Rumors Flying that Bulls’ Rose wants a Trade for Lakers’ Pau Gasol Reviewed by Momizat on . According to Spanish news outlet Marca.com, Derrick Rose has let Chicago Bulls management know that he fully endorses a trade proposal for Lakers Pau Gasol. The According to Spanish news outlet Marca.com, Derrick Rose has let Chicago Bulls management know that he fully endorses a trade proposal for Lakers Pau Gasol. The Rating:
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Rumors Flying that Bulls’ Rose wants a Trade for Lakers’ Pau Gasol

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According to Spanish news outlet Marca.com, Derrick Rose has let Chicago Bulls management know that he fully endorses a trade proposal for Lakers Pau Gasol.

The proposal would be centered around Bulls power forward, Carlos Boozer, who has 3 years,$46 million left on his contract.

Pau Gasol has been dealing with trade rumors ever since the beginning of the season, with the nixed trade to Houston in the Chris Paul fiasco and now to this week with the Minnesota Rumors. Even Kobe Bryant has come out and said that the rumors have been affecting Gasol a bit, so this new one to the Bulls is certainly not going to help the situation anymore.

No matter what the Bulls decide to include with Carlos Boozer, there is no way they can put a package together that will help the Lakers in the short-run, long run or any run. The goal is to maximize the true worth of one of the top three centers in the league.

This rumor really isn’t reporting anything new as many teams in the NBA would be stupid not to be interested in Gasol if he was indeed on the trading block. General managers and even players have a duty to try and see how they can make their teams better in any way possible. For the current MVP of the league to want to play with a solid offensive center such as Pau Gasol should really be no surprise, but the main thing now is how Rose’s current teammates feel now that they know Rose wants the team to improve through trades.

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  • Above1822

    Git er done

  • http://www.facebook.com/benkosharek Ben Kosharek

    We have so many other players (multiples) that we could trade for a good PG along with trading draft picks. These Gasol rumors are so stupid. Even Bryant said so. Maybe Gasol become #4 and our “big 3″ changes. In that case, we’d arguably have the new “big 4″ over any other team. These idiots better not trade gasol.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PTT23YDUUVZB4EXJT2JQQX2NWY Randall S

    As a Bull fan. This trade is pure Garbage. Boozer and Gasoline money doesn’t add up PLUS Rose doesn’t entertain trade proposals

  • Majinuub23


    • Henryja

      Boozer is always hurt….

  • Jamel

    laker fans get over your self the bulls would never give up more than Boozer for Gasol anyways he old as hell, wash up,and SOFT!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Todd-Brock/1430850024 Todd Brock

      u do know boozer is old hisself right. they been in the league about the same amount of time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angel-de-Jesus/1497634341 Angel de Jesus

    This would make the bulls the favorite to win it all. Rose knows.
    Boozer sucks. Gasol is the best player on the lakers.
    Lakers are done.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angel-de-Jesus/1497634341 Angel de Jesus

    Shaq won those rings, pau did his thing, kobe fronted and stunted.
    And raped that girl.
    remember when lin dropped 38 and clowned the fakers.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rkorutz Rick Korutz

      your a moron who should never open his mouth

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angel-de-Jesus/1497634341 Angel de Jesus

        When you are on all fours do you look back?
        Your mother is a whore. You are a pussy..
        Wipe your mouth cocksucker

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angel-de-Jesus/1497634341 Angel de Jesus

        Korutz is a putz.
        and a schmuck.

    • Long_chris22

      Stop hating. You know Kobes still got it . If it wasnt for Kobe Shaq wouldnt have gotten those rings neither would pau

  • Balasanarnel

    i think lakers will nvr trade Pau,,they just challenging Pau to get back to his very good game

  • Tobysantos8

    if its possible and the portland trailblazers are willing, the lakers should make a trade with them.
    the lakers deal bynum (not gasol), world peace or barnes and fisher plus the trade exception they got from dallas for camby, gerald wallace and felton. for the lakers it would be a downgrade for the center positon but an upgrade in the SF/PF and PG position. there are no losers in this trade because portland could have a great tandem of bynum/LA considering that bynum was tagged the 2nd most dominant big man in the league today and for the lakers it would be a major upgrade in the roster. wallace is a versatile defender who can guard the 2,3 and sometimes the 4 and he could perfectly fit to mike browns defense-minded system. well, this is just my suggestion that i think will never pull through but i wish it could.

  • No

    Wow media is getting desperate.. Derrick Rose DOESNT go out of his way to try to get wade/lebron/bosh/Dwight to join the bulls, but he finally speaks out to get Pau Gasol. Hahaha yeah right.

  • Seanvandy

    A bulls fan and at first I thought this would be a steal however it’s pretty even and lakeshow get what they need a big that can play away from hoop. Lakers are slow you have two centers that can’t run and a pg who should’ve retired in Utah. As for the bulls pau is a great fit bc Noah can guard the faster forwards that pau can’t and then you get a legit pg in Watson. On paper he doesn’t look like much as he plays behind rose but he is a very good pg something the show and Kobe needs. I hope they do it, would be crazy to see pau in bulls uni.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Todd-Brock/1430850024 Todd Brock

    Man idk about that trade. It probably would have to send us some picks but yea it could be a nice trade if it is put together right. And the dude who said something about D Rose not going out of his way to try and get lebron/wade/howard/bosh, well that would simply be stupid. All of those players honestly need the ball in their hands as well as rose. If they did that then the bulls would be really thin, the same way the heat r right now. Gasol is not the same caliber player as the people u named so this does make sense

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tyler-Taylor/100000843182221 Tyler Taylor

    Gasol is the best player on the Lakers with out a doubt. Pretty funny that management and most fans are so clueless they can’t see it. Remind me again what the Lakers were doing before the trade that brought Pau to LA? How quickly people forget.

    • Anonymous

      Best player? Smh. He was the 2nd best during the championship runs, 3rd best this year wit a healthy Bynum. Cant be a Laker fan or Bball fan and say that Gasol is playing better than Drew or Bryant. Not this year or last year in the playoffs.

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