Smush Parker Says Kobe Told Him ‘You Can’t Talk To Me’ During...

Smush Parker Says Kobe Told Him ‘You Can’t Talk To Me’ During Practice


Most Los Angeles Lakers fans believe that Smush Parker is one of the worst players ever to play for the storied franchise. Parker is often mentioned on the list of worst Lakers along with Kwame Brown, Sam Bowie, Adam Morrison and Dwight Howard.

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Perhaps the one thing that Parker is remembered the most for during his time in Los Angeles is his relationship with Kobe Bryant. Smush and Kobe never really got along while playing together and the former Laker point guard has never been shy about expressing his feelings about the superstar.

Parker made an appearance on Highly Questionable with Dan Le Batard recently and was asked about Kobe. Although Smush was clearly tired of the subject, he did say the following about the five-time NBA champion:

“He told me one day at practice — I tried to talk to him outside of basketball about football. And he looked at me in practice and was dead serious and said, ‘You can’t talk to me. You need more accolades under your belt before you come talk to me.”

Obviously, Parker isn’t a fan of Kobe. Parker has called the experience of playing alongside Kobe in Los Angeles “overrated” on more than one occasion and hasn’t changed his stance over the years.

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It is no secret that Kobe has rubbed quite a few people the wrong way over the course of his career. Former teammates and coaches haven’t had favorable things to say about the five-time NBA champion, but despite that fact, he’ll still go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game.
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  • kookiebuger


    • ra

      Awwwwwwww poor baby. Kobe-woby wouldn’t talky-walky to you. First, we don’t what happened before this ‘incident’. Quite sure that there were ‘many other things’ that were going on before that incident. Quite sure it wasn’t the first day of practice, or the first day Smush showed up at camp.

      Here’s what I would have said, if I were Kobe, to Smush:

      – This is the NBA man, we’re playing for the best franchise in the world. Our fans expect Championships, so we have to play like that. So when are you going to train like “I DO”, and start playing like that?

      – We have fans around the world who expect excellence out of us. I’m paid a lot, yes, but I work like a dog to be the best. Yes, you’re not paid as much, but only 400-500 guys are lucky enough to play in the NBA. You can’t come in to the Lakers and be a slacker. Practice like I do, man.

      – Come in 3 hours before everyone else, leave 3 hours after everyone else leaves. Then we’ll talk. I’m here at 5:30. Come in at 4:30, and we’ll talk. I’ll say, “hi, what are you doing here so early?” and you can say, “man, I want to be the best, for the Lakers, and play 48 minutes a game, and take us to a Championship”.

      – This is a business, man. I’m taking it seriously. You should too. We’ll have fun ‘after’ we win Championships for our fans (especially those on Lakers Nation).

      Trust me – Kobe ‘talks’ to players who take the ‘game’ seriously, like a business. Kobe talks with Steve Nash, even though he can’t play right now. They were ‘fierce’ competitors years back. Kobe ‘doesn’t talk’ to James Harden, but has mentioned that he admires his level of play. If Harden were on the Lakers, Kobe would talk to him.

      It isn’t just about the skill, it’s about professionalism. All these guys are paid a LOT more than us, to … play basketball? Take it seriously, like Kobe. No slacking. Smush didn’t do enough. And he did have ‘some’ chops. He could have gotten a LOT better, but didn’t try. Even Shaq didn’t ‘push it’ (gaining weight, getting out of shape, playing ‘just enough’ to win, but not to excel, in the later years). Shaq!!

      Kobe is right in his attitude, and .. again .. trust me — many many in the WORLD love Kobe. They don’t need him to talk to them. They know that he has a skill, and even with all that, pushes it harder than anyone else.

      Lesson: take your ‘gifts’ seriously. That’s what you should do in life. Take your opportunities (like playing in the NBA) seriously. Try your best, or better, even if you were the best player in the playground, or in college.

      • kookiebuger

        I’m not going to read your reply but you do realize I’m joking right?

        • ra

          oh no. I’m with you all the way, buddy! I liked your comment, actually! ( I was just commenting because your ‘comment’ is at the top of the list here ).

          • kookiebuger

            Alright, that’s cool.

      • Robert Perez

        I liked your comment but it was too long to read… For a comment anyway…

    • Lakers Fan Since 2006

      Willie Smush Parker is the reason i became a Lakers fan.Glad i did.I used to be a Lakers fan back in the Van Excel and Eddie Jones days but i stopped watching hoops altogether.Until one day i was at my friends house and he said Smush Parker is a point guard worth checking out on my Lakers and said okay and then i just started watching the Lakers all the time and i been a huge Lakers fan ever since that day i turned on a Smush and Kobe game.But Smush was not a long term answer too many issues.Glad he is doing well and he seems like a crazy dude though.Didn’t hr punch out some person lately for scoring a hoop on him?SMH

  • Jar2

    At some point, one’s competitiveness goes way too far and they just come off as a dick.

    • Tune

      Not really, to me I see it as a challenge to improve. Kobe has always done it. It definitely helps Gasol. It’s one of those “you hate it now, but you’ll thank me later” type of deals.

      • Elliott C. Wright

        yes, really

        • Tune

          If you’re in the NBA and you don’t want to work on taking your game to the next level, you don’t deserve respect as a player.

  • $20509373

    Kobe being an asshole towards his teammates is not anything new. It’s part of the reason he was great, but everyone knows he’s a dick.

    • oldschool93

      yeah, there’s no doubt he’s an arrogant prick, but there’s a reason he’s my all time favorite player

      • nlruizjr

        Kobe just can’t handle Slackers, he’s cool with others who take this work serious, the only one’s he had problems with are Smush, Kawame and Shaq and for good reason.

    • comrade24

      True. Same with Jordan. His teammates weren’t too fond of him personally, either but they loved him for his competitiveness and championship pedigree

  • Kkk

    You shouldn’t be talking about other sports. If you really were serious you would try to get better at basketball as much as u can

    • Run Chapo Run

      Yeah basketball players should never speak about anything other than basketball.

    • Gary K.

      That’s not right. Love Kobe, but he speaks of his love for soccer often. It must have been something else—not the topic—that ticked him off. I’m guessing it was a lackadaisical practice work ethic. But then, EVERY workout seems lackadaisical to Kobe’s practice regimen.


    One of the things that made Kobe great is his ability to focus on what he is doing. And one of the things that has been hard for some of his team mates to deal with is that he expects the same from them. His work ethic is unmatched and those very same team mates could learn from that. Smush Parker was not even in the same universe as Kobe and I am sure had no idea what Kobe was even talking about.

  • john

    write like two year old

    • NotATwoYearOld

      like you writing that phrase without an “a” before two year old?

  • SmoothOperator

    LOL, Smush looks like Flavor Flav. I mean Kobe is who he is. There is video of him and Sasha getting into it, its just who he is.

  • James Lee

    Why is anyone surprised? Kobe did the same thing to Nick Young and Mike D’Antoni this year.

    • X

      i believe Kobe was joking around and Nick took it and started playing better kobe knows what hes doing. smush maybe took it wrong (who knows).I sure dont but kobe was helping nick how to handle things and what to do during this situation where to be etc. Nick

      • GodlyRebel

        i agree with you, theres a player on my team that we play around with all the time(with a serious face) he takes it serious. hes gotten better he improved his shot, he can dunk now, and all we told him was ” you suck ” because of that we haven’t lost a game since

    • DJ

      So for you blaming Kobe for Mike D’Antoni please don’t get me started on Mike D’Antoni be i will go off !

      • James Lee

        Ffs, I not blaming anyone just pointing out Kobe’s personality, he sets a high bar and if you dont meet it he could give a crap about you. Btw, I mentioned D’Antoni as a joke since you normally listen to a coach but D’Antoni was so bad he didn’t have Kobe’s respect.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Why his name still floats around Lakers Nation???

  • Jefferson Santos

    Did people forget that kobe is still a cheating d-bag? Smush should’ve came back and said “Really, look who’s talking you rapist! You’re lucky you was able to payoff the hoe.”

    • GQ


      • GQ

        What does his personal life have to do with the player he has been on the court? Have a seat

        • Kei

          Right, did you say that about OJ simpson as well? Smh, people these days will idolize rapist or murderer just because they can put a ball in a hoop.

          Do the world a favor and cut your dick off.

      • Barclay Frazier


      • Jefferson Santos

        Are you done sucking kobe’s d*ck?

    • vdogg

      rapist? lol. no true rape victim brags about having had sex with their alleged rapist. a gold-digging star fucker would, however.

    • al c.

      I wonder if smush has any doe to pay off the KID he assaulted n a bball game?

  • TrueLakersFan

    Kobe is so full of it these days. Can’t wait until this year’s draft when the Lakers find their next superstar. Good riddance kobe!

    • Badazztj12

      Its funny how you said this just look at your name. You know Lakers wouldn’t have won those 5 rings without Kobe.

      • Kobe6

        Really!!! It was because of Shaq. What happened when Shaq left the Lakers and went to Miami? Where did the Championship ring end up two year later? In Miami

        • Badazztj12

          Shitted without Kobe, Shaq would maybe just have 1 ring. Kobe makes Shaq, just like Scottie makes Jordan( with the rings not greatness)

      • TrueLakersFan

        No sh*t Sherlock… even Magic Johnson could tweet that since he is so obvious these days. When Kobe went down earlier this season, he could of stuck with his teammates and go through the growing pains… he didn’t. He was more about being above the team. Look at vets like Nash and Pau, they did it… why couldn’t Kobe get that stick out of his a$$, man up and be the leader he needs to be.

        • nlruizjr

          why, just because calls it like he sees it and you want to crucify him and your a trueLakerfan. ha, ha, ha, what a joke.

          • TrueLakersFan

            You can get off Kobe’s nuts already. Ha ha ha keep sucking it…

    • GQ

      And your name is “TrueLakersFan” smh gtfoh

      • TrueLakersFan

        Do you know the difference between a Lakers fan and a kobe fan. Your obviously blinded by kobe thinking that he’s the only one that brought the team 5 chips. You gtfoh and get off kobe’s jock strap!

        • GQ

          You are talking as if he is a horrible player.. As if he makes the rest if the team horrible smh.. You’re obviously blinded by hate son

  • Rodney Bango

    ok he told Nick Young he doesn’t talk to players that are 20 games under 500 and you know what he did? he went out the next game and started winning games and putting up numbers so smush parker stop being a bitch an man up

  • Evan

    Two sides to this:

    A. Thats a dick move, assuming Smush was trying, trying to be friendly, etc.

    B. Smush was a scrub, and for all we know he lollygagged in practice, got on peoples nerves, talked himself up, etc. Those things could have easily turned Kobe against a player like Smush.

    Kobe demands work ethic, competitive spirit, and success. Don’t give those, don’t expect him to be your friend.

  • Wladimir

    well said, smush should be able to talk at all

  • sol

    Dont forget Tony Parker recently said the same thing about Tim Duncan that tim would not talk to him at all during his rookie season. It wasn’t till Parker showed his passion for the game that they became close.

  • truth24


  • Nalin Shukla


  • Josh

    It’s funny to look back on that now, but it ticks me off that he treated his teammates basically the same way this year and he wasn’t even on the floor.

  • Tre

    I love Kobe, but being a mentor to young players means being able to adapt. If your “tough love” and “put him down and break him to build him up” approach doesn’t work and is making thing actually worse, then step back and take another approach. Not everyone responds to the same teaching and grooming method. He comes off as a dick here as has been said, and it pains me to say that but it’s true

  • Who cares?

    Guy was kicked out from team in Croatian national league ‘cos he was to ft and on weed…

  • Super Girl

    It goes to show that Smush Parker really never belonged to the Lakers! he was just lucky they made the wrong move on taking him.

  • dizzel007

    Worst Laker??? I think not. Smush was a starter and had a couple of decent seasons. His ego was bigger than his game but that doesn’t put him in the list of worse players. Players like Jack Haley own that distinction.

  • Derek Clark

    Lol Smush, Kobe and the Lakers is the only reason why your name is even relevant. I for one thought that Smush was a decent player when he actually played at his best and I watched those games a lot. But obviously he wasn’t a hard worker and never played to his potential. And potential doesn’t cut it. People forget Smush Parker scored 14 points in Toronto while Kobe was going off for 81. But overall a disappointment.

  • hookedonnews

    Smush Parker is not the only teammate Kobe ever said that to. Kobe’s one of the best players ever, but that doesn’t mean he’s a great teammate. Most people who have followed his career very long understand that.

  • Kei

    Good luck having Kome mentoring your next superstar. Let’s hope they don’t sided with kome this time.

  • Truthtella

    “One of the biggest differences between the two stars from my perspective was Michael’s superior skills as a leader,” Jackson said. “Though at times he could be hard on his teammates, Michael was masterful at controlling the emotional climate of the team with the power of his presence. Kobe had a long way to go before he could make that claim. He talked a good game, but he’d yet to experience the cold truth of leadership in his bones, as Michael had.” – Phil Jackson