Should the Lakers Trade Pau Gasol? Reviewed by Momizat on . As the March 15th NBA trade deadline quickly approaches, many fans of the association are expecting a blockbuster trade from the Los Angeles Lakers. While most As the March 15th NBA trade deadline quickly approaches, many fans of the association are expecting a blockbuster trade from the Los Angeles Lakers. While most Rating:
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Should the Lakers Trade Pau Gasol?

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As the March 15th NBA trade deadline quickly approaches, many fans of the association are expecting a blockbuster trade from the Los Angeles Lakers.

While most Lakers fans agree that the team needs new talent running at the point guard position, is it really worth it and necessary to part out one of the big men to get one?

With Andrew Bynum emerging into an All-Star this season and quickly becoming the go to big man on offense, the Lakers other big man, Pau Gasol, looks to be the odd man on his way out.

Previously included in a controversially vetoed trade this off-season that would have landed All-Star guard Chris Paul on the Lakers, Gasol has been rumored in many trade scenarios for much of the season since then.  Most intriguing of these rumored trade scenarios include either the Lakers receiving: Rajon Rondo from the Boston Celtics or both Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola from the Houston Rockets in exchange for Gasol.

Although Gasol has been the hot topic of many trade rumors surrounding the Lakers this season, the Spaniard is quietly putting together a great season.  Averaging 16.9 points and 10.5 rebounds per game this season, Gasol is still putting up numbers as arguably the third option on offense.

Along with Gasol’s respectable production this season, Pau has also been very professional and loyal to the Lakers even after they tried to trade him.

After Kobe publicly stated a couple weeks ago that he wants Gasol to remain a Laker, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPNLosAngeles.com, Gasol wishes to remain one also.

So, we got March 15th, the [trade] deadline,” Gasol said as he made his way to the team bus after the game when reporters caught up to him to pass along Bryant’s remarks. “That’s what I’m thinking [about]. Hopefully we get to that day [without a trade]. Obviously if something was told to me before, it would be good, but I’m not trying to force things. I’m not trying to force a team, ‘If they want to trade me, trade me tomorrow.’ Because obviously I still believe in our team, I believe in our city and I believe that we can continue to be a special, special team and a successful team.

Since joining the team back in 2008, Gasol has brought only good things to the city of Los Angeles. After three straight NBA Final appearances along with back-to-back NBA Championships in his first four years with the team, Gasol has undoubtedly help put the Lakers back on top as one the NBA’s elite teams in recent years.

But like every professional sports league, the NBA is a business and the Lakers must do what’s best for the team.

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With the hiring of Mike Brown as head coach this past summer, along with the NBA shifting to more guard play as of late; the Lakers desperately need a point guard to fit this system. But is trading Gasol the answer?

If the Lakers do in fact decide to deal Gasol for a guard before the deadline, they will have to be getting elite talent in return.  The Lakers, without Gasol, will not only be losing a very skilled low-post player, but would also be essentially giving up their height advantage and opening up yet another hole to be filled.

While it is hard to say if the Lakers actually need a major change or just a minor tweak, they could definitely use some kind of help.  With so much uncertainty surrounding the team, one thing is certain – with Bryant now at age 33, the time is now for the Lakers to make their run.  The only question is, will Gasol be a part of this run?

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  • http://twitter.com/Laureen4716 Laureen Foat

    NO!!! What If Bynum gets hurt again?! Pau helps the Lakers out and is a magnificent player! Lakers would be lost without Pau’s help! Lakers are stupid to trade Pau. 

    • Reen16

      Laureen Foat is the biggest cyber-bullyl in history!  What is she doing commenting on anything.  She is a moral imbecile

    • BoomBoomPau

      Laureen Foat bullied me right off Pau’s board on Talk-Sports.  She is the biggest cyber-bully in history, and proved she is also a coprophiliac by posting dozens of pictures of feces all over that website.  SMH and RME~  Laureen should be kicked off the Internet.  She lives at 32302 Alipaz St, Spc 295
      San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-4166
      (949) 661-6625
      So please contact her and tell her to shut her f-ing pie hole

    • BoomBoomPau

      Foat is the biggest cyber bully of all time.  Google her name and Talk-Sports to see.  She bullied me off that website.

    • EncinoKawasaki

      Laureen Foat is the world’s biggest cyber bully.  Her posts should not be allowed on here.  Just google her name  and it takes you to another sports blog where her notoriety is enshrined. 

  • Rholly_dreamer

    u like the idea of getting Lowry and scola for Gasol.Scola s a very legit replacement for Gasol at the PF while having a decent PG in Lowry…do it Mitch!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-G-Román/100000303048397 Bryan G Román

    get gasol in the weight room and teach him to box-out…… keep him. unless somehow we can get deron williams for gasol, keep him….. if bynum stays healthy and keeps playing aggressive, keep him too. get rid of the majority of the bench and get ramon sessions….. seriously tho, they should have signed arenas by now, it wouldnt hurt one bit…. im staying positive, but the way the team is right now is not gonna be enough to be the heat on sunday, we need that win, and unless everyone plays at their max and lebron decides to pass the ball with .03 seconds left, i dont think its gonna happen!

  • http://twitter.com/Diandra_M Diandra M.

    I don’t think we should trade Pau….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Gómez/100001937246515 David Gómez

    I like Gasol but he’s a stinky contract Lakers wont be able to retain him take him anyway a look at the roster. kobe alone makes 25M this year, bynum and gasol make like 15M each. that’s about 55M out of the 58M that is the limit. Chris Paul deal would have been the best for the lakers, now they’re screawed for the future unless Jim Buss dickead packs Gasol and Bynum for Dwight and some decent backups. Artest and Walton contracts aren’t helping neither

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Gómez/100001937246515 David Gómez

    And honestly I dont like the Scola-Lowry trade either. Scola can score but he won’t grab half as many rebounds as gasol and lowry sounds like a choker to me not a solid pg who can run the offense and feed other players. his stats are pretty weak and he’s also a weak shooter. I think we already have enough of that

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Gómez/100001937246515 David Gómez

    Rondo for Gasol or Bynum would be great but I dont see it happening honestly why are the Celtics giving up their best player, a 25 year old pg for either a 33 year old washed up gasol or a “one knee injury away from bust” Bynum

  • Cchandraj

    Kobe, Gasol, Bynum…the three click. Why trade off part of the best threesome in the league. Try Arenas or Iverson with a no nonsense clause for the rest of the year. Wont cost us anyone. If Iverson dosent want to practice…he’s outta there, if Arenas wants to play with guns…he’s outta there. Try one or both out for the rest of the year….just a thought.

  • Normussestudillo

    Pau Gasol and Andrw Bynum should never traded, The triumvirate of Kobe, Pau, and Andrew should not be broken at all. All that is required is a good young point guard and a better and capable  three point shooter. And I believe that this team is capable in bring the championship to Los Angeles.

  • Elliottgarcia

    We need to trade Pau this team is not going any where this season anyway even if we get a good PG thats not going to be good enough to take it all the way this year. SO trade PAu and bynum and lets start over in the right way.

  • Joel

    Toronto raptor… Jose Manuel Calderon is enough

    • Laureen4716

      Jose Calderon is good but, not better then Pau. I wish Lakers would have tried to get Calderon then for Fisher. I like Calderon better then Sessions! Too bad Calderon is on the Toronto Raptor team! Canada suxs!

      • Randrew

        Pau Gasol sucks big time since his girl Silvia slept with Shannon Brown. Pau is a garbage player now. And you, Laureen, are the biggest cyber bully on the planet.

  • chris

    no they should keep pau and trade luke

  • Oscar

     - Pau Gasol
     - Jason Kapono
     - Darius Morris
     + Luis Scola
     + Ramon Sessions
     + Jordan Hill
     + Lakers get PG & saves $10M (salary + lux.tax)

     - Ramon Sessions
     - Daniel Gibson
     + Kevin Martin
     + D. Morris
     + Cavs gets rid of Sessions and upgrades SG.

     - Kevin Martin
     - Luis Scola
     - Jordan Hill
     + Gasol
     + Daniel Gibson
     + Jason Kapono
     + Rockets gets what they want (Gasol) and keep Lowry

  • Eharris8405

    What about Devin Harris and Millsaps for Gasol and a 1st…its just a thought

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  • LAFever

    The lakers should never trade pau!! He’s a true laker. What we need more than ever is a PG that can bring the game up. Even though i wished the lakers would get chris paul, They won’t get a consistent and good PF like pau. so its not worth the trade to take down one of our walls to plant a moat.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KBUZAMFSAD2XVUEHLPVRZUIGM4 quickster

    It’s amazing how they want to trade Pau Gasol. I hate to see the day when they trade Pau and Bynum has a knee injury. The lakers strength has just become their weakness. We need a point guard period. Ron Artest(MWP)  seems to be coming around. Mike Brown needs to tell Fisher to become part of his coaching staff. Get rid of Luke Walton and use that money to get a point guard this off season. Pau, if your reading this one, please bulk up this off season and tell Kareem Abdul Jabbar to teach you that skyhook and Pau, you’ll be unstoppable offensively. 

  • Laureen4716

    Randy Charles Morin is the worst cyber bully in history. He is a cyber predator and cyber bully stalker and computer hacker extraordinaire! He has been stalking and following me around labeling me as the worst cyber bully when, in all actuality he is the one and continues to stalk me 24/7 on a daily basis for more then 3 years. I’m freaked out and so sick of his and his many fakes user names he uses on here calling me the biggest cyber bully!! The audacity he has when he cannot even see what he does. He is too much of a coward to say which board he comes from. Look on Sports_Talk.Net or Pau Gasol girlfriend google where, Randy Charles Morin has posted my personal home address and phone number all over Pau’s board and all the Laker players actually. Go ahead and see who the real cyber bully is!! It is not me!! It is Randy and he followed me here and his IP address he is using and which, he stold from me hacking into my e-mail address and old one!!! Randy should be banned from this site. He is tormenting me and you PPL are allowing this to continue! Sending out a red flag here!! Please help me!!!

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