Shootaround Report: Lakers Ready For Final Home Game Before Road Trip

Shootaround Report: Lakers Ready For Final Home Game Before Road Trip


Nick Young and Pau Gasol
The Lakers are ready to hit the road for their annual Grammy road trip, but before they do, they have one last game in front of the Staples Center faithful against All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving, and the re-tooling Cleveland Cavaliers.

Coming into the season, many expected the Cavs to be one of the most improved teams in the Eastern Conference. With the recent addition of former Chicago Bull Luol Deng, things could soon be changing for the Cavaliers as he could prove to be the missing piece.

Injury issues continue to pile up for the Lakers as it is unknown whether Pau Gasol will suit up for the game today due to a sprained big toe. One person who absolutely won’t be in uniform is Xavier Henry, who has been ruled out for the next two games thanks to a bone bruise he suffered last month.

This game also marks the return of former head coach Mike Brown, who will be making his first return to Staples Center since being fired last season. Both teams are coming off terrible losses in their most recent game, so they will be looking to turn things around immediately, with a big win tonight.

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  • kobe24

    I don’t know if anyone realized this but if Lakers lose and Kings win today the Lakes would be “6th” pick in the draft

    • Daryl Peek

      The 7th worst record in the NBA. Tonight’s game is a must win! Listening to the pre game report, Pau is out tonight. That means only 8 players suited up for the game, and another play maker lost for the game.

      As much as I wanna bitch about effort all of these injuries are a serious problem! Hard to be mad at the HC or players when you’re that short handed coupled with missing so many skilled position players.

      I’d love to see them come out and punch Cleveland in the mouth simply due to Gilbert’s punk AZZ!! He was the issue in the CP3 trade nix and spit in our face over the Gasol Bynum trade. Eff that BUM!!!

  • Boobie Knight

    Ready to get their asses kicked yet again. This team sucks.

  • Jim213

    Sam Amick: fear of negative feedback from fans forced FO to not trade Gasol to the Cavs unless the deal involved a scorer, center or point guard for Pau.

    Would’ve been happy with a first rounder foremost.

    • kobe24

      Yeah but its not like cavs were going to give a first round pick(?) at least from what i remember it was bynum + 2nd round pick

    • Daryl Peek

      Cavs were not offering a first rounder? The Lakers were asking for either Karasev or Waiters. Both reasonable requests for Gasol. Karasev is a very raw young talent and Waiters is a serious problem child in the cavs locker room yet they did not want to give either them up? All they offered was Alonzo Gee?!? Clearly spitting in our face trying to completely low ball us.

      They wanted Deng first and foremost from the jump. That’s why they gave up so much for him.

      • Jim213

        Other sources say differently but I remember speaking about the Heat’s late first rounder offered. But the deal needed more value those a player from the Cavs. Best to get something in return before the deadline given that it’d likely he won’t resign which goes for Kaman.

        • Daryl Peek

          Gotta do something by the dead line. This season is pretty much over so yes, it time to run for the luxury tax border. Even if Kobe and others come back at the end of the month we’ll likely have 30 losses at this pace by that time. No way to make up that difference to grab a playoff spot.

  • The Artist

    For all those Lakers fans in favor of tanking since 2007 here is a top 10 list of the best players drafted in order according to me.If the player Lakers get cracks this list in a few years then tanking is 100% worth lose tonight.

    1.Kevin Durant 2007
    2.Paul George 2010
    3.Kevin Love 2008
    4.Russell Westbrook 2008
    5.James Harden 2009
    6.Stephen Curry 2009
    7.Blake Griffin 2009
    8.Damian Lillard2011
    9.Roy Hibbert 2008
    10.Anthony Davis 2012

    Honorable Mention To
    Derrick Rose too many serious knee problems and injuries to be on list.
    John Wall
    DeMarcus Cousins
    TY Lawson
    Klay Thompson