Shirts of the Purple & Gold

    Pez Head Lamar Odom
    Pez Head Lamar Odom

    The inspiration to create what is now PurplenGoldLA came from a great performance from our boy Jordan Farmar, it was on a night where he had been the spark off the bench. My friend and I started talking about how other guys sitting on the bench deserved some appreciation. As our conversation went on, we discussed the energy that one gets when wearing a Laker shirt and as a Laker fan for years, I wanted to come up with something unique without it being a classic t-shirt. I started messing around and came up with our first design, the Farmar “Mad Skills” icon shirt, inspired by Farmar’s common face features with those of the Mad TV face. I soon launched the shirt and received incredible feedback from Laker fans and PurplenGoldLA was born.  I hope to continue to come up with clever and fun Laker shirts for the Laker Nation.
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