Shootaround Report: Pau Gasol Out Tonight Against The Kings

Shootaround Report: Pau Gasol Out Tonight Against The Kings


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One day after the 124-112 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Lakers will look to bounce back with a victory on the road against the division rival Sacramento Kings.

The Lakers have been successful against the Kings, winning all three previous meetings despite allowing 102.7 points per game to Sacramento. The last time the Lakers matched up against their division rivals, Sacramento was without DeMarcus Cousins due to a suspension and Jordan Farmar recorded a career-high of 30 points. Farmar was able to make 80 percent of his shots from behind the arc in order to help the team set a franchise record of 19 three-point field goals made. The Lakers would eventually secure a 126-122 victory.

Lakers center Pau Gasol will not play tonight due to a severe recurrence of vertigo in Sacramento. Also, Chris Kaman will be a game-time decision because of a right calf-strain.

With the Lakers having only eight games left this season to showcase their young talent, they are now possibly in the range of hitting their 50th loss of the season, a record that hasn’t happened since the 1974-75 season when they had 30 wins and 49 losses.

Much of the news surrounding the Lakers management has been revolved around Mike D’Antoni’s future with the franchise. The Lakers front office is rumored to be holding on to Mike D’Antoni for next season as the head coach. Being repeatedly criticized for his decisions from the media and players on the roster, coach D’Antoni still has one guaranteed year left in his contract with a team option for a fourth year.

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Pau Gasol Struggling From Vertigo, Talks Inefficiencies Alongside Chris Kaman

  • Jared

    Pau must have had a relapse after Lillard just drove by and dunked on him. It took a lot out of him pysically to just raise both hands and sidestep out of Lillard’s way. Just imagine where he would be right now if he did what a true big man was supposed to do ( Lillard head on and put yourself in between him and the basket and deny/block the easy dunk), he’d probably be in intensive care.

    • truth24

      Gasol belongs on a novela

  • CharlieMurphy

    Stupid front office best let this weak ass clown walk. No one aside of this fool want to play with Kobe.

  • Matt Williams

    What the hell is wrong with you people. The guy is clearly sick and shouldn’t have been cleared to play. Fake ass Laker fans!!

    • Tyson

      Oh please, go ahead and sign him back for 15mil a year then this offseason. He’s done and has been done for 3yrs now since he no showed that sweep to the Mavs (something many fans give him a pass on). FO should let his weak, slow, and soft, no-D playing ass walk and fans should stop dwelling on the past.

      • Matt Williams

        We know he’s not worth 15. He’s not going to get it anywhere and he knows that. As far as no D, he has 4 blocks a game when he’s healthy, and he’s one out of three all- star players putting up numbers. We won’t be getting those numbers from your beloved overhyped rookies Parker or Wiggins.

    • truth24

      Wonder how many injuries he’ll have next season

      • nlruizjr

        How fickle fans are, no one was complaining when Gasol first came on board to keep Kobe from skipping town and lo and behold, the Lakers won 2 chips and everyone was kissing his ass and now because he’s run upon alittle hard times and injuries, you weak ass Laker fans want to throw him under the buss, well maybe he should take 2 banners with him when he leaves, you bunch of weak ass pansies. Your a disgrace to be called Laker fans. !!!!!