Steve Nash Believes Kobe Can Return At An ‘Extremely High Level’

Steve Nash Believes Kobe Can Return At An ‘Extremely High Level’


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As the regular season ends tonight, there has already been a lot of focus on what the Lakers will become next season. If they plan on returning to contender status, a lot of it will have to do with the return of Kobe Bryant.

Bryant played in only six games this season, and after two major injuries and 18 seasons in the NBA, many doubt if he will ever be able to get back to the level he was at.

Lakers teammate Steve Nash is not one of those people. Nash told Lakers reporter Mike Trudell that he thinks Kobe will be back at a high level next, though it may take a little luck:

Nash understands the battle that Bryant is going through. Much like Bryant, Nash has dealt with his first big injury issue and has struggled to return. Nash, of course, is four years older than Bryant, and has spoken about how his body isn’t responding like it used to.

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Bryant may realize the same thing as he has put a lot of miles on his body throughout the years, and it may just be a case of his body not being able to respond the way it used to.

Bryant, himself, is not the type of person to accept that and will work tirelessly to regain his previous form. If he is able to do so, the rest of the league better be on the lookout, because Bryant has not been silent about his quest for revenge.
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  • hoperhetoric

    If kobe plays like Nash, limited elevation but very unstoppable in attacking the paint, Kobe will avoid breaking his body & extend his career. Kobe likes learning from greats, but he maybe overlooking whats infront of him. Learn Nash’s dribble penetration. Nash dribble penetration gives him a lot of separation from defenders but he uses it to pass. But Nash can easily be a scoring machine w/those separation! Learn from tony parker too! explosiveness will just shorten his career.

  • truth24

    I have watched kobe play ever since he joined the lakers. No question about it kobe will play at a high level.

  • comrade24

    well, that is the 48 million dollar question. I hope he can. Kobe is the last person you ever want to doubt. I believe he’ll come back at a high level and if we can add a few pieces i think the Lakers will be a surprise team next season. I just hope Kobe can stay healthy

  • Michael

    Kobe needs to adjust his game because his body with all those mileage and that leg with the torn achiless and the knee that crumbled on him, will seriously not let him do what he’s used to doing. You can’t outrun Father Time. The best for the Lakers right now is if they can luckily find their next AAA superstar like a Lebron or Durant and let them take the reins while Kobe moves to the passenger seat. That’s the best way to extend his career. But, even if a Lebron or Durant wants to come, it will take some serious swallowing of pride on Kobe’s behalf to realize he’s no longer no.1 or 1A.

    • hookedonnews

      I don’t see Kobe ever moving to the passenger seat. He would retire before he would do that. It’s just not in his DNA. The Lakers are his team, and I don’t think that will change as long as he’s here.

      • Ryan

        Yeah I see your point. But that would be him acting out of pure pride which is his right if he chooses to. Moving to the sidekick role with the right star to take over the drivers seat, would prolong his career I think beyond the next 2yrs. And, could add more rings to his collection. Just look at Wade. No matter what they say, That is now LBJs show. LBJ is the one doing the heavy lifting and the team goes as he goes. Wade was humble enough to cede being the no.1 guy. And he still gets to shine occasionally.

        • hookedonnews

          I agree about Wade. It’s worked out for both him & LeBron. Wade was never as good as Kobe though, and they are wired differently. I agree that it could prolong his career. I just don’t see him being able to take that secondary role.