Stan Van Gundy Calls Mike Brown Firing ‘Most Ridiculous’ in NBA History

Stan Van Gundy Calls Mike Brown Firing ‘Most Ridiculous’ in NBA History


With only one win in the first five games of the 2012-13 NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers decided to part ways with head coach Mike Brown.

Although the firing seemed to be a foregone conclusion, the new-look roster with the Princeton offense that Brown had brought in not exactly firing on all cylinders right out of the gate, quite a few people were shocked at the Lakers’ front office cutting Brown loose so early in the season.

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One of the most notable responses around the league to Brown’s firing was from another recently fired head coach in Stan Van Gundy. The outspoken Van Gundy said the following about the Lakers letting Brown go on Friday via Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel:

Former Magic coach Stan Van Gundy called the Lakers’ firing of Mike Brown on Friday, “the most ridiculous firing in the history of the NBA.”

After going through the “Dwightmare” with the Orlando Magic last season, Van Gundy was clearly unhappy and knew his time was up in Orlando. Once fired, Van Gundy has been in no rush to land another NBA gig and for the time being is unemployed.

It comes as no surprise that Van Gundy would make a statement like this considering his history. After ugly divorces with the Miami Heat and Magic, Van Gundy is an expert on the subject of being fired as a head coach in the league for all the wrong reasons.

It’s hard to argue that Brown being fired wasn’t justified after such a disappointing start to a season filled with title-contending aspirations, but Van Gundy apparently believes it’s ridiculous enough to be considered the worst firing in NBA history.


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  • Sti1lmatic

    Somone give that choad a twinkie and a copy of NBA 2K13 to keep him busy

  • Eddie Inman

    Shut up, Stan. Having a losing record with that talent may be acceptable to you, but not to the Buss family.

  • kmac_321

    Just go back to your Dunkin donuts or Mickie dee’s you bum! We don’t need your take on this…


    STV has only cemented the foolishness he generates from his talk first/think later mentality… he would have been better served to mind his own business, since he has not a clue… a similar firing (Magic’s first year) has happened before in Lakers’ Lore and they went on to win The Championship… STV’s stock just took a big hit from this really stupid and ignorant statement.


      correction: SVG

  • hookedonnews

    It didn’t take an Einstein to see that things were not going to get better. Brown was wedded to the Princeton offense and went down with it. There were other issues as well, but he would probably still be there if not for the decision to go that direction. Glad they made the move. When you’re in a hole, stop digging. No reason to wait til you reach China.