Shootaround Report: Lakers Making Changes Before Taking On Suns

Shootaround Report: Lakers Making Changes Before Taking On Suns


Mike D'AntoniThe Lakers were disappointing in their first game with Kobe Bryant back in the lineup. With the starters struggling on Sunday, Coach D’Antoni has decided to insert Shawne Williams and Jodie Meeks back into the starting lineup in order to give the Lakers more shooting and space out the floor more. The atmosphere will be special tonight as Staples Center will participate in a ‘Black Out.’

Of course the question with this Lakers team will be defense, especially with the Suns boasting two quick, effective point guards. The job of containing them is made even more difficult without Jordan Farmar, but he is progressing, and could be back with the team in due time.

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  • Lonnie

    Let’s see how many fans actually wear the shirts! In LA they never do.

  • meep

    i like the idea of meeks starting at SG and kobe at SF, but i would of kept are best dfender in wes and have him play the marion role at PF. willams is better off the bench

  • Ron

    Will we get a shirt if we get there late? I might be late and I really don’t wanna miss out on that sick shirt.

  • Al Woods

    Why change what’s NOT BROKEN??!! Damn, they were just getting in tune with each other and now D’Atoni no coaching ass,…….UUUGGGHHH!!!!!!

    • Daryl Peek

      Kobe’s return is the inception of change. Please tell us why this D’Antoni’s fault?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers new lineup,lets hope for the best.

  • bil3rty

    D Antoni going the right way with changing the stating lineup
    he did good with Blake Meeks and Bryant but…….. BUT thats not what im concerned about im concerned about the PF/C positions Shawne Williams is doing his thing so i don’t mind him but Gasol needs to go to the bench and prove himself
    hes disappointing…..
    hes weak in the paint, forcing to much jump shots and hooks he needs to get in the paint man up and dunk or get and easy layup not saying he doesnt help but at least let him heal and you can start Sacre/Hill until

  • rik

    lakers can nab lowry from TOR. Blake and kaman for lowry
    Lakers new lineup:
    PG: Lowry
    SG: Meeks
    SF: Kobe
    PF: Williams
    C: Gasol
    PG: Farmar/ Nash
    SG: Xavier
    SF: Young
    PF: Johnson/ Kelly
    C: Hill/ Sacre

    • R3N3GVD3

      lol someone was watching lowry kill us last game and now wants him in our team btw i think nash is going to retire due to his recent comments

      • rik

        lowry is what the lakers need, a player who defends well. it doesnt matter if he’s not that good a passer and shooter, he can be used to defend these monster point guards in the west

        • LakersHeatBeef

          Lowry is also heavy,he is no pushover.A human bowling ball.

          • rik

            he torched blake which proves he has quickness too.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Fast,Strong,Tough is how i describe Kyle Lowry.

          • Joseph Cayemktte

            Couldn’t there be another player they could trade for? Or at least wait for Steve Nash to retire? not to mention we have an open spot for 1 more player

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Get Kyle Lowry.I been wanting him on the Lakers since his Houston days.

      • rik

        he’s the point guard defender the lakers sorely need to defend the likes of westbrook, parker, lillard, and cp3

  • SRK

    Wouldn’t it be best to use Kobe as a bench player?

    • Joseph Cayemktte

      I thought i was the only one who thought this.

  • tony

    for today i would start with


    The Lakers now have two ‘SOFT’ players playing major minutes and now both in the starting line-up… ????? …This is a fiasco waiting to happen… MDA is the only coach who would even think of playing Shawne Williams as much as he does (a very one dimensional type of player, and very average, if not below, at that) …The Lakers will never be Champions with these types gobbling up so many minutes.