Serving the Clippers with a 60 day notice to vacate Reviewed by Momizat on . So I have some squatters in my home that are three months past due on their rent and refuse to leave until the sheriffs take them out. In California you have to So I have some squatters in my home that are three months past due on their rent and refuse to leave until the sheriffs take them out. In California you have to Rating:
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Serving the Clippers with a 60 day notice to vacate

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So I have some squatters in my home that are three months past due on their rent and refuse to leave until the sheriffs take them out. In California you have to serve tenants that have been living in the dwelling for more than a year with a 60 day notice to vacate if you want them to leave.

The laws in California will provide these particular squatters what will be five rent free months before being compelled to leave; obviously the laws in this state are squatter friendly.

I was not aware that squatters were such an important segment of our society that they are awarded such favorable protections under the law.

The complete defiance of my squatters reminds me of the dwelling situation of the Los Angeles Clippers who faced the Lakers last night at Staples center.

While it is the AEG group that owns the Staples Center, for all intents and purposes, Staples Center, and for that matter Los Angeles, is the sole property of the Lakers. The Clippers, like my squatters, are merely at will tenants in the Purple and Gold’s house.

Certainly, multi-millionaire and Clippers owner Donald T. Sterling is able to keep up with the payments of his lease seeing as he runs the Clippers more like a for-profit business than anything that resembles an NBA franchise in pursuit of winning championships. However, there are things the Clippers and their management have done or allowed to go on during their tenure in Staples that most certainly are a breach of their agreement; or at least they should be.

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I am an avid NBA basketball fan and have been hooked since the days of Magic vs. Bird. The best sound in the world is a b-ball with a tight rotation snapping the bottom of the net. I want to invoke thought and discussion about anything related to the Lakers and the NBA. You can follow me on twitter @fullcourtfern.

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  • Besuccafree

    So will the kings move in to staples center?

    • unknown

      Kings move to Staples Center? Well yes, they already have when the Staples Center first opened up and they are still there. There is good support for the team known as the Kings who play at Staples Center and yes, just Like the Lakers, they do get their share of celebrity fans at the games. Unfortunately unlike the Lakers, they have yet to hang a championship banner in the rafters, however they did make make a futile attempt at the old Forum in Inglewood back in 1993 which the lost the series in five games to Montreal.. Now, the Kings through a rebuilding process are starting to shine again. Many say, with the Kings of now, and lets hope this is true, that there will be a Stanley Cup victory parade in L.A. in the near future

    • Unknown

      Recently, I addressed a question about if the Kings are moving to Staples Center. Well, I expressed there already is a team named the Kings there. It is obvious that the administrator who removed my original message because to him or her with his or her over sesitivity training thought it must have been too offensive, or vulgar. To the others reading, there was nothing offensive about it. Now, to the admin who removed my original message and did not have the common curtesy of emailing me the reason so. It is obvious that you have never been to a Clippers ( whoever they are), a Lakers home game, nor a concert inside Staples Center Because inside Staples Center, there are photos of the LA Kings’ players, as well as the other teams and lets not forget the Sparks. The WNBA. There is the Kings merchandise in the arena store as well. So any Lakers ,Sparks, and that other basketball team’s fan, whatever they’re called, who attends games regularly there knows there is a team at Staples known as the Kings.By the way, before you call me a “troll” I am a Lakers fan as well as a fan of the LA Kings.. This is not anything directed against you BEsuccafree.

    • GAA

      They did move in when it was first built. It was the Kings’ owners who had it built.

      • GAA

         I like to add to my own reply that the Kings are going to add their own championship banner to Staples Center this Fall. I’m glad the Kings beat the Squatters to adding their first championship banner to Staples Center

  • Echeverria D78

    hello no

  • Gwhizitsphil

    you’re an idiot

  • kots

    unfortunately this article is written by a complete moron, and therefore none of these problems will ever get attended to.

  • http://www.frakearth.com Frakearth

    I just hate the Clippers.

  • Becca1996jg

    I liked it. I picked up that it’s written as a tounge in cheek fashion.

  • Anonymous

    i guess we should look at the maloof brothers as an example of how not to run a “for profit business”…their casino is in default and they need a loan to move…or we should look at “faker” owner buss who just cut a tv deal to remove the fakers from free tv…was that a “for profit” move? enjoy this year as kobe is literally on his last leg…role reversals will be here sooner than you will like.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N46WHPQCY3C4QDDCILMTKBOLR4 Nanizm

      A fan base doesn’t care about the Owners bottom line or the companies share prices. That is great that Sterling is a more successful business man than the Maloofs. It’s good for Sterling and his business partners; it doesn’t do a thing for the fan base.

      What a fan base wants however, is an owner that is committed to forming a winning team and making it their goal to win a championship every year. They don’t want an owner that creates a work environment where players feel uncomfortable and unsupported. The heckling of his own players, instances of short changing employees and the history of futility are all departmental to the future of the team. Free agents are already avoiding the Clippers at all costs. The Clips were one of the few teams that had cap space to pursue one of the big free agents this past off season, as you saw they got a token meeting with team Lebron. With a free agent class of Amare, Wade, Bosh, Lebron, Joe Johnson and Carlos Boozer, the clippers got Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes. That’s analogous to courting Beyonce Knowles and ending up with Tracy Morgan instead.

      With Griffin and Gordon the Clippers do have a bright future. With Kobe on his last legs and all but one of the regulars in the rotation being 30 or over the Lakers are closer to the end of their run than the beginning. Despite the factors that say otherwise, I wouldn’t invest any hope in a Clipper franchise that has historically been awful and then bet against an immensely successful Laker franchise that has found a way to stay on top for 6 decades.

      You know the saying, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Well those that still support the Clippers and have hope are on fool me for the 16th time.

      Its time for LA to cut the cord and let the Clips stain the image of another city.

  • Unknown

    When I checked to see if my original message was still there, I did not see it. So, I got offended and responded about it, believing it was removed because it did not meet “standards”. I sent it though and then my orignal popped up. So, if my orginal goes through, just remove this and my previous post and please accept my appologies.

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