Shaquille O’Neal Chooses Between Kobe Or LeBron

Shaquille O’Neal Chooses Between Kobe Or LeBron


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The title for greatest of all time is often put in contention. Two names that constantly get put in this conversation are Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Shaquille O’Neal was recently interviewed by Abe Schwadron of Antenna Magazine and was asked to choose between the two and came up with a surprising answer:

They’re different. LeBron is more of an all-around player — Hey this guy’s open, let me kick it to him. Kobe is more of, Oh, we’re down six? I’m going to shoot it three times and get us six points. But they’re both great players. It’s a matter of opinion. To me, Dr. J was the greatest player ever. But I ask other people, they say Jordan, some say Kobe, some people say LeBron. It’s always going to be a matter of opinion

Shaq and Kobe were one of the best one-two punches the league has ever known. Shaq is also known for continuously praising Kobe. Thus, one would have thought Shaq would have sided with the Black Mamba. However, Shaq’s answer is quite objective and unbiased. Granted, he has been teammates with both players and he stated that neither was who he thought to be the greatest.

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Shaq’s answer is insightful and true as the debate is a matter of opinion. It still would have been great to hear Shaq side with Kobe, especially with Kobe’s return next season. Furthermore, Shaq wouldn’t be the first NBA player to praise Kobe in recent times.  The debate may never end but regardless, both players are deserving of much respect.


Lakers Introduce Byron Scott (Part 3) – On Relationship With Kobe Bryant

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  • They call me Pringles

    This is news?

    • Dunn

      Can Lakers stay close enough to make playoff push in April?

      “The playoffs may be the goal, but it’s one that may be out of reach for the Lakers despite a solid season. If that becomes apparent too quickly to the Lakers — extinguishing some of the team’s fire late in the season — a 36-40 win count isn’t out of the question.”

      Per Eric Pincus Los Angeles Times

  • BestxInTheWorld

    Maybe not completely unbiased, but it’s Kob no doubt. You ever noticed when they’re both on the floor, Kob just has this aura about him? Maybe it’s me, but dude is special and so is Bron, but it’s not too close.

    • Zach

      No, not close at all. LBJ has four MVPs and counting, Kobe will never have more than one. And LeBron is amazing in a finals Game 7, Bryant not so much…

      • AK

        if you wanna talk season mvps kobe had a shit team with the best stats in the league but they gave it to nash cause he had the team with the best record and he was white. Kobe got robbed 3 years in a row.


          blame Mike D’Antoni. it’s all his fault. ESPN screwed you!! LOL

          • AK

            nah i wouldnt care about season mvps im more interested in the finals mvp which sucks for you cause you only been out the first round once and never even went to a wcf LOL. I guess the LAKERS screwed you!! why else would you be here looking insecure and dumb talking about none other than the LAKERS and KOBE.

          • Josh

            Awards don’t measure greatness. Like, Derek Fisher and Mario Chalmers have more rings than Steve Nash but who’s the best point guard among the 3?

          • AK

            tell that to zach


        Kobe’s postseason numbers are unimpressive. Unfortunately for Lakerfans, his last game as a Laker will be a regular season game.

        • AK

          do the clippers even have post season numbers? LMAOO

          • Jan

            LOL there is no such thing as a true Clippers fan.

        • jason

          So if the Clippers run LA, why are you always on LN talking about the Lakers?

        • Zach

          Yes, too bad for Laker fans they aren’t in the East, might be in the playoffs in a few years possibly.

      • ra

        ah, MVP’s are voted on by ESPN, and other media-weenies, which makes it completely invalid and actually ludicrous. Media doesn’t like Kobe, so they didn’t vote him MVPs the years he should have received them — easily. The media always switches up the ‘reason’ for an MVP – it changes all the time, and so it is an unreliable measure of things.

        Example: one year they say, ‘oh, it’s the person who makes everyone better on the team’. Next year, it’s ‘oh, it’s the best player on the best team’. The explanation changes to suit who they want to pick – and of course, the media likes LeBron now. They have spent ‘years’ trying to justify calling him ‘the King’. They keep saying that, as though it were true, so they have to validate it any way they can.

        What they have ‘blown’ is the fact that LeBron has not won that many championships as a “king” should have. So, after he’s ‘out again’ next year, they will say that ‘oh, Championships are not that important anymore – it’s the skill of the player’, or something like that.

        In which case, Kobe wins ‘hands down’. Kobe is the most ‘skilled’ player in NBA history. His footwork alone is legendary. His movements are basketball art. Only true basketball aficionados know this, or can see this. LeBron is just a bull in a china shop. A brute. He just runs to the basket, runs everyone down, draws a foul when there should be a charge, and when he knows he can’t ‘charge’, he passes the ball. Period.

        My vote for best player in basketball history is Kobe, tied with Wilt Chamberlain. There’s a player, made for basketball, that was just levels above anyone else, in history, even MJ. Few might know about Chamberlain. Look him up. Look at his stats. He’s like Gretzky is to hockey.

        • Chris Green

          10000% agree

        • Zach

          Unlike you I’ve actually read Wilt’s bio, and just know the game much better than you in general. Wilt was indeed a legend. Kobe is a bricklaying rapist with one lone MVP to his long and tarnished career. Not a top 25 guy, sorry.

          • Al Haldie

            And your a TROLL.

          • Vic

            Zack you are very ignorant Kobe is in the top 2 for greatest players of all time lebron showed how great he was in the finals then he jumped ship he’s not dependable or great he’s good but not great Kobe will take the last shot and wins games lebron is a crybaby choke artist and would dish to Kobe in a last seconds ofa game if he could letting a guy blow in his ear should let you know how lame he is he would have caught an elbow blowing in the 4 the all time scoring leaders ear

          • ra

            read Wilt’s bio? I saw Wilt play, and had the honor of meeting him. Wilt & Kobe – superhumans in an otherwise ordinary basketball world. Kareem & Magic up there too. Might as well include MJ. Mount Rushmore is complete – all Lakers.

          • kudjamat

            Who’s Clipper player is included in the NBA greats players?


          • Michael

            Zach your an idiot. Your basketball IQ is nonexistent. Kobe is top 10 greatest scorer behind Kareem, Wilt, Baylor, Jordan, Bird, & along side Reggie Miller, Karl Malone, Jerry West & Bob McAdoo

          • gmoney

            zach, ik u think uk wat ur talking about…but u dont 😀 cant stand ppl who hav only followed the nba for the last 4 years

          • magikwyrkz4u

            I will only say this once. Kobe was screwing a money grubbing whore plain and simple, therefore he is not a rapist period.

        • Hafamoll .

          couldnt have said it any better

      • jason

        Both players have only been in game 7 of the finals. You can’t really compare that.

      • Chris Green

        Ok so your just stupid. So your saying LeBron is a better finisher? U bring up mvps something people vote on but u quiet on rings which is actual proof and promise u Kobe has more points in the 4th quarter then James at any year

        • Zach

          Dumb, dumb, dumb. You just stated without a doubt that Horry is better than Kobe and Sam Jones with 10 rings is twice as good as him. The ring argument always backfires on little newbies like you, find a better one.

      • ThatBoyJohn

        I don’t think that’s a valid argument seeing Kobe has FIVE championships…MVPs don’t mean shit if you’re not winning…

      • Devin

        If you call sitting out with 6 minutes left in the game cause your team is losing. Then yes he is great in game 7 of the finals?

      • the shocker

        Lebron has a losing record in the finals.. kobe not so much…

      • Laker truth

        mvp’s mean nothing while finals mvp’s do and Lebron has two as does kobe lol chill out with all the biased opinions and try Be objective

      • pc

        stop it fam lbj choke in his first finals an game 7 against the boston he still had 23 an 14reb

      • gmoney

        @disqus_yOElkom4uk:disqus kobe is way better than lebron, hes the closest to mj anyone has ever seen and hes just a winner…lebron is a top 20 player of all time no doubt but kobe and mj are at the top 5…2-3 finals? pathetic rly…lebron is #nojumper and TOs galore in 4th

    • LegendInMyMind

      With both players at various points in their respective careers, you’ve always felt like their being on the court made winning a foregone conclusion. With Kobe, not in a few years, but Lebron’s still there. If we go by pure analytics, we probably gotta give the edge to Lebron. But basketball does not boil down to just numbers… I think Kobe gets an edge for having played every professional game in the same uniform. And that’s as a Laker, one of the all time premier franchises with so much history. So that’s the “aura” you’re seeing. It’s the purple and gold. I think that without that, if his career had taken a different path (for instance, Hornets/Pelicans or anywhere else), I don’t think he’s got that same “aura”.

  • Zach

    Translated: LBJ is an amazing all-around player, Kobe is a one-dimensional chucker.

    • LegendInMyMind

      Kobe is a multi-dimensional “chucker” who finds ways to win. LBJ is a powerhouse athlete who finds ways to lose. No one’s perfect. ‘Cept MJ.

      • Zach

        Well even Jordan had his problems. Like abandoning a three-peat team to stink at baseball.

        • LegendInMyMind

          Correction: No one’s perfect on a basketball court. ‘Cept MJ.

        • Al Haldie

          And why are you a TROLL every one has a choice of what they want to do or be – you wanted to be an ASS.

    • AK

      you suck at trolling just looking retarded on here

    • Laker truth

      I swear zack is really smush Parker

      • Hafamoll .



    When I look up at Mt. Rushmore, I do NOT see Kobe…….

    • Zach

      Maybe if it had 75 heads or so he’d make the cut…

      • Jim213

        • Hafamoll .


        • gmoney

          hahaha genius

    • AK

      yet you always talk about him, coming across like a in the closet laker fan

    • Pablo Martínez Dutra

      Probably because Clippers fans are used to see selfies instead of banners or glory faces…

    • Jim213

      Top 8 currently, but funny the Clipps all time greatest player Bob McAdoo had to join the Lakers to win some titles back in the day. Elton Brand and Danny Manning literally follow your team’s all time player list until some of these active players call it quits. The only sculpture you’ll see from one of your all time greats will be in a sandbox.

      • AK

        lol he wouldnt know that he was either a celtics fan or he just started watching nba 3 years ago

      • gmoney

        im a die hard laker fan but i dont rly spend to much of my energy bashing the clips…theres not rly a rivalry because we were good at dif times and we hav 16 to their 0…i only bash on ppl who think lebron is better than kobe, thats just blasphemous

    • Chris Green

      Thats just stupid. He is still playing

    • Spade

      I don’t see any Clippers up there either. Just like I don’t see any Clippers banners in Staples.

    • Shayan

      when i look up ion the rafters i do NOT see…anything clippers, almost as if you dont exist.

    • Zajcev

      Neither Cp3 or any Clipper who thinks they own L.A.

    • Victor White

      Your fucking a bandwagon clipper fan what do you know too busy looking up at clipped balls to see anything


        watch your profane language. it doesn’t make you a man


    Can someone help me with this please, okay if Byron Scott took the Hornets far in 07 and 08 as in second in the west with only one star player in Chris Paul in a very very tough western conference way tougher than the west is now where as the

    1.Lakers 57-25 – Phil Jackson as the coach
    2. New Orleans Hornets 56-26
    3. San Antonio Spurs 56-26 same coach and same top 3
    4th- Utah Jazz 54-28.
    5th- Houston Rockets – 55-27
    6th- Phoenix Suns – 55-27
    7th- Dallas Mavericks- 51-21
    8th- Denver Nuggets- 50-32

    I am confused because Byron finished 2nd against a tougher west with only Chris Paul as your star player and he has way better pieces than he had then why is it the Lakers are being written off to not even make the playoffs then people say it will take 3 or 4 years to rebuild can someone answer this i’m confused ?

    • 1w3r56777288q9w9

      There is no chemistry between the player and they have to adjust to the coach

      • Eevyaj Nolep


        • WAYNER

          I am not complaining i was only asking a question until you typed in all caps trying to get your point across, but what i am saying is the west was way tougher than the teams in the west are now and we have better pieces than the hornets had, i am not taking anything away from David West but he is not a star player neither is Peja so how can a team with less pieces be better than a team with more pieces and the same coach

          Nick Young averaged more points last yr than Peja did in that year we know Kobe can score 20 points with his low post easily and we got other pieces who were better than their entire team some very good talent.

    • Spade

      CP3 was at his absolute peak then (health, skills, and better knees) playing with a prime David West (A walking 20 and 10 all-star back then), Tyson Chandler (protecting the rim and catching lob passes), Peja (averaging 16 points and shooting 44 percent from 3), and a solid bench. This years Lakers don’t even have a fraction of the talent that Hornets team had. If you want to gauge Byron’s impact on a truly awful roster look no further than his days in Cleveland.

      • B.D.

        Um…. Kobe + Lin/Nash/Clarkson (if Kobe is healthy) is better than CP3 and David West. How many rings has CP3 + West won btw??

        Even if they were won in their prime, Kobe/Nash has won rings past their prime. Neither West or CP3 has won any rings, and as good as West is with his 49 FG%, he was a terrible perimeter shooter (25% career average 3PT), so he is not a multi-dimensional player.

        SO you really have a strange metrics if you say Lakers don’t have fraction of talent of that Hornet team.

        Tyson is good, but not much over any combination of Boozer, Davis, Hill and Randle. Yes Boozer is past his expiration date but he still can produce if his minutes are kept down. Randle has raw talent and can easily be candidate for rookie of the year. Davis & Hill are both very serviceable FC.

        • Spade

          Stopped reading when you said current Kobe, Lin, and Clarkson are better than a peak CP3 and prime David West. Just stop.

  • Prateek S

    Very poorly written column! ‘And he didn’t choose Kobe’
    Did he choose ‘Bron either?? No! Lebron has a lot to prove still and he will get 5 or more rings at some point so long as he’s healthy!

  • Seriously?

    Most misleading article title ever! You should be ashamed as a writer.
    In future, I’ll be sure to check the author’s name before wasting my time reading an article.
    Thanks for playing!

  • Rod Milton

    I liked the way he said if the team is down by six points, Kobe is going to find a way to get 6 plus points…

  • Dragon

    I think we need to stop talking about unnecessary articles this comparison will going forever until another player will top them one day.

  • thisstinksagain!!

    Shaq: Did you ever pass a multiple choice test in college? If they tell you to select A or B then anything else would be a wrong answer. They didn’t ask for your opinion on who the best ever was and then give you two choices

  • piclo

    shaq > lebron

  • Dunn

    The Lakers will be lucky to get 40 wins.Even Emplay the Lakers beat writer admits the Lakers are not a playoff team and with Julius Randle playing like the rookie of the year and Kobe being healthy and very productive will at best only rack up 36-40 wins the whole season that’s not too promising no matter what.Reality people long road back.

    • Al Haldie

      Have you been talking to ZACK -he must have a twin – another TROLL..

  • Nick

    I hear the Lakers will tank the season away from day 1.

  • Nick

    Keeping a top 5 pick guaranteed by being the worst.

    • Victor White

      Kobe Bryant doesn’t believe in that did you just start watching basketball yesterday? Its past your bedtime

  • dencio

    Olajuwon > Shaq

    • AK

      2 < 4

      • dencio

        Olajuwon never had a Kobe or D wade.

        • AK

          ok? so he didnt have clyde drexler and knockout shooters like kenny ellie and horry

  • Christopher Dyce II

    Shaq was the most dominant player of his era but still needed Kobe Bryant to close 4th quarters for him. To me Kobe is a better player than Lebron. I’m shocked that Shaq would side with Lebron who quit on the Cavs in Game 5 & 6 in 2010 and not the guy who he won 3 championships with.

  • Cordero J Ramsey

    Hey zach and clippersrunla could I ask you an honest question, no sarcasm or trolling involved just want an honest answer.

    Are you actually basketball fans or are you more of Lakers/Kobe haters?

  • Ken Cheng

    Kobe and Shaq combine better than LeBron and Shaq…less overlap in certain roles. It’s a spacing thing.

  • Rodney Bango

    so where in that statement did he choose lebron over kobe?

  • Truth in Redemption

    Ugghhh this debate

    People think LeBron is better than Kobe in terms of raw skill and not better career wise, Lebron is taller and clearly bigger then Kobe giving him a advantage in size since Lebron can thrive as a SF and even the PF position being 6-8 and 240lbs vs Kobe who is 6-6 200lbs. This is like saying Oscar Robertson is better than Michael Jordan. In terms of absolute talent and what they do for each team, Oscar/Lebron is better, in fact, much better than Michael/Kobe. LeBron is the most talented human to ever touch a basketball and Lebron fans and sports analyst bring up that he is statistically superior than Kobe; everything that DOESN’T involve statistics is further excelled by Kobe than Lebron in the same manner that Michael is better than Big-O. But who does the basketball community remember as the absolute GOAT? His Airness Jordan rather than Oscar Robertson, this can also explain why Kobe is more popular worldwide compare to Lebron who is only more popular in the USA.

    People also bring up the fact that LeBron had a pathetic support cast in Cleveland. I’m going to name the pathetic support cast post-Shaq and pre-Gasol era that actually had decent playing time: Slava Medvendenko, Luke Walton, Kwame Brown and Smush Parker. Yet, the Lakers still made the playoffs minus the first year after Shaq. You expect Kobe to lift those players past Steve Nash and Amar’e Stoudemire? The whole world knew LeBron asked himself the same question in the finals when Tim Duncan and Tony Parker embarrassed him. He also went on national television to remind us with the infamous decision.

    Saying that Kobe could not win without Shaq is valid and actually, it’s as valid as Shaq never won a ring without a superstar wing player such as Wade or Kobe. Did Shaq ever carry the rookie Kobe Bryant? Or did Shaq “carry” the superstar Kobe Bryant who was averaging 25pts per game by the time they won their first ring together? Yes, Shaq was the most dominate center to ever play the game and Shaq was even consider to be Batman and Kobe was Robin. Kobe Bryant then won back-to-back titles as Batman and Pau Gasol as Robin. Some have said he didn’t win until Gasol and Bynum came along. Bynum became a Laker back in 2005 and came off the bench with a risky knee for the three finals appearance. The rings that LeBron has won are the same rings that he won with future Hall of Fame inductee. LeBron is Batman and Dwyane Wade is the Flash. Let’s not leave Chris Bosh out of the equation either. Yeah Kobe needs help? So does Lebron…..Therefore criticism that Kobe needs another star to help him win championships can be applied to Lebron. Let’s see how the King fairs with his needed sidekicks with Irving and Love.

    The MVP titles… What an accomplishment! But we all balked and threw up in
    our mouths a bit when Steve Nash won back-to-back MVP awards when clearly Kobe Bryant deserved one of them. For those of you who doubt Kobe was robbed by Nash, check both of their stats in 2005 on Basketball Reference(dot)com. Can you say that Nash’s 15pts per game, 11 assist and 3.3 rebounds is better than Kobe’s 27pt per game, 6 assist, and 5.9 rebounds? Oh but the Lakers didn’t make the playoffs in 05, ok what about 06 when Kobe carried the a talent-less team and nearly eliminated the Suns with Kobe averaging 35.4 points per game, 4.5 assist, 5.3 rebounds, and 1.8 steals vs Nash’s 18.8 points per game, 10.5 assist per game, 4.2 rebounds per game, and 0.8 steals per game. Nash had Amar’e to help him succeed but Kobe had the above mentioned players and Lamar Odom who is great but not Stoudemire great. Nash got his MVPs with a better team, Kobe who has the better stats was stuck on a talent less team. So ask yourself shouldn’t Kobe have at least 1 more MVP instead of Nash? People who use the MVP argument when debating LBJ vs Kobe have clearly forgotten the circumstances that took place.

    Yes, LeBron puts up overall better stats with rebounding and assist compare to Kobe. But all the intangibles, the stuff that isn’t recorded on paper which clearly
    failed to mention by Lebron fans , Kobe is superior to Lebron just like how Jordan was better than Robertson like I mentioned earlier. LeBron James is the deadly poisoned tip of the spear, but Kobe is the hunter that actually throws it. So just so you guys know Jordan was remember as the GOAT not Robertson who put up way better stats, and now the same has been said about the King and the Mamba.

    • B.D.

      Yes look at 2006 FIBA with Lebron, Melo, Dwight, Johnson, CP3…they got beat by Euro scrubs and ended up with Bronze.

      Then Kobe came along, everything turned GOLD.

  • ghost

    It’s LeBron. Easily


    and don’t forget MAGIC JOHNSON. No matter where he ranks on the who is best list he will always be my favorite player to watch

  • johnny

    Why do people have to spend so much energy on telling every one Kobe was great? Say it enough and people might really believe it.

  • CyberCosmiX

    Hands down Kobe. LeBron is most athletic player ever, Kobe the most skilled. Highly skilled beats highly athletic as Kobe has generally demonstrated when ISO’d on LBJ on both sides of the ball.

  • gmoney

    …this is a done topic, kobe is top 5 all time with mj, lebron is top 20, done. ur welcome. go home.

  • magikwyrkz4u

    ClipperstrunLA is another troll that people should stop responding too. He is on here all over the place shouting his Kobe hate. I just wonder about these trolls on our board. Must be mentally deficient in some way for always being here talking crap. I guess stupid is one way to put it nicely. I also think they have to much time on their hands and have not learned that they should be playing in the sandbox with their fellow fans. If it was me, I would be on my own teams site talking it out with other fans about our team as I am, not trolling other sites to try and stir stuff up. But maybe this the only way they get a rise in their pants if you get my drift. #Lakerfanforlife.