Rumors: Magic are Ready to Trade Dwight Howard, but Are Lakers?

Rumors: Magic are Ready to Trade Dwight Howard, but Are Lakers?


According to Sheridan Sports, the Orlando Magic are now ready to trade their All-NBA center, Dwight Howard, after a tumultuous year where they saw enough drama to fill up three lineups on TNT.

With the recent firings of coach Stan Van Gundy and general manager, Otis Smith, it seems as if the Orlando Magic are now ready to start a new chapter for their franchise, by letting go of another all-world NBA center.

The source said that when Magic team president traveled to Michigan last weekend to speak in person with owner Rich DeVos, the conclusion was reached that not only was it time for Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith to go, but Howard, too.

With Laker bigs Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol coming up small in the playoffs and Mitch Kupchak stating that he is open to all options, the natural question is whether or not the Lakers should make a trade for Dwight Howard.

The Magic will be looking towards the future and trading for an aging Gasol, who had a disappointing 14 months of basketball and is on the downside of his career, isn’t the most likely option for them to look at.

The 24-year-old, all-NBA second team All-Star center, on the other hand, looks like the better option for the rebuilding franchise. After playing his first full season as the Lakers starting center and having worn out his welcome mat with most Laker fans, it might be time for Andrew Bynum to be moved for Dwight to revitalize this Lakers organization.

Yes, Dwight Howard has one more year left on his contract and has stated that he wants to test free agency. The Lakers are expected to pick up the $16.1M option for Bynum to play next season and then talk extension afterwards. So, there is a possibility that if the Lakers trade for Dwight, they lose him after a year. There is also the possibility that if the Lakers don’t trade for Howard, they lose Bynum after a year.

Another thing to consider is Dwight Howard’s back injury. Most people are dismissing the herniated disc injury, but the one name I keep thinking of when it comes to athletic All-Star big men with back injuries is Larry Johnson. At the time, no one thought it was a big deal, but after it was all said and done, Johnson never recovered.

Andrew Bynum has had his fair share of injuries as well, but he’s just proved that he can play a full NBA season.

Earlier this season, we asked the fans if they wanted to trade Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard and the surprising answer was “no.”

But after seeing what happened this season, what is your opinion now?

Are the Lakers ready to trade for Dwight Howard again?

  • Smungui662

    YES!! Trade his unloyal ass outta here it looks like he settled with 2 rings and dosent have the hunger for more

  • Rickygullo

    Trade for Dwight Howard, Derrin Williams and Andre Igudola or Michael Beasly thats a starting line up that will win the NBA Fainals and a 6th ring and championchip for Kobe Bryant. If u can get all those players or just even two of the players will work as well. DO LAKERS!!!!!!

    • playyy

       what about the bench ? , we need upgrades there too man

  • Matt Ney

    There would be a BIG difference Edward. Dwight is immature with the media, Drew is immature and a spoiled brat on the court, where D12 never waivered last year. It’s time for Drew to go, and get a point guard as well.

  • Leyo Mayo

    i think it’s worth the risk. rather have a player coming back from a bad back then  bad kneeS and a player that doesn’t give his effort every game.

  • Ryan M Spencer

    The main focus should be improving PG and the SF postion.  Try to get Deron Williams who would take a lot of pressure off Kobe to facilitate and score.  If possible, acquire Andre Iguodala or Michael Beasley to make the starting 5 more potent.

    I’m still not sold on Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum.  Besides, hasn’t it been said that if traded, Howard would seek free agency.  Why get someone who has not expressed interest in staying.  Lakers can’t afford to hope Dwight Howard wants to stay!

    • Bryan

      how does la get dwill and iggy ya’ll say it like its on la to make the deal, what assets do ya’ll have, gasol is not going to pull what u thank he’s worth. had ur chance and david stern screwed ya’ll.

  • Kristopher_gomez

    trade bynum for howard, gasol for dwill. problems done. new big 3. kobe, dwill, howard.

    • bigwilly

      yea that’ll definitely happen!!

    • Thomas Kevin13

      or trade bynum for dwill and hope howard likes how the lakers are looking when his contract expires in orlando. and on the plus side will get a season to see how howard copes with his injury..

  • Pirasan B.

    Don’t trade Bynum. He is only getting better, and he promised to get include a 15-18 foot jumper which Dwight doesn’t have. Plus Andrew shot better at the line during the month of April/May. Give Bynum time. He’s young and talented. I see Drew as a better player than Dwight in the next couple of years. I especially don’t like Dwight after trying to get rid of the coach and his change of minds this year. 

    • Thomas Kevin13

      drew doesnt want to be in LA anymore. nor does LA want him because of his aditude. we need to get the next best thing in D12(if his injury doesnt effect his ability to be a dominate post player)

  • Isaacdemedeiros

     a trade would be good the lakers thay need help with some better players that can help them win the big  games bynum needs to go out the door and get Dwight Howard

  • Semoy89

    i wouldn’t cause howard for sure won’t sign long term with the lakers, he doesn’t want to be the next shaq with kobe. bynum is more skilled than howard in the post but all in all howard is athletic and can run up the floor no problem compared to bynum 

    • Bryan

      bynum has a more skilled offensive game true but doesnt use it. dwight scores more points then bynum,more rebounds,more blocks,dwight defense in another world compare to bynum, jump higher, less attitude,smarter player. what does bynum do better then dwight? he has better post up moves but scores less points the dwight. all these reasons are exactly why magic wont trade d12 for bynum. its not a fair trade just because bynum is the 2nd best center in the game. its a cliff between the best d12, and the 2nd best bynum. you know la over values everything including how good ya’ll players are. kobe was why ya’ll 1 those titles he was the best player in the world, he’s lost a step it happens. kobe has to try harder to make things happen thats how u know when a great is losing a step.

  • patm

    nets will not trade for againg gasol, they need cap space.
    trade bynum for dwight would be a good idea, though we still need
    a point guard and pf. get iguodala for gasol plus future round pick.

    kobe/d12/iguodala/sessions/metta ???

  • patm

    try to bring back trevor ariza and shannon brown as well…, if they are available.

  • Theohead

    u kno wat i have been supporting the lakers since i was like 7 and the best move is 2 get d12 eventhough his post game is not good as andrews he more consistant and u can trade  pau for pieces around kobe and dwight like try the rockets trade or get piece from a smaller team to get a deeper team 

  • Bryan

    what makes la fans thank ya’ll have the assets to trade for any superstar ya’ll want. bynum for d12 str8 up is crazy. bynum is nowere near the player d12 is, even though la fans boost up ur assets to make them seem better then they are. and why would brooklyn trade dwill for gasol. gasol is finished ya’ll should of traded him awhile ago and get what you could. la is in for a rude awakening, when ya’ll drag that slow boring team out there next year. for 1 the nba and its players dont want to help ya’ll anymore. d12 is going somewere as a rental or a team willing to take a couple other bad contract and a slew of high draft picks. lakers need to keep bynum and kobe and get younger deeper and more athletic but dont see ya’ll grabbing another superstar.

  • Jsgm2431

    But we should not forget that DH12 had a back surgery and that makes him risk for back injury from time to time… And are the LAKERS sure about DH12 will help them to another championhip? MAGIC had a better bench player than LAKESHOW and yet they were ousted in the playoff… So, this could be a good trade or it will be the same drama trade for lakers…

  • Jsgm2431

    BYNUM/PAU for DH12, Ryan Anderson and Jameer Nelson/JJ Reddick is a good and fair trade for both teams.. I hope this would work for both teams..

  • Amouli

     davonte hoy……d12 dont know what he wants ,……1st he said he wants to be traded and he den he said he doesnt….so he said he doesnt want 2 come to LA but just wait 2morrow he might change his mind again….

  • Kristoffer Sørensen

    Bynum for deron williams and brook lopez:D

  • Ricardo Dias

    It’s a delicate thing. I like Bynum, I don’t wanna loose him, cuz I belive he can do much better, not even Gasol, who represents, for me, the Iberic Peninsul in the NBA, because Portugal don’t have NBA players, unfortunately. So, my deal is trade some player for D-Will, he’s a great PG and will help a lot Kobe, if he passes the ball. Bynum for Howard is more complicated. But I hope we can stay with Bynum and win DH12. What do you think?

  • Armando Herrera

    gasol and sessions for dwill and bynum for howard

  • jovbatz

    Yes, pull the trigger Jim.

  • Thomas

    i see bynum going to the heat after this next season regardless of if he gets traded or not.. thats if the heat are willing to get rid of bosh..

  • Mario Tancinco


  • Ishkhan Tanyelian

    give pau and bynum..take howerd and bring back odom…

  • Hassandora

    i got the perfect scenario here trade bynum for howard and then trade pau gasol for rajon rondo after that we can sign kevin garnett to fill the void at the pf position for the minimum so he can chase another ring and i can guarantee a championship rondo,kobe,metta,kg,dwight wow killer animals all in one team !!
    2nd scenario would be trade bynum for howard and get the earlier offer we had for gasol in goran dragic,luis scola and kevin martinand we will have a very effective team dragic,kobe,metta,scola,dwight and kevin martin as 6th man