Should the Lakers Go After Dwight Howard?

Should the Lakers Go After Dwight Howard?


Ever since the Orlando Magic were booted out of the playoffs by the Atlanta Hawks and the Lakers untimely exit at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks, trade rumors started concerning Superman 2.0, Dwight Howard.  Sources close to Dwight Howard have said that Howard feels his tenure with the Magic is coming to an end and he is going to look to win a championship elsewhere.

Elsewhere specifically being New Jersey or Los Angeles, according to these sources.  Howard may be leaning towards the path that his Olympic teammate, LeBron James, took by joining a team with more than one superstar which has one primary focus.  Win a championship and win it now.

The modern day Superman (Shaq being the classic Superman) has built quite an impressive resume during his time thus far in Orlando.  Over his career he has averaged 18.2 points per game and 12.9 rebounds per game.*  However, the team seemed to peak in 2009 when they met the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals.  Orlando’s “magic” seemed to fade after losing those Finals to the Lakers 4-1.

The two seasons since their Finals appearance, the Magic have almost exclusively relied on Howard for not only his defense, but his offense as well.  This has seemed to take a toll on Howard and the team’s record.  Howard seems frustrated and it looks like he wants out.  Los Angeles may be Howard’s answer, but it is a good decision for the Lakers?

Acquiring Dwight Howard this upcoming offseason would require a trade since Howard is still a year shy from entering free agency.  This would mean the Lakers would have to give up multiple players.  The Laker that would for certain be involved in the trade is Andrew Bynum.  If Bynum is not a part of the deal, the Magic would turn a cheek to the Lakers.  Secondary players that could be possibly involved are Lamar Odom, Ron Artest, Luke Walton, or future draft picks.  The question is will the Lakers be willing to loose the talents of Bynum and Odom for Howard?  Is it a good idea?

In his six years in the NBA, Howard has grown to be the league’s number one big man.  His offensive contributions has strengthened over the years and his defense has remained strong and consistent, which was recently awarded Defensive Player of the Year for a third straight season. Although the Magic’s run in the playoffs has come to an end, Howard was arguably the best performer in the first round of the entire league, averaging 27 points per game and 15.5 rebounds per game.*  On the opposite side of the country, Andrew Bynum was the most consistent player for the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs, averaging 15.2 points per game and 10.3 rebounds per game.*

If you compare Howard to Bynum, Howard has the better statistics.  So it comes down to Lamar Odom and Bynum’s health.  Lamar Odom had his best year yet.  The reigning Sixth Man of the Year is a critical piece to the puzzle of the Lakers’ success.  His leadership sparks the bench, while remaining fully capable of earning a starting position.  In fact, on any other team, Odom would be a starter.  It seems that when Lamar plays well, the Lakers play well.  Is Jerry Buss willing to give that up?  Bynum’s consistent health woes can influence the Lakers to pull the trigger on Howard.  However, when Bynum is in the lineup, the entire structure of the team changes.  Bynum has a positive effect on the Lakers, while causing problems for all opponents.

Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss have a huge decision to make if Howard continues his lean toward wanting to be traded.  The Magic could possibly entice Howard to stay by acquiring Chris Paul or another point guard.  If Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum are the Magic’s demands, the Lakers will lose their length.  It is their length that continues to make the Lakers one of the toughest teams in the league, regardless of their record.  If Odom is not involved, the Lakers would eliminate the threat of missed games from Bynum’s repeated ailments.  Should the Lakers go after another superstar to join Kobe and Pau, or stick with what worked over the past several seasons?  After the blow from Dallas that knocked out the Lakers in the second round, change is coming to LA.  Unfortunately for fans, we will have to wait a couple of months to see what that change will be.

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  • LatinoLakerFan

    I would like to see that trade happen with the exception of Lamar Odom. In his place I would trade Luke Walton who has sat on the bench for a number of years and does nothing for the team. The only reason that he has remained a Laker is not only his lengthy contract, but the fact that Phil Jackson liked him. Without Jackson there we are at liberty to get rid of a seat warmer. Future draft picks are good options as well. I can just see a starting lineup of The Black Mamba, CP3, Superman 2.0, LO (The Candy Man) & Ron Ron!!! Our Bench would be deep as well.

    • Hankthetank11

      I would like super man to come to la and team up with the black mamba! The lakers need to get a point-g they should get falton from Denver and trade Ron for Lewis from wiz.they should make a block monster trade!

  • Sw1k21

    I would love to have Dwight as a laker but I say lets try one more season with are 7 but make moves to make us younger n better.but if we don’t win a title then make a trade for D.Howard.

  • InKB24weBelieve

    Hmm.. this going be tough one for Mitch and CO. Giving up L.O tho? If we do trade you know the Magic want to have Lamar in the deal.. maybe we should keep we got with L.O,Bynum and Pau and get Curry from G.S. or another point guard.. trade Artest,Luke,Blake,Joe Smith. Don’t resign Theo.. keep Barnes and Brown get some young players in the draft that can score quick like Jimmer Fedette and a some.Defensive players etc..

  • Nd425

    You Laker fans are so delusional!!! Dwight is not going to win anything in LA with Kobe who is old and starting to break down like an old chevy truck!!! Seriously, your roster will be Old Kobe & no one else! I think Dwight knows LA’s window is just about closed so why in the hell would he want to go there???…..keep dreaming ! Dwights staying here in Otown especially when we make a trade for Chris Paul or Deron Williams!!

    • Jr10laker4life

      If Dwight wanted to win a title right now he would go to LA Kobe still has three solid years in him and Pau and Odom just scratched 30. Your also forgetting that being a Laker is a culture. If a player has a shot at being in on of the greatest franchises in all of sports in one of the greatest cities in the world it really sweetens the deal.

    • lakersrbetter

      Yea ur the smart one kobe is still one of the best players in the league and the lakers have won 2 in a row and “Otown” hasn’t come close to a championship in a long time and deron williams just signed a 7 yr deal and paul is going to the knicks so I think the lakers are gonna get howard cause obviously the magic suck now and the lakers will be on top

      • markjsunz

        Kobe is in decline. He is hurting the lakers with his selfish play. Right now the lakers have serious issues. Gasol just checked out, lost interest. He got his butt whoped. If he is not brought back into fold and continues with his head in the clouds. By the time Gasols contract ends in three years Kobe will be a shell of what he was. How about trading Gasol and Odom for Howard, and then trade Bynum for a quick point gaurd.

        • Llaaa_la

          u simple..

      • Nd425

        Deron Williams signed a 7 yr deal??? Lol, what are you talking about?! He’s a free agent next year!!! Your just another clueless fan that doesn’t know a damn thing! & if I’m not mistaken we were in the NBA finals 2 yrs ago so I know you might be a little uneducated but 2 years ago in the NBA finals is close to a championship!!! Lol… Go watch old reruns of Baywatch cause you know nothing about sports!! Haha

  • Mickee94

     y want me give them bynum blake an walton well have fish on the bench he said his down with it and y wont we get an ok pg that can dish out assits or put brown in pg he can handle the ball like a pg 

  • Thabizness7540

    Let go Luke ,smith , Blake , Theo , if they trade Bynum and odom u can go get Oj mayo, rudy gay, Jamal crawford,Jr smith, deren Williams. Now u keep Kobe, pau, artest, fish, barnes, brown , tye Johnson and the rookies. Bring some of those players together and we have a solid team with Dwight .

  • Xurken

    Bynum and Odom…pffff hahahahahh omg  that’s ridiculous. Who ever wrote this article is wishing for a the best trade possible for Orlando. Lol the Magic would be lucky to just get Bynum, I personally wouldnt like Bynum be sent off, Give him the other 7 footer “Jesus” as Dwight calls him, and a couple of the Trash players in the Bench…give them luke and steve blake and brown or whatever they want, but not Odom. Or better yet, Give them the whole bench plus Odom and keep Gasol. That way its a better trade for LA. The Magic know they’re dealing with another Lebro/Melodrama deal so its either something or nothing. They’re pick.

    But Odom and Bynum? Why not just hand them Kobe too for Arenas. Lolz

    • Carlitos_tos95

      u crazy fool… u just so stupid.!!!!! y just not pau n walton 

  • Jr10laker4life

    Lakers nation is great for updates but most of their articles are garbage! If the Lakers had the opportunity to acquire the only consistently dominant center in the NBA at his prime and they had to give up Bynum and Odom they should take it. Of course they would want to hold off on giving up Odom and give pretty much anyone else besides Kobe and Pau. But to even write an article debating whether the Lakers should go after the three time defensive player of the year is ridiculous.

  • Markus

    I want Howard but I don’t wanna give up Odom to get him! Bynum YES I can deal with letting him go but Odom, NAH!!! That was a HUGE problem if we all remember too for the Lakers, was our bench!! And even having Howard STILL won’t fix that!!  For most of this year arguably u could say Lamar Odom was the LAKERS MVP & the most consistent for much of the season whether he was starting or coming off the bench! In fact I personally thought he played that well to get a spot on that allstar team over Gasol mid-season. Odom’s coming off his best year since joining the Lakers.   

  • eazy b

    Trade up un draft get kimba he fit perfect if we can get dwight n if bynum willing to be another sixth man then keep him move lamar to starter n stop making kobe feel like he has to carry get a scorer

  • Damien Vigil

    this is whaT NEEDS to happen send bynum and artest draft pics for howard then start odom at sf bryant sg fisher pg howard c gasol pf and my dynasty team will win 

  • markjsunz

    The magic face the prospect of losing Howard and getting nothing in return. Maybe a straight up trade for Bynum would be able to be worked out. The Bynum issue of course is his health. If he ever stays healthy a whole season he can be a dominant player for the lakers. He was giving it his all in the playoffs. Three defenders would swarm around him. He had no help inside. Pau Gasol has made it possible for the lakers to win back to back championships but he seemed overmatched and not present mentally. If a player earns 17 million a year and has lost focus it will not matter who the lakers add to the roster. Kobe also does not look like Mr. Clutch anymore and the truth is he is entering the backside of his career. As much as this may anger some, Kobes need to shoot the ball on when a game is shown nationally hurts the lakers. A little more focus on the team and a little less focus on Kobe would help. The lakers have all of these things happening. I would think Howard would want to go to a team like the Thunder where he would be the player who puts the team over the top. With young players his own age he can win multiple titles. The lakers as mentioned have all these other issues.

  • Dion Richardson

    Ditch Bynum (he hasn’t played a full season yet!), keep L.O. but anyone other than Kobe of course is fair game. D. Howard is the best big man in the game! Super Man 2.0 as a Laker would be an answer to my prayers! 

  • Jessetaylor323

    LA should look to sign marc gasol since he will be a free agent this summer. I think this would kill several birds with the proverbial stone: The team would get a great center with tons of potenial(I wish they would have kept him nstead of trading for pau), this would allow LA to use their trading pieces to get a good pg…maybe CP3 or DWill?, and I also think having marc gasol would help to keep up pau’s confidence and toughness. Marc would also be much cheaper than superman leaving more room to build up the supporting cast. Just a thought

    • Eduardovillatenor

      I´ve been saying that all season long !! Marc, would be the smartest choice for our Lakers. Howard is too costly, and we´d have to give up too many good players, get rid of walton & Bynum and those other bench warmers !!! but keep Odom & Artest, Pau would be more affective with his hermano around !!

  • lakersnumberoneannouncer

     Why trade Lamar? If you think about it logically…Dwight hinted that he wants out of Orlando. Orlando and the rest of the league are aware of this, otherwise this would not be even considered. a little bit of something is certainly better than 100 percent of nothing; the ball is in the lakers court. We already got a championship calibur team (unlike Orlando). If Orlando waits for the lakers to ‘cave’ to make a great deal for them (like how Denver did to New York) then they probably will lose Dwight Howard and get nothing in return. Lakers are not desperate to get Dwight; we already won 2 ships, and had 3 finals appearances with our core roster; there is no need in trading Lamar without getting a better player than Arenas.
    Dwight for Bynum straight up works…numerically and statistically. Orlando will be rebuilding anyways when Dwight leaves, so why not with a center who has shown a lot of potential? Lakers don’t need to overextend their hand by offering Odom also for a subpar point guard. (In my opinion, Lamar at the point would be just as effective as Arenas or Jameer). Lakers…trade a bench player or Artest. The ball is in our court. We lost this year because of a lack of motivation; a lack of hunger. Not because we are getting old. There was/is descension among our players. The only problem with our team is a point guard; if we’re going to overextend our hand, might as well do that in getting an elite point guard.

    The Laker Organization is the best in the league. It is the NY Yankees of basketball. The League, NBA fans and the players all know that the Lakers will be relevant whether or not they like it. Historically we probably only had one or two decades of mediocre ball. The Lakers know how to win. To say that because Kobe and co. are getting old and our stars are dying does not mean that the Lakers and its fans will accept mediocrity. We made the NBA Finals 30+ times, winning 16. Lakers want to win. They care more about ‘ships than getting rich. Lakers don’t rebuild, lakers reload. –

  • Strothers_donald

     pleasee consider this dwight would be a great defender and a great offensive player. dwight and paul equals total domination!! 

  • Kobeluna71

     get dwight and trade gasol for paul

  • EZ

    even if this trade envolved losing odom and bynum, the lakers would come out better than last year. odom is notorious for not showing up for big games. plus kobe is no longer a top ten nba player, (can anyone tell me when was the last time kobe had a jordan type of game in the playoffs?). I dont want to see kobe go 7 of 24 shooting in big games. dont get me wrong im not a “kobe hater”, just a laker fan first.

    • Billgates

      Game 6 2010 finals

  • LakerLogic

    Blogs about CP3 or D-Will or DH to LakerLand.  Niether is a bad trade.  If a deal were to be brokered, here are some pros for Mitch and the Busses to pull that trigger.

    DH trade would be a dream.  Why?  Howard is a dominant center, defense oriented and a monster down the post.  Let’s spitball for a second to what management would think of this possibility.  When Shaq was in town, the Lake show was the most feared team in the league.  Hell, even family members of opposing teams say they don’t have a chance beating the Lakers.  I’m sure management was sitting comfortably in the sky box during that awesome championship run.  I’m also sure they are entertaining the fact that they (management) would like to bring that fear factor back.  Kobe and DH is the nest best thing!  If this is something to they would consider then think of the possibilities of DH in Laker uniform instilling fear on opponents.  What about a Kobe-Shaq family fued repeat?  DH know fully well how the NBA works, he knows he wants to win bad and Orlando team can’t win it all.  But DH needs some the pressure of winning taken off and he needs a team that can work with him.  The lakers want nothing more than to bring fear to the rest of the league and DH is the perfect fit.  As a matter of fact Kobe want the rest of the team to play like a tiger (DH like I’m sure).  It worked before and it worked beautifully.  Be afraid Dallas, Miami, Boston and the rest of the league.  As a matter of fact, be very afraid…and oh Kobe getting to old?  I’m sure he’s saying “Well see about that…”

    CP3 as well as D-Will trade would be equally impressive.  Laker fans knows about the PG issue very well.  CP3 or D-Will and Kobe back court with the current front court would cause alot of problems for other teams.  The lakers need a quick and speedy point guard, not afraid to pull the J and dish off dimes like it’s christmas.  Yes there is an issue in the PG position.  Like the lack of defense for example.  CP3 and D-Will are true point guards, if you don’t think so, then go ask Magic.  A PG of their caliber speaks volumes.  I’m sure the Busses know what Magic thinks and will agree with it wholeheartedly.  Laker fans saw show time with a true PG on the team.  Show time is back in prime time!  I’m sure CP3 or D-Will need a SG and a front court like LA.

  • Knarzdominiquejayme

    go lakers….dwight pls go to L.A….whooooooooooo

  • lakers101

    Gasol and bynum out….for d howard