because he didn’t want his stock to go down that upcoming summer in free agency. He knew if he sat for 2 months, he’d have to work harder to get his numbers up, get off rust, etc. He was playing for himself. He never wanted to be in LA. Kobe’s injury was the death to Dwight in LA. No way you can stay after that happens and 1. you don’t know how Kobe will come back 2. you’re not sure you can carry this team yourself 3. you don’t want the scrutiny.

    It was a perfect storm. Let’s not mention his fractured relationship with D’antoni. It was just the biggest mess of a season from firings to injuries to chemistry and they all contributed to one another. It is what it is. The basketball gods didn’t see to it that it would work. You just can’t predict that parody.

    • Mike Will

      Well put

  • hookedonnews

    Lots of interesting info in this interview with Nash. Didn’t realize it would be so long, but covers a lot of ground. Discussions about what happened last season, about Kobe, and a lot of other stuff. Was not boring if you have the time to watch it.

  • fool

    DH is gone. And what Nash thinks of this situation is irrelevant. DH is an all star an a future hall of famer. He does not need validation from Nash or Kobe. And, how it that Nash knew what will work or what will not work. That is purely speculative and has no basis of foundation based on evidence.



    Hence, Nash, will never be in the same conversation with those players (let alone Bird, Magic, Jordan).

    • hookedonnews

      I think Nash was in a position to know what was working and what wasn’t. Plus he said everyone on the team knew it. I don’t know what your standard of evidence is, but I’m pretty sure the guys on the team knew what was going on.

      That “loaded team” won 29 games the year before Nash arrived and 62 his first year back, so let’s get the facts straight. Nash is still a first-ballot HOFamer whether he got to the Finals or not. It takes a team to get to the Finals, and the Suns never had a defensive center and also had some bad luck and some crooked officiating. Besides, what has that got to do with it? He can’t tell you what was going on with Howard because he didn’t get to the Finals? Or are you just taking this opportunity to bash Nash? If you would watch the interview you would know that he is not bashing Howard. I’m sure Nash would have loved to have Duncan on that team or LeBron. You’re making a straw man argument that is irrelevant and unprovable. I don’t think putting Wade on that team and taking Nash off would have given them a ring, and I don’t know anyone who says Nash was a better player than LeBron or Kobe. And who said Nash was in the conversation with Bird, Magic & Jordan? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think he’s in that conversation. News flash–Howard isn’t in that conversation either and never will be.

      • fool

        Amare, Marion, J. Johnson, et al.
        Give those to Kobe, and he will torch the league.

        • mercwithamouth

          As hookedonnews said, NO DEFENSIVE CENTER. The suns is yes, loaded, in offense, but the only ones providing in defense is Shawn Marion and sixth man Boris Diaw. I see no point in your argument, it’s invalid dude. No offense though. And also, give that to Kobe and he will not really torch. Because all of the players stated above are finishers/slashers with perimeter shooting, pretty much like Kobe himself, so they will not compliment him. What kobe would’ve needed is Ray Allen or Roy Hibbert, a three point specialist and a Defensive Anchor.

          • fool

            You mean to tell me that the team, the Suns 2005 and 2006 with Kobe and a right coach, they would have less chance to get to the finals. That is what you are saying. In triangle offense, all the gus mentioned could score. Also, Joe Johonson was a “Ray Allen”, from 2005 to 2010.

            Marion shot 3 point greater than 33 percent. Kobe shoots 3 point greater 33 percent and so does Kobe.

            Now, clearly you are comparing Nash to Kobe. You can not! Kobe at this point is on the Mt Rushmore by many expert. (and let’s not go before 1980, that was a different era).

            Before Nash would even be considered for the Rushmore spot he would have to beat Magic, Payton, Stockton, I. Thomas, Dennis Jhonson, Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, etc.


        • hookedonnews

          They still wouldn’t have had a good defensive center. Also, Kobe doesn’t want to play in D’Antoni’s system. Nash was the better fit. Kobe is not a PG. The most important person in a MDA offense is the PG. When did this become an argument about Kobe & Nash? Everyone knows Kobe is the better player. That doesn’t mean he could have brought a championship to Phoenix without Nash, and unless he agreed to be a team player and play within the system it would not have worked. Totally irrelevant to the subject at hand here. I’m guessing you just want to trash Nash. Sorry, but he’s one of the best PGs of his generation and will be in the Hall of Fame. You don’t have to be better than Kobe to be a Hall of Famer. Plus he’s not a jerk like Howard.

  • fool

    Hypocrite Par Excellence, it is Nash who did not know how to play with DH. It was Nash who did now how to play with Shaq.

    Nash only knows pick and roll ball with quick forwards. Basketball is more the Pick and Roll.

    • hookedonnews

      That is one of the most uninformed statements I’ve read, and that’s saying a lot. Nash has one of the highest basketball IQ’s in the league. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to throw the ball into the post. If you watched Howard last year get stripped of the ball repeatedly, take bad shots, and turn the ball over you know that Nash was not the problem. Howard’s still not the best post player I’ve ever seen. He’s a great defensive center, but not the best offensive center. Nash can run any system. Shaq was at the end of his career when he came to Phoenix and was a square peg in a round hole there. He disrupted the offensive flow. That wasn’t about Nash. That was a bad decision by management. That was about bringing in a player who didn’t fit and trying to make it work. It didn’t. Why don’t you listen to the interview because you have no clue what Nash said judging from your comments.

  • fool

    This article’s timing is so irrelevant. Why now and today. DH is not a Lakers anymore, and Nash so far has contributed less in two seasons than Howard did in one season. He played 17 ppg and 12 rbg, still the best Center last year.
    Where was Nash last year as far as PG?

    • hookedonnews

      The article is relevant because the interview was just released. Nash was injured and missed 32 games. He still averaged almost 7 assists per game playing with Kobe who doesn’t like to give up the ball and lacked 0.3% having another 50/40/90 shooting season. Howard put up decent numbers, but he refused to cooperate, didn’t play hard all the time, got stupid technicals that hurt the team, and couldn’t make a FT if his life depended on it. Howard is a very talented defensive player, but his offensive game isn’t great, and he’s a flawed individual–immature and selfish.

  • D12crybaby

    all of the great players never complane and never a cry baby like howard did.. he wants to be a star and he wants to replace kobe….kobe is for LA..and you can’t beat that.. and now he is complaining about the way J.LiN play.. Shaq said on the interview of THE BEAT D12 should change his attitude..

  • Deadpool

    100% disagree with the first part of the last sentence.

  • Corky Carroll

    Seeing as how Nash can’t really play anymore and seems to be staying just to collect his money, why not use him as an assistant coach? get some return anyway.

    • hookedonnews

      If you’ve seen all the Grantland videos you would know that he’s not just staying for the money. He wants to play because he knows his career is coming to an end and wants to play while he has the chance. I agree that he would be a good player/coach. He’s indicated that he doesn’t want to be a head coach in the future, but he probably wouldn’t mind assisting now.

  • ranfan

    I’m glad that dwight has move on and is now on a playoff team and winning games. Still a beast on defense.

  • bleh

    is this news? LOL. jesus

  • Marty Susman

    Great Steve,I know right away you wouldn’t work as a Laker as well. You might want to show a little class & retire for your money or ask some tam to trade a #60 pick for you….

  • Robert L. I.

    Dwight would have been fine if J. Buss had not hired D’Antoni. The coaches type of basketball does not work for inside guys like Howard or Gasol. You can’t get the ball in low if your whole philosophy is setting up outside the key.

    The team that Howard was on did not have the personnel for D’Antoni’s offense. We were slow and weren’t committed to defense. We were told just the opposite when Kupchak was asked about D’Antoni’s hire. It was just a big fucking lie. Ridiculous!

    If you were Howard and your coach was one dimensional and ownership guaranteed D’Antoni was staying, wouldn’t you run outta here? Damn straight you would.

    How’s Howard doing in the low post offense down in Houston?
    Pretty fucking good I hear…Bravo Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak & Jeannie. Seems you can’t get on the good side of any BIG decisions. As fans we are pissed. Pissed for being lied to. Pissed for taking our Lakers and turning it into an organization that SUPERSTARS question coming here. THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE…NEVER!

    • fool

      DH is fine. He is a piece to a championship team. No one is saying he is the type to lead a team, he is definitely a component. A defensive player and a rebounded.

      It is ironic that these comments are coming from a player who has never been known to be a defensively player.

      • mercwithamouth

        DH is not just fine, he’s actually a type to lead a team, on the right system, that is. You know, a system where Howard will get all the touches, force double team, and pass to an open 3-point shooter. Put him in a team like that and they’ll easily win 60 games.

        • fool

          Howard is the best center in the league. It is clear Nash took this personally.

          Howard is more of B ball IQ than all the Lakers front office and players (except Kobe). He could see the Lakers were in a rebuild mode and he left.

          He would have been stupid to sign with the Lakers when Kobe was injured and no real team to go forward or even a coach.

          It shows how much Howard wanted to win. He left $30 M on the table. Something a lot of Lakers players would never do.

  • richard

    too many ifs for you guys… we are less than 20 games away to the end of the season… what’s the fuzz about?

  • Fred Elliott Sr.

    Houston’s record is a reflection of Harden , just as it was before he got there.. He’s still on the bench at the end of games and it’s still not HIS team so don’t get it twisted !

    • fool

      PPGRPGBLKPGPER18.612.41.821.73DH numbers. Plus All the defense. I guess, harden is doing all of this.

      Glad that you are not coaching the Lakers.

      • IlikeNBA

        Numbers don’t state if you’re the franchise player of your team, but rather, the intangibles, and also clutch. And DH doesn’t have any of those. Yes, he’s the best center in the league, but Houston Rockets is Harden’s team, not his.

        • fool

          I guarantee you Mchale would trade Harden before DH.

          • fool

            Harden can be replaced with the likes of Curry, Irving, Durant.

            DH has no replacement.

        • fool

          When was the last time in NBA that a franchise players did not put up the “numbers’?

          Please name me one!

  • fool

    What a waste of CAP space!!!!!