Rumors Flying that Bulls’ Rose wants a Trade for Lakers’ Pau Gasol

Rumors Flying that Bulls’ Rose wants a Trade for Lakers’ Pau Gasol


According to Spanish news outlet, Derrick Rose has let Chicago Bulls management know that he fully endorses a trade proposal for Lakers Pau Gasol.

The proposal would be centered around Bulls power forward, Carlos Boozer, who has 3 years,$46 million left on his contract.

Pau Gasol has been dealing with trade rumors ever since the beginning of the season, with the nixed trade to Houston in the Chris Paul fiasco and now to this week with the Minnesota Rumors. Even Kobe Bryant has come out and said that the rumors have been affecting Gasol a bit, so this new one to the Bulls is certainly not going to help the situation anymore.

No matter what the Bulls decide to include with Carlos Boozer, there is no way they can put a package together that will help the Lakers in the short-run, long run or any run. The goal is to maximize the true worth of one of the top three centers in the league.

This rumor really isn’t reporting anything new as many teams in the NBA would be stupid not to be interested in Gasol if he was indeed on the trading block. General managers and even players have a duty to try and see how they can make their teams better in any way possible. For the current MVP of the league to want to play with a solid offensive center such as Pau Gasol should really be no surprise, but the main thing now is how Rose’s current teammates feel now that they know Rose wants the team to improve through trades.

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