Stan Van Gundy Advised Dwight Howard To Leave L.A. For Houston Reviewed by Momizat on . It is hard to believe that this time last year, the Los Angeles Lakers had the most talented starting five in the league and were the favorites to dethrone the It is hard to believe that this time last year, the Los Angeles Lakers had the most talented starting five in the league and were the favorites to dethrone the Rating:
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Stan Van Gundy Advised Dwight Howard To Leave L.A. For Houston

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258580-stan-van-gundy-has-never-won-less-than-52-games-as-the-magics-head-coaIt is hard to believe that this time last year, the Los Angeles Lakers had the most talented starting five in the league and were the favorites to dethrone the Miami Heat. However, fast forward 365 days, and Dwight Howard is no longer in Los Angeles and the team will be facing tough challenges this season in order to surpass low expectations.

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Howard is now with the Houston Rockets, and the Los Angeles Times writes that Howard’s former coach, Stan Van Gundy, played a big role in him leaving for Texas.

“I talked to Stan a lot during last season,” Howard told the Houston Chronicle. “During the off-season, we talked and he felt like the system that would fit me best and the coaching staff would be Houston. He said he liked [Kevin McHale]. He likes [Hakeem Olajuwon]. He likes [James Harden] and the fact that this is a young team. It reminds him of the team we had in Orlando, so he felt like this would be a good fit for me.”

It never seemed as though the Lakers had the right system in place for Howard, and he was never really comfortable in his position. The coaching change so early on in the season did not help Howard get comfortable with the team, and it was clear he was not on the same page as Mike D’Antoni.

Van Gundy led Howard and the Magic to the 2009 NBA Finals, only to be fired a few seasons later with most of the blame falling on no other than Dwight Howard.


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  • Straight Cash Homey

    Lakers lost out on the best defensive player and top rebounder in the NBA.The SOB was scoring 18 points a game with a bad back and torn Labrum in his fucking shoulder.Lakers got dissed and lost out on the future of the franchise.

    Biggest loss in Lakers history via free agency was losing Dwight Howard.Jim Buss and Mitch should have fired Dumbtoni and hired Phil jackson and i guarantee you D12 would still have been on the Lakers.Before someone challenges my notion just remember homies we are Lakers fans and we can speak on anything we fucking want.

    The Lakers posted Please Stay Dwight Howard billboards everywhere and Mitch Kupchak said he was the future of the Lakers and also the Lakers sent TWC reps to the meeting and he rejected the Lakers offer and went to a much better place that fits him.Meaning young team with shooters and great big men mentors.Plus he left $30 million dollars and told the Lakers to go fuck themselves essentially.

    Yeah the Lakers wanted him badly to stay but they never fired Dumbtoni and the roster was old so he left,i can’t blame him for leaving it was the right move IMO.Why hate on Dwight Howard for choosing a hot young team?D12 has RED NATION behind him now.Lakers must replace him long term and sorry Robert Sacre is not the answer and Pau has yet to re-sign.Caveman that is a stop gap quick fix not long term fix.Dwight Howard will be missed in the long run.

    I am a huge Dwight Howard fan and i know he will do great in Houston and he will shows the haters he is still a great player.Barring injuries he will play awesome basketball in Houston.STFU Stan we wanted him you piece of trash coach,now the advice of SVG has long term effects on my Lakers you douche bag jack ass Stan Van Gundy mind your own business next time.GO LAKERS HEY GO YA’LL LAKERS NATION RISES UP AGAIN!.

    • Tommy

      sounds like Howard the Coward is posting on lakersnation. next time mask your ip address

      • Straight Cash Homey

        Nah i mask nothing!Agree or disagree.Be respectful to others!You know it’s true and the truth hurts more than anything.I already know you.Scared of the truth.

      • Straight Cash Homey

        Oh well i was just being honest about losing a true Superstar player and a future Hall Of Fame center.I am a Lakers fan and i was just saying the way i felth.He didn’t fit the Mike D’Antoni system that is all i am saying so he left to a team and coach he fits in with.But i wish the Lakers had Phil Jackson coaching and Dwight Howard playing center along with Kobe and Pau,Nash and all the new role players signed up.Mitch and Jim did post billboards it’s true they wanted to keep Dwight Howard,he chose to sign elsewhere.Sorry about any misunderstandings.I am a Lakers fan that wants whats best and i feel a top defensive center is a great asset to the team.That is all.GO LAKERS!I refuse to hate on Dwight Howard for leaving sorry.

        • Paytc

          There are so many teams winning the NBA title year after year without a so call great center. The Lakers won titles before Howard arrived and were gonna show him how to win one too. But injuries,and the F.O. poor decision to fire Brown so abruptly had a significant impact on the team’s chemistry. That along with Howards ego,immaturity,and lack of respect for adopting to the championship culture Kobe and the Lakers already had in place before he arrived.

          He needs to be respectful of great players like Kobe who has put the work in already. Kobe is a better player than D12. He should have been willing to respect that and allowed Kobe to gracefully had him the team in a couple of years. Even though Lebron was a better player than D12 IMO,D.Wade mentored him for two training camps and a 1 and a half seasons before he transitioned into the leadership. And D12 was not nearly as close to being ready for the Lakers leadership. Unlike D.Wade Kobe was still healthy and playing at an MVP level. Kobe was not gonna let D12 get in the way of the championship or bust attitude ingrained into the Lakers culture. Kobe called him out on not being business like enough. Kobe wanted to help Howard improve as a player both physically and mentally. Who would be better than Kobe for him to learn how to lead a team and win a championship?
          Hopefully he will listen to Hakeem the dream Kevin Mchale,and James Harden.

          No hate for Howard just wisdom and good health from Paytc to him.

          Go Lakers!

          • Straight Cash Homey

            Yesssir anything is possible with the Lakers,they can still win a championship in the future it could be in 2014 or 2020 any given year the Lakers can win a championship.Lakers have 16 championships they know how to win trophies and rings.Lakers are a team to follow closely watch all their moves.Each move is critically important.It’s a rebuild in process.Lakers are a storied franchise and they have a proven track record of major success throughout the years.It’s of the most importance to make all the right moves or else pay the piper.

          • cj

            mikes system fits d12 better then the mchale system. howard is not all that big a loss he did not want to be here and his play showed it. he has no offensive game and his d is vastly overrated.

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed to a certain degree, CJ. Howard’s defense is proven. He is that dude. His offense is lacking when it comes to his desire to be a low block post up player. He doesn’t have the natural footwork. Van Gundy ran a D’Antoni like system. The difference is Stan didn’t hate post play like D’Antoni seems to.

            The Lakers will miss his future defensive potential along with his consistent 20/10 career production. I say potential because we didn’t see a fully healthy Howard on a team that was healthy, and building good team chemistry.

            I do think the team can be better than last season. Chemistry and health are the key.

          • cj

            his d is still overrated. he overexstands causing his team to over rotate this is why he gets beat so much in the paint. his d is elite but he needs a good young core around him.

          • Daryl Peek

            Isn’t that what he opted for going to Houston? I even disagree with that. Communication and rotation is the key to solid team defense. We had none of that last season. Everyone was at fault, EVERYONE.

          • cj

            howard even in orlando overexstanded he uses his athleticism to make up for it. watch him closely he jumps out to far on the p&r d and it hurts his team.

          • Daryl Peek

            At times he does. Every big man is exposed like that in the PNR at times. They just don’t have the foot speed to keep up and they often try to cheat in over extending at times.

            The Magic were monsters defensively with Howard. They allowed no more than 95 points a game (never higher than 7th in league ranking) after his first season with Van Gundy. In 11-12 they held opponents to 93, in 12-13 without him it went up to 101.1 for 24th in the league.

    • Paytc

      Straight Cash Homey,
      With all due respect I disagree with you on D12 being great. There is no doubt he is one of the best big men in a league that’s lacking quality 7 footers. IMO a great player needs to sure up their weak areas. Jordan was not the best foul or jumpshot shooter when he came into the league.But Jordan was willing to work hard and greatly improved in those and many other areas. Great players do more with less,revolutionize the game,and exceed expectations among other things IMO.

      Trust me when I say this I have nothing but love for D12. But if he wants to make my book as being a great player he must change his work ethics,attitude,ego,immaturity,leadership,heart,championship desire,and respect for players like Kobe who are better than he is. And get a little more serious about winning a title. Shaq was 1st to use the superman angle,and was a bit clownish.But when Shaq stepped on the court he was a beast unlike D12 IMO.

      Sure with James Harden leading the way D12 may indeed end up with a ring or two,but if he wants to be more than a dominate defender/rebounder he needs to work harder at it. When he does that(which I believe he will have respect for Hakeem “the dream” hopefully) he might go down as one of the top big men in the game IMO.

      He must also stop team hopping at some point ,because that too will hamper his chances of going down as one of the top big men ever. At some point you have to trust your team and teammates and let them know they can trust and count on you thru good and bad.

      D12 took the easy route and that is what Lebron did as well. Todays generation is quick to jump ship to surround themselves with an allstar team. That is not the mark of greatness in my book. Best of luck to Howard as long as it does not hamper the Lakers success. I will never hate on him like many do,instead I wish him wisdom,and the best.
      Stan Van Gundy advised D12 to take the selfish/ easy way out.There is nothing admirable about that in my book

      Go Lakers!

      • Straight Cash Homey

        Well i have never ever hated on Dwight Howard.The reason why i like Dwight Howard is he plays defense and i am all about defense.I am 6’10 and nearly 280 pounds so when i get on the basketball court i toss my body around and play defense and rebound.I played organized ball at YMCA and the rec league my whole life and hit the mean courts at Rucker Park and Venice Beach in my time also played on the South Side of Chicago and the mean streets of Flint Michigan Detroit area.I have lived in many states and traveled through my years.

        So i respect fighters that play defense and rebound.I liked Michael Cooper a great deal because he would strangle his opponent with defense and i always loved Ron Artest AKA Metta World Peace same thing tough guy that was a top notch defender.Bill Russell i respect a great deal as well.

        I like Dwight Howard because he plays hard nosed defense and he gets rebounds and he won Defensive Player Of The Year a few times.I was always a big Dikembe Mutombo fan because he played hard nosed defense.I always supported Ben Wallace because he was a rugged player and he played defense.I hate Mike Dumbtoni because he hates defense and he plays offense offense offense style and i hate.Showtime Lakers played defense yes they did indeed.Dwight Howard is going to be just fine in Houston he might win a championship i am not betting on it though.

        • Paytc

          I can respect that! And I have never taken the hate on Howard route.
          I agree I love defensive players too. But you have to be willing to put the work in to be better on both sides of the ball.
          Being 6’10 280 you should be able to relate to this point…..
          When you are naturally blessed with a 7 foot 300 pound ahtletic body like D12
          all you have to do is show up and your gonna be good. But to be great you have to be willing to shut up listen learn and pt in the necessary work. Why would you want to be less than your best. If D12 is happy with just being a dominant defender than he will go into the history books like Dennis Rodman a very good player but hardly one of the games greatest ever? D12 has to grow up mentally and get out of his own way. I would love to mentor D12 and many of todays young talented athletes who lack proper direction.

          D12 deserves to have a few folks like yourself who believe and stick by him.
          But he needs to accept the bitter with the sweet to reach his best IMO.

          Go Lakers!

          • Straight Cash Homey

            Well yeah he is a tough defender and rebounder in the mold of a Dennis Rodman but he does somehow put up around 18 to 20 points a game please forgive me i am not a stats guy at all.But i think that is the neighborhood of what maybe Patrick Ewing or Tim Duncan are scoring?

            I could be way wrong but at least Alonzo Mourning was in that scoring range 18 to 20 per game.

            Well that i think is the main reason everyone keeps riding on the D12 bandwagon that he should be so much better,because he has proven to be a good scorer but then again he can’t consistently put up 27-30 like Shaq or Wilt so he is getting hated on because he gots a ceiling of about 20-23 PPG!I am 6’10 and weigh 280 pounds and i find it easy to play defense and rebound but it takes work to score and hit jumpers.I stay on the inside and bang around.

            Regarding his maturity i can’t say anything since i don’t personally know him or anything.But he loves to laugh and smile that’s for sure.But he is not exactly like Dennis Rodman since he is still not wearing dresses or Blond Madonna wigs lol ha ha ha ha.

          • Paytc

            Sure he scores points,mostly dunks and put backs. I would like to see him have some offensive moves like Kareem’s sky hook ,and his outside shooting.
            Hakeem the dream had outside shots and moves as well. Kareem and the dream could also dunk too.
            They both could shoot foul shots. To be “great” you can not have glarring weakness’s.

            The problem is people have pumped D12 ‘s head up with believing he was great before he became great IMO. When the media or others get you to believe your great too early sometimes it turns off the drive that is needed to be great. As I said his size and super athletic body alone allows him to just show up and he’s a dominate player. He is still young enough to improve his game. Time will tell how willing he is to work hard at it.

      • Daryl Peek

        Paytc, how much different is Howard’s work ethic, attitude, ego, maturity, leadership, heart, CHIP desire, and respect for players like Kobe, then Shaq’s is and was?

        Howard didn’t do a rap song asking Kobe “how my ass taste” Howard didn’t prejudge Kobe saying I’m not gonna babysit. Howard hasn’t written books detailing his disdain for Kobe personally like Phil did.

        The only problem I had with Howard is his refusal to run the offense with Nash. His beef with Kobe was shine driven. Shaq and Bynum had the same beef. Not all players are gonna get along and fit. Shaq & Kobe coexisted to the tune of three championships due to being groomed together very young. Their relationship was no different than Shaq and Penny Hardaway’s was. Kobe and Shaq just played for a much better organization.

        I disagree on Howard taking the easy route. There will be nothing easy in trying to get a championship in Houston. I doubt McHale lasts long enough to see a finals appearance. Howard and LeBron’s decisions to leave were theirs to make. You can’t be mad about that if you’re being objective.

        People selectively forget Kobe demanded a trade from the Lakers on two occasions. Again, Kobe had the benefit of playing for the greatest owner in sports history. He had a direct line of communication to that resource. LeBron and Howard didn’t have that and more importantly didn’t have the experience of championship past present or future as their direct line of sight in FO relationship built up as consolations X-factor.

        • Paytc

          No and I thought less of Shaq for the nonsense too. But that said Shaq was a beast when he stepped on the floor all joking a side until he saw the victory.

          I would not put D12 and Shaq’s name in the same breath. If it were not for the lack of quility big men today D12 would’nt even stand out IMO.

          Hibbert is about to show you what a complete big man looks like.

          Here you go again with the let’s blame Kobe cop out. No… how about not blaming the leagues best player, and holding the man who keeps running accountable.

          Go Lakers!

          • Paytc

            And I woud’nt be interested in reading a book from a coach who would talk down on or try and divide,or compare, what was probably the greatest players he’s ever coached. Anything just to sale a book?Let me here from all sides. PJ is not always right ,and far from perfect.

          • Daryl Peek

            !00% Agree

          • Daryl Peek

            What I said here is not a comparison of Howard’s on the court abilities as a player VS. Shaq. And what am I blaming Kobe for? Everything I said is truth. There was nothing said to be taken as a Kobe shortcoming or dis.

    • Daryl Peek

      I agree many Laker fans are butt hurt about being spurned by Howard. Howard put up really good numbers last season playing through injury. Attitude was the problem. Phil would not have changed that. Howard didn’t want to be a Laker in the first place. Kobe was the reason. I’m not saying this to pin blame on Kobe, it’s just the truth Howard proved in asking Jimmy and Mitch how much longer was Kobe gonna be a Laker.

      Phil couldn’t keep the Kobe, Shaq beef in check. Bynum and Kobe had major beef Phil could not cure. Howard is more like Shaq and Bynum in wanting his shine. They don’t have the passive nature of an LO or Gasol. Alpha’s always bump heads. If neither is the type willing to yield, they can’t coexist long term.

      Stan understands Howard. He was right to advise him the way he did. It was not gonna work for Howard with the Lakers, regardless of the HC. The main problem was and still is the CP3 trade nix’s. Jimmy and Mitch had Howard on their radar back then. Phil and the triangle was in no way a consideration in that thought process. Phil does not coach a PG centered offense. Nash was a reactionary plan B after the CP3 block. Once they brought Nash in, D’Antoni became the obvious choice for HC. I’m sure they wanted to fire Brown as soon as they landed Nash. Remember D’Antoni was injured and had just had surgery himself. This is why they could not fire Brown right away and have MDA over the summer to start the season.

      Again Phil and Nash don’t mix. With Kobe and Gasol still on the roster, it’s only natural to think triangle would be better. Most Laker fans forget one thing, Pau had been on the trade block for the last two plus years. Jimmy and Mitch were banking on Howard, Kobe and Nash meshing. This is in part why Gasol was benched. Injuries railroaded that. From that point on they could not afford to trade Pau.

      I believe they entertained the possibility of hiring Phil due to the injury of Nash. With Pau having his share of injuries at the time and Phil saying he wanted FO power coupled with part time coaching responsibilities, Jimmy and Mitch decided to pass on a last triangle hurrah. They opted to continue the forward thinking rebuild project. This is why they have not committed to any long term player contracts, knowing the free cap space coming soon. Phil was not gonna be part of a rebuilding process.

      Now as for Howard fitting in Houston better than he would LA? I in part disagree with Stan’s assessment on that. Howard absolutely fits D’Antoni’s system, it’s the same system McHale runs in Houston. Again, when Nash went down and players struggling big time adjusting to the Princeton offense, from training camp til Brown was fired, bad team chemistry was the constant byproduct. All of the injuries and bad chemistry became too much to overcome. The damage was irreparable. Howard gave it a try, happiness is very important to him. I can’t blame him. Who wants to go to work everyday knowing there gonna be miserable? Couple that with knowing they will be blamed for anything that goes wrong and given no credit when things go well. During the 28-12 run Howard and Pau were playing well together. Kobe is always gonna be Kobe, as he was carrying the team during that time also. Again, injuries intervened.

      IMO, this was just a sign that core was not meant to be. As fans, we can revisit this and differ in opinion on how it all went down. Bottom line, D’antoni is the HC, we all want to see the Lakers win, so the Dumbtoni/we want Phil ISH, is counter productive to rooting for winning Lakers basketball.


      • Straight Cash Homey

        Yeah i hear that.Lane Kiffin got fired since USC students and alumn were asking for his head on a platter so he got fired.MDA seems hated but not enough at this point to be fired.Back to D12 he left and the Lakers just couldn’t make him happy so he left.It’s not the Lakers job to make people happy and it’s not Dwight Howard’s job to play on a team he doesn’t fit in on.Simple as that.Hating is part of life.Dwight has haters forever.

        • Daryl Peek

          I don’t think it was the fan hate that was the problem. Plenty of Lakers fans embraced Howard. It was the totality of the big picture that determined separation was necessary. This was Howard’s first time actually being able to choose his destination. He could have had that power if he had not opted back into his contract when things were first going wrong in Orlando. That showed his conflict in wanting to be loyal. He learned from that. Leaving the Lakers was not an easy decision for him either. I believe he made the right choice. It just wasn’t gonna work as a Laker, IMO.

          • Straight Cash Homey

            Truth be told the Lakers fans didn’t embrace him during the season.I would scour ESPN Bloggers were ready to rip his head off.Then Bleacher Report blogs fans wanted him out ASAP.Then LA Times papers made it hard for him to return when Bill P. wrote the whole D12 must leave he is unhappy and miserable.Also check out Lakers Ground and other Lakers fan support sites and they shitted all over him.So this coming from me and i spent many hours and days defending him.

            So lets roll to a new chapter this shit is over between The Lakers and Dwight Howard,I wish him the best of luck and happiness but i will always remain a Lakers fan and i look forward to The Lakers kicking his ass when they play Rockets.Don’t get it twisted Lakers all day ya’ll.

          • Daryl Peek

            There were haters and those who embraced him. Bloggers are usually fans that tend to lean more towards the negative side. I’m sure many would categorize me as one of those types. *looking* Thrown in your avid trolls to boot.

            I don’t necessarily defend Howard. I just try to keep my arguments objective. As a Lakers fan I will admit some bias if circumstances are non favorable to the purple and gold. I get hated on big time for not being a Kobe apologist as a Lakers fan. I’m not a complete homer and am not in this to please everyone. This is the lesson Howard is slowly learning.

            GO LAKERS is a franchise theme for me Either you’re in or out, and no one is above scrutiny.

          • Straight Cash Homey

            Count me in.But anyways yeah i do understand that bloggers tend to hate a lot and yes Trolling happens all the damn time.Well haters and trolls are on every blog on every subject on every website on the internet LOL HA HA HA HA LMFAO.I got the Dodgers game to watch today i am a Dodgers fan and i wanna see them beat the Braves today,so i won’t be responding to this post i originated that started so much discussion.

            Oh well i will be called all types of shit for not conforming to the beliefs and thoughts of Dwight Howard haters.I am not going to do something just because everyone else is doing it or saying,sorry i have my own thoughts and opinions and i might be wrong and i might be right but it’s freedom of speech and i am entitled to say what i want to say this is not communism or democracy this is a fun Lakers website that has a blog to voice you’re opinion and thoughts.So NO i don’t have to kiss Kobe’s ass or hate on Dwight Howard or love Mike D’Antoni or any other player or personality.

            Like it or not i am a Lakers fan and NOT a kiss ass apologists or scared to speak my thoughts on the Lakers.It is what it is i am not ever willing to kiss ass or sugar coat anything and nobody is above criticism or scrutiny they all get paid millions for a damn reason.Gotta go man Catch ya later.But yeah i am watching my Dodgers play against Atlanta Braves today Playoffs Game 2,Dodgers won yesterday.Lets get that World Series.

            Go Dodgers/Go Lakers!

          • Daryl Peek

            Enjoy the game mayne! I would say good luck to your team but I’m not a dodgers fan. I’m not really a baseball fan either but I root for my hometown Padres. Magic is the only reason I don’t say EFF yo Dodgers! LOL

    • Timmy Chong

      read my post and learn something

  • Straight Cash Homey

    You know me?You know nothing!Where are you at?I know you!Don’t judge me!Only God Can Judge Me.Fuck You Very Much Fag!

  • Timmy Chong

    Straight Cash Homey, you have a grammar of a 10 year old child, and your basketball knowledge is heavily influenced by the media. you are a sheep, not a wolf, assuming your level of intellect allows you to understand that statement.

    First of all, how are you a howard fan? tell me? this guy is the most boring player ive seen in a minute, he has no post game, he has no go to move, he has no soft touch whatsoever, cant pass, doesnt have foot work. so your saying you enjoy watching defensive players? a defensive player that has no offensive feel or talent? i mean you must love watching the likes of ben wallace and kwame brown dont you?

    He ran him self out of LA, do you know how many possessions we wasted on him? just because he was crying for touches? he is the worst post up center that was ever considered to be a top center in the league, how the hell is he going to demand touches? when all he does is brick point blank jump hooks, misses all of his free throws, or passes it and turns it over? or my favorite, just get stripped before anything else happens. when the hell did he think he was a kareem? or a hakeem? this dude has been in the league for 10 years, if he hasnt improved by now, he isnt improving now. he just has absolutely no feel for the game, and Kareem, and many others can attest to that. shaq and wilt couldnt hit free throws, but they still scored like no other, with wilt scoring 100 and shaq being the last center to win a scoring title.

    2nd of all, i can tell you have no knowledge of the whole business aspect of basketball. you know, the Salary caps?

    You do know firing D’Antoni would mean we’re paying for 3 coaches, brown, Dantoni, and whoever we pick up. Not to mention that the lakers front office will lose face and be a laughing stock of the league. its a business, its not spend all your money because i belong to a rich, elite franchise. wealthy and elite people/establishments dont reach that status by just blindly spending money.

    Everyone wants phil, of course, why arnt we going to get him? if you dont know this answer, than i dont know how you can consider yourself a laker fan.

    3rd, Mitch says that, because has to say that, do you really think Mitch thinks dwight can be a 2nd coming of shaq? wilt? kareem? fuck no, this guy is horrible, but he needs it to market the lakers, to give kobe and the lakers to get another championship.

    in the long won we won, because no way this guy can lead us to a championship with him leading us once kobe is gone, dude cannot close games, he cant hit his free throws, so what are you going to do? hes a huge liablitity in the 4th quarter, and with his childish ego, hes not going to be willing to go to the bench, because of his pride and humiliation

    team full of young shooters? you do know thats the same team he had in orlando right? but he said it was “too hard” and “needed help”, now that he got that help, and it was “easier on him” he wanted to prove that he can “create his own shot” and “take the burden on his shoulders”, so what does he want? and he cried about it all season, and when kobe got out with the injury, what happened the playoffs?

    nothing he cant do shit, and dont give me that injury excuse, there is no reason for his back injury to prevent him to do pump fakes, head fakes, post up fakes, all in which can immensely help his game, but dude cant.

    lol at mentors, hes been training with hakeem for the past 4 summers, nothing has changed in his game, this means literally nothing. 30 million dollars? its because he’d be considered a failure if he doesnt bring anything short of a ring, in Houston he doesnt have win any titles, and the city will still love him, it was too much pressure, he couldnt step in the shoes of the likes of George Mikan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neal.

    Fourthly, billboards, wantin him to stay, of course we have to do that, ITS A BUSINESS, HES A MARKETABLE PLAYER, and our chances to win a ring with him, kobe together is high. all of this was explained before, including why we didnt fire mike d’antoni.

    our roster was old, but not crappy, it wasnt used right, MDA didnt know what he was doing, and all he was doing was pleasing dwight as he held the franchise hostage, basically. anyone with a brain would have gasol down low creating for dwight, etc etc and run half court sets than run and gun, the roster wasnt used correctly.

    Our roster is too old? look at the 2011 Mavs, the 2010 Celtics, all were old but they still got to the finals or won, look AT THE SPURS LAST SEASON?

    We have talent, it wasnt used correctly, and we had a talent to win, Houston isnt going to win anything next year, they need more help. and so, he basivally left for a team that was identical to the magic team he complained so much about.

    Why hate on dwight for choosing houston? because he gave us half ass effort this whole last season, instead of worrying bout touches, if he just played defense with some heart, picked up the garbage, and have some one create plays for him, it owuld of been fine, instead he demanded to have the ball down low (for whatever reason since his offense is as bad as kwame browns) and get touches, and when he didnt, he had a bad attitude, and didnt play with effort. thats why we hate on him.

    and again Pau resigning? caveman not being the answer? do you follow up on any basketball besides going on ESPN? you do know we’re getting ready for the 2014 free agency, when we have nobody on our books, meaning we can resign kobe, and get 2 max contract players.

    SO, that means we’re not signing any players or resigning, because we have a goddamn empty roster that we can lure any max contract player with. so no we’re not signing or resigning anyone till then.


    i seriously dont know how you can consider yourself a lakers fan, without knowing any of this, you are a bandwagon fan, and this proves it.

    again, i dont know how you can like dwight howard as a player, he is by far the most boring player to be considered a franchise talent ive ever seen, in the 90s and 80s dude wouldnt of even been an all start. because his talent, IQ, and offensive feel is so primitive.

    SVG is a pretty good coach, actually most orlando fans, the actual orlando magic team, had SVG’s back, and that wasnt a surprise, what are you talking about? dwight is hated by 2 cities now, and possibly a 3rd if he wants to jump ship after they fail in houston.

    heres some basketball knowledge for you, embrace it. because this is probably the only time someone is going out of his way to give you some knowledge.

    • Straight Cash Homey

      LOL you are talking about grammar i don’t give a fuck about grammar.I dropped out of school i am a street nigga.I know very little about the salary cap and i didn’t talk no shit about you so what’s the argument?

      • Timmy Chong

        so you didnt read my post? i just proved you wrong in everything little thing you have said.

        being a wankster doesnt mean you dont have the ability to use proper grammar.

        • tara myricks

          he’s a loser!! and using the “N” word just made him appear ignorant as hell!

      • tara myricks

        it’s obvious!!! YOU DON’T KNOW NOTHING!!. im suprised yo b%^*# azz know how to use a computer!!! now im a street nigga myself and know how to use proper grammar. so go ride” the right cowards” dick!!!

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    This is a day of LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG comments!!!! I think @timmychong:disqus just won the longest comment award of the day!

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    I am not sure from what point SVG was going in that advice… but one thing I am sure it’s not the direction to a Championship. That Rocket roster is not a championship team…

  • Golteb

    It’s payback time for Dwight! Steve Van Gundy (still wounded by Dwight getting him fired in Orlando) deceived Dwight into thinking that Houston was a better choice for him. Since D12 denies any accusations that he was involved in SVG’s firing, he pretended to listen to SVG’s advice to avoid suspicion. This is DWIGHTMARE 3. Could be a good plot for a movie.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    Other than his defense, he is a major liability. Being offensively inconsistent, a No Show at times, I can not put my dollar on him so he is an over priced, over hyped whining child in a big mans body. A locker room disruption and not a Championship caliber player. No killer instinct and a Player with No Loyalty but himself and the money he makes. To him, it is about making the money the easiest way, His Way!

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