Shaq Says He And Kobe Could’ve Won ‘Five Or Six’ Rings Together

Shaq Says He And Kobe Could’ve Won ‘Five Or Six’ Rings Together


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After the Los Angeles Lakers were crushed by the Detroit Pistons in the 2004 NBA Finals, the storied franchise was forced to make a tough decision between keeping an aging Shaquille O’Neal or building around a young Kobe Bryant.

It came as no surprise the Lakers chose to go the younger route sending Shaq to the Miami Heat in a blockbuster deal and eventually locking up Bryant long-term.

There’s no telling what the dynamic duo would’ve been able to accomplish if able to stay together, but Shaq believes they would’ve one a total of five or six rings. Charles Barkley asked Shaq on NBA on TNT some interesting questions on Thursday night about his time with Kobe in Los Angeles. Shaq said the following about what he and Kobe could’ve done with more time according to Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report:

Many speculated that Bryant and O’Neal may have had a few more titles left in them before all hell broke loose after the 2004 Finals. Bryant was in his prime and Shaq still had some gas left in the tank.

Although Shaq went onto win a fourth and final title playing alongside Dwyane Wade in Miami, the future Hall of Famer could’ve stayed in Los Angeles a little longer. Many believe the tension between Kobe and Shaq hit a boiling point and that forced the two apart, but O’Neal was unwilling to take less to stay in Los Angeles according to Ding:

The debate about the potential of the Kobe-Shaq combo winning many more titles will continue to be hot topic whenever the legacy of the two players is talked about. Both players went on to be successful without the other, but as Ding says, the two simply wouldn’t have played together again after 2004:

During their time together in Los Angeles, Kobe and Shaq were as dominant a combo there ever has been in the NBA. A short-lived run of dominance in the league in comparison to say Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in Chicago, Bill Russell and Bob Cousy in Boston or Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar during the Showtime era, but an unforgettable pairing nonetheless.
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  • Jim213

    Agree, watched it live but business is business $$$. Ego’s got in the way. #nbagreats

  • ra

    Easily. 5 or 6 rings. And Shaq would have eventually had to acknowledge that it would be Kobe’s team (especially after Shaq’s higher level of play started winding down).

    The problem might have been – if Phil were still there, he would have most likely kept Shaq the ‘central-player’ for a while (i.e., running the offense through Shaq). but it took a few years ‘anyway’ for the Lakers to get back to a Championship, and so I’m sure by that time, Kobe would definitely have been the primary offense.

  • LakersHeatBeef


  • LakersHeatBeef

    Thank you Shaq for all the hard work and winning of trophies.

  • Jay Brodes

    love it..miss those days and miss mamba on the floor..thank dantoni for getting mamba hurt..i will blame him on kb’s achillies injury

    • p0ff

      Yeah. Mike D’Antoni is all because of Kobe’s achilles. Goddamn achilles going around causing Mike D’Antoni. All your fault…

    • Chacha Cutelot Gatdula

      it’s because he let mamba play all he want, it’s definitely D’Antoni’s fault

      • honestly

        Kobe Bryant was a 17 year vet who has a history of playing extended minutes and played through pain… If you were in D’antoni’s shoes you would have trusted Kobe too.. It was a freak injury just like the Nash injury… Stop searching for a scapegoat. Only real Laker fans know about the cursed years right after the glory years. The bigger you get the harder you fall, that’s how it is

  • Jake Williams

    best duo ever hands down, would have for sure won 5 and maybe even 7!

    • gm jack

      Better than, Jordan and Pippen, we are talking 6 rings. Magic Kareem 5 rings.

      3 Rings is better than 6 and 5, I guess.

    • Joseph Apohen

      It is all speculation now. 6 rings would have been doable. Too bad egos got in the way. I’m sure both regretted what happened.

  • Albert H

    The word that comes to mind is DUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • hoperhetoric

    probably 8! but it proves now that Cp3/Lebron/Wade, can win those 3peat too that kobe had with shaq “because wade won with Shaq”. & it proves that triangle offense is overrated because Shaq won w/o it in Miami.
    I can only imagine the Lakers w/malone, gary, young kobe, young shaq should have beaten the detroit in 2004 if they are using the point guard system!!!! They wasted gary’s talent. & malone is used to having a point guard w/ john.

    The reason they lost is because of that triangle, bad ball movement, (passing w/o dribble penetration or passing w/o getting doubled team is not an effective assisting, because its not helping to collapse opponents defense & free your teammates.) (two types of kobe in passing mode: w/ dribble penetration & w/o dribble penetration. Kobe complaining a lot that he is passing but his team mates are struggling??? its because he is not attempting for dribble penetration.& there are times he is attacking the paint w/intent to pass, thats when lakers are in rhythm.

    dribble penetration inside the paint disorients the opponents & the opponents offensive percentage will drop! The Detroit had great defense, great ball movement & shooting high percentage because it feels like they are only guarding two players Kobe & Shaq.

  • Gregory Choa

    Wow Shaq…woulda, shoulda, coulda…SMH…I got two words for you about wanting more money at that particular juncture…Tim Duncan!
    7 titles EASILY if Shaq would’ve had the same work eithic and desire to be the best like Jordan and Bryant. All Bryant really wanted was for Shaq to get his head into the game via committment instead of simply relying on his brute strength and size. All Shaq had to do was remain in game shape and he would’ve been the best ever to have laced them up. Shaq was that good on genetic strength alone. Just imagine if he wanted to be the all-time best NBA player…Imagine.
    Oh yeah, and running up the sideline during that preaseason game yelling “are you gonna pay me now mf’er” to Dr. Buss was a bad move…particularly considering you were already being paid more than 100 million dollars by the Lakers at that point and had two more years on your current contract…and you’re whining about an

  • Barry Bunes

    I think the key thing to the break up was the pssing of Chick Hearn

  • Barry Bunes


  • Sylvia Ross

    Of all sad words of tongue or pin the saddest of these it could have been. You can’t bring that back. Good luck Shaq on your many endeavors and much love.

    • gm jack

      Shaq did well. 8 Glorious Seasons. They lost in 2003 and 2004, they were the two best players in the League at the time and Phil Jackson.


  • gm jack

    I am not sure how Shaq is getting 5 or 6. Lakers could not win in 2003 and 2004. Lakers was not getting any younger and they did not have a power forward to go against TIM Duncan. Also, they needed a small forward. So, they needed a replacement for Horry and Fox, who were strong during the three peat.

    Then, again, I am not sure, why Horry was traded after the 2003 season. In the 2004 finals, Lakers might have had a shot, If Malone was not injured. But, HOrry could have stepped.

    Too many could have should have.

    Granted, If Lakers could have found a power forward and willing to pay for it, yes, Lakers could have won in 2005, 2006.

    But, Shaq was too old in 2007.

  • gm jack

    If Lakers had traded for Tim Duncan or Garnett or Dirk in 2004, then Kobe could have had 7, maybe.