Sources: Lakers Won’t Agree to Dwight Howard Sign and Trade

Sources: Lakers Won’t Agree to Dwight Howard Sign and Trade


130427160849-dwight-howard-los-angeles-lakers-offseason-roundtable-single-image-cutSo what if Dwight Howard leaves? Here’s one thing you won’t see: the Lakers helping him find his dream team, or trying to salvage something for him, with a sign-and-trade.

Barring a bonanza they don’t expect to be offered, insiders say the Lakers’ fallback position would be to bring back this team and bank the savings—almost $50 million in salary and luxury tax.

They would then drop under the luxury tax threshold after next season–a Laker priority after paying the tax for as long as there has been one, with new, ever-escalating repeater penalties. In the key, it would give them $55 million worth of cap space for the 2014 free agent class, which could include LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony.

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The Rockets, thought to be the Lakers’ leading challenger for Howard’s hand, could open up a maximum $20.5 million slot.

However, the Rockets’s dream of a bigger haul—Howard and the Clippers’ Chris Paul—would depend on their ability to off-load $16.8 million in salary gue Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik. The Lakers, however, have no intention of taking Lin and Asik, or any two Rockets with the possible exception of James Harden and whomever. Knowing they had to rebuilt in the face of a financial doomsday, the Lakers acquired Howard, knowing they would have to pay him $23 million per, if they could get him to take it, because of his unique value.

If they lose him, the Lakers would only pay that much for someone else they think has unique value. Coming off back surgery in a bumpy transition that isn’t over, Howard’s value wasn’t all the Lakers hoped for.

Of course, there’s always next season, wherever he is.


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  • Aditya Sriram

    I hope lakers resighn Dwight. PLEASE stay

  • Clarkkent113

    Good move by Lakers. Only S & T player that would be worth it out of possible suitors is James Harden. And why the hell would the Rockets give us Harden? That would be nice though, move Kobe to the 3, play Harden at the 2.

  • Don’t Hate Me!!

    If Dwight stays why wouldn’t lebron wanna come to LA? Miami is not gonna win the championship this year and I can beat they won’t even be in the finals next year no team in 27 yrs has made it to the championship 4 yrs in a row.After next year Miami will start the rebuilding process why would lebron stay for that when he can team up with a player like Dwight and still get a maxed contract.

    • terro

      nah, they’ll win. and who says you can’t make the finals 4 times in a row, we just made it 3 times

  • chop91

    These articles contain no information at all..

  • mousanator

    clippers should keep CP3…. D12 can go though. another rumor about doc rivers, paul pierce, and garnett to clippers. i don’t like it….i want cp3, griffin, jordan, and crawford to stay in clipperland

  • Michael

    This just sounds like complete speculation on your part, Mr. Heisler. You failed to cite any specific sources, or just plain “sources” at all. As much as I hope this “report” is true, I’d expect higher journalistic standards from you.

  • They call me Pringles

    Dwight, if you want to leave, then go ahead and leave. But don’t expect us to help you get your desired salary by taking back junk in return.

  • Chris P.

    I just think you are beautiful. Long live the Lakers. Get Well KOBE!!!