Steve Nash Calls Magic Johnson ‘Greatest’ Point Guard Of All-Time

Steve Nash Calls Magic Johnson ‘Greatest’ Point Guard Of All-Time


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Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash is coming to the conclusion that his Hall-of-Fame-caliber career in the league may be coming to an end. Nash has been reluctant to admit that his time might be done, but appears to be taking a realistic point of view heading into the last game of the season.

Although Nash won’t play in the season finale against the San Antonio Spurs, the veteran point guard fielded a few questions about a number of different topics a few hours before tipoff. One of those questions referred to who he believes is the best player to ever play his position and the answer wasn’t all that surprising.

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According to Mike Trudell of, Nash admits Isiah Thomas was his favorite, but Laker legend Magic Johnson is the greatest:

With Thomas being closer in a size to Nash, the veteran point guard choosing the former Detroit Pistons legend as his favorite makes sense in a way. Nash can probably relate more to Thomas in comparison to the 6’9″ five-time champ.

As for style of play, Nash definitely seems to have more of a Magic kind of flavor to his game. Nash gets everyone involved on the floor in the same way that Magic did back in the Showtime era of the Lakers. Both players possess the pass-first mentality and were second to none in their prime of their careers at the point guard position.

Hopefully, Nash won’t go out the same way that Magic did in terms of having to end his career for health reasons. Although it is difficult to call someone at 40 ending their career prematurely, Nash may still have something left if able to get healthy over the off-season and could provide stability in the backcourt next season for the Lakers.
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  • kobe24

    Can’t deny it.

    #1 Greatest PG
    #2 Greatest of all Time (or at least no.3)

  • Daniel

    Magic has been the greatest of all time. He could score, rebound, defend and lead the team on all aspects of the game. Jordan might have been a great scorer, but looking at magic was like watching a “maestro” leading his orchestra, it was just too beautiful to see. He could control the tempo of the game as nobody else, once he was taking over, you knew that the game was over.
    It was pure joy to see him play. There is nobody close to that. You can find great shooters, great passers, great defensive player, great centers, but nobody like magic.
    I would recommend anyone to see him in the 1980 NBA final against Philadelphia, game 6, playing center and making 42 points as a rookie. Kareem was injured in game 5 and could not play. Magic offered himself to pay center. Incredible!!!

  • Sylvia Ross

    Magic, was and still is my favorite PG of all times. Wish you and Cookie the best.