So Glad that We Didn’t Get Garnett

So Glad that We Didn’t Get Garnett


I’ll admit, I was a HUGE Kevin Garnett fan when he was a player for the Minnesota Timberwolves. KG was tall, athletic and had the intensity that you wished every player in the league would have to make it seem like they actually realized they were getting paid millions of dollars to play a game.

Then he signed with Boston and all that went out the window.

The subtle elbows to players like Lamarcus Aldridge’s Head.

The dirty moving screens that always seem to be overlooked because of his slight build.

The constant yapping that turned from “dude, he’s intense” to “dude, he’s more talk than action now!”

and now . . . incorporating the Bruce Bowen feet slide under a jump shooter, subtle shot to the crotch combo:


Seriously, I hope the NBA DOESN’T suspend KG for Sunday’s game. I don’t want Doc Rivers to come up with another BS excuse.

Kurt, you’re so right . . . . Dude, NOT COOL!