Shannon Brown Fears Getting Booed By Lakers Fans

Shannon Brown Fears Getting Booed By Lakers Fans


Phoenix Suns guard Shannon Brown will make his return to Los Angeles in tonight’s Lakers-Suns game. Brown won two championships with the Lakers, but he decided to leave the Lakers for the Suns this past off-season.

Although Brown decided to join the Suns, he does not want to upset the Lakers fans. In tonight’s match-up, Brown hopes the Lakers fans do not boo him when he steps on the court, Slam Magazine reports. “I just hope they don’t boo me,” Brown said. Still, Lakers fans cannot be happy with the fact that Brown left a championship contending team for the Suns, who will be battling for an eight seed.

Even though Shannon Brown chose not to continue his career with the Los Angeles Lakers, he is grateful for all that the franchise did for him. “I got a chance to play for one of the greatest coaches (Phil Jackson) to ever do it and then play with one of the greatest players (Kobe Bryant) to ever do it.”

  • Rob

    the only thing I regret is getting on that stupid LetShannonDunk bandwagon… that performance was more embarrasing than getting swept by Dallas. Other than that… just another player that gave us some thrills in garbage time. Not worth hating