Shaq Rips Dwight Howard For Leaving Lakers For Houston Rockets Reviewed by Momizat on . The feud between Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard has taken another twist. After Howard announced his decision to head to Houston and join the Rockets, spurni The feud between Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard has taken another twist. After Howard announced his decision to head to Houston and join the Rockets, spurni Rating:
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Shaq Rips Dwight Howard For Leaving Lakers For Houston Rockets

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The feud between Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard has taken another twist. After Howard announced his decision to head to Houston and join the Rockets, spurning an extra $30 million from the Lakers, Shaq, predictably, had some things to say about Howard’s departure.

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While speaking to reporters, including USA Today’s Nate Ryan, Shaq lambasted Howard, basically stating that he can’t hack it in the City of Angels.

Oh, and takes a subtle shot at Houston, too. Remember, the Rockets beat Shaq in his first NBA Finals appearance when he was still a member of the Magic.


Knowing the history between the two, I’m sure we’ll get a response from Howard the next time reporters get a few words with him.

If you’ll remember, when asked about Shaq early last season, Howard stated that his time was over, and he needed to move on.

Regardless, the spat between the two former Lakers is endlessly amusing, and I’m sure is far from over.


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  • Jim213

    Diesel, don’t bother as it’s tough for many to play in the spotlight…

  • Kevin K. White

    Dwight was exposed as a poor posting, poor footwork, average handed athlete. May he never be mentioned in same breath as Shaquille.

    • Tom Bruize

      Exactly,… and he couldn’t even back down Bosh or JaVale McGee toothpick azzez in the paint. USELESS!!!

  • Islesteelr

    U tellum Diesel….!! At least you worked out on your Game and made the free throws when it counted! Until he gets those two things done, he’ll be chasin’ Shadows, not Trophy’s!!

  • SandStoned

    Shaq basically just said the truth that every Lakers fan knows after having dealt with him for a season

  • abs

    Until dwight get at least two rings he doesnt have any rebudles toward shaq got rings bitch

  • ra

    DH said he just wants to have fun. Remember that Cyndi Lauper said the same thing: “Girls just want to have fun”.

    Have fun in Houston. You can prance around the whole city. It will take you a few minutes to get from one end of the city to the other.

  • Edward Velasco

    When Shaq was in the court, people feared him. He was like a pitbull. Dwight howard is like a puppy. U see him. U don’t want to runaway, u want to pet him

  • 3339

    Shaq is a true champion. He didn’t care what was said about him. No loss could keep him down. He just worked harder and harder and accepted the challenge of following Mikan, Wilt, and Kareem. dwight keeps acting like he automatically deserves a championship. Shaq went out there and made it happen.

  • Tom Bruize

    What’s all this “Fakers” stuff? You guys don’t realize that’s really, really juvenile AND corny? LOL Can’t you do better? Or are you saying that those 16 championships are fake? LOL LOL LOL GTFOH!!!

  • Jc James

    I’m a die hard lAker fan from California now living in Houston I was mad at howard too until I heard Stephen a smith video on what howard told him he asked for phil Jackson jim buss hired mike don’t no d he wanted a inside out offense he got play ground b ball and when he met with kobe nash and mike the coach didn’t say anything to him that’s not how you treat your future star I would of left too this ain’t the dr buss phil jackson lakers he left he left the jim buss mike no d lakers and to all my fellow laker fans welcome to the jim buss era (Stephen a smith ) voice smh

    • ra

      The small town fever gettin’ to ya? SA Smith is just an overly dramatic ‘after the fact’ orator. His rantings don’t really matter much, he’s just a ‘sportscaster performance artist’, who has many comments to make after things are ‘quite obvious’. I would trust JA Adande more, who called the DH move and committed to it well before it happened.

      At the time of DH’s signing, Jerry Buss was still alive and was always the ‘last word’ in the decision process, even if Jim Buss was ‘apparently’ making decisions. If Jim Buss continues to screw up, I’m sure his sister will pull out a trump card and make significant changes, esp. if it means keeping the family business operating properly (yes, they’re billionaires, but that could turn into a big fat ‘zero’ if the fans are alienated, and they let the Laker lore dry up).

      Jeannie is technically in charge of the company (finances), and can make executive decisions. I’m sure she doesn’t now, to let Jim Buss feel his way around basketball operations (of which he is in charge).

      • Jc James

        well then she need to get her brother the fucc outta here and bring phil back that’s the only way we get a star in 2014 even earl clark left be cause of the coach and melo didn’t want him on the knicks we would he go to la to play for him

  • Juan

    Dwight Howard didn’t have what it takes to wear the Purple and Gold. He knew that no way he could live up to the Laker great centers. Simply went to little city of Houston. Laker land was too big for him!

  • Javier Fuentes

    Dwight is mas hoto la is to much for a indecive bitch lets get carmelo and kevin love …

  • William I. Caliz

    To Howard, Shaq’s time is up, but how can you consider yourself a true center and take on the emblem of Superman and THINK that you wont be compared to one of the most dominant centers in the NBA? You my friend are a sorry poor of an excuse as a center! There is hope for you Howard, try to grow up and take the sport serious, maybe, just maybe you can come close to Shaq’s dominance. Until then, Shaq is going to talk about you like there’s no tomorrow…Unless of course you start playing like a true center!

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