Rumors: Dwight Howard Tells Rudy Gay He Will Be in Brooklyn

Rumors: Dwight Howard Tells Rudy Gay He Will Be in Brooklyn


NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Los Angeles LakersAccording to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, Lakers center Dwight Howard still has his eyes on one day joining the Brooklyn Nets. During a radio episode of “Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco,” Smith said (near the 34:00 mark of the audio) one of his sources told him about Howard’s desire to head to New York City.

Stephen A. Smith: “I had a reliable source tell me this, Dwight Howard will categorically deny it, but I trust my source, when they were playing Toronto recently, he sat there on the court and told Rudy Gay, ‘You messed up bad man. You should have waited and ended up with me in Brooklyn next year.”

It is not clear who Smith’s source is and if that person is reliable, but if the claim is true, the Lakers should be a little worried. Howard may have been joking around with Gay on the court, but Howard is an important player for the Lakers moving forward and hearing these reports is not something to be taken lightly.

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This season has been very turbulent for Dwight Howard and he does not look like the player that he was when he suited up for the Orlando Magic. Los Angeles understands that it needs to rebuild once Kobe Bryant retires and that Howard will be the centerpiece for any future championship runs. Nevertheless, the front office has to convince him to stay long term before it can make any other moves.

*Update: there seemed to be some inconsistency in Smith’s story, as he reported that Howard told Rudy Gay this while playing the Raptors. Unfortunately, that’s impossible because Toronto didn’t have Gay when they last played the Lakers. Smith updated his story via Twitter.

  • KB24

    Wait, Lakers played the Raptors BEFORE they traded for Rudy Gay. How could this be even possible?

  • Chris

    The lakers haven’t even played the raptors this is bs.

  • ng

    rudy gay didnt play that game. also, dwight howard didnt play that game either. well, not after being ejected early in the second

  • PanMan

    Maybe via social media or the phone????

  • G

    These guys are pissing me off causing too much dumb drama real fans know gay never played when they played Toronto damn

  • Tony

    I think the Lakers and Howard should part ways ASAP! All he has done is complain and whine about everything and now he is saying he is going to Brooklyn next year well I got some thing to say SEE YOU LATER!!! He is a huge cancer to this team he isn’t even trying!!!

  • TeddyOrwell

    We’ll just replace him with a bunch of shooting guards and stretch 4’s, that’ll be perfect for D’Antoni’s system.

  • joelsky

    Guys, calm down..A plea to all Laker fans out there. Let’s not always believe in all these media hypes. Its been pissing me off already hearing these and that which were all unfounded. I challenge all Laker fans just to continue supporting and believe that we can turn this around this 2nd half. We can still make it to the playoff.

  • Guest

    Howard wants to play for a more dignified team than the Lakers, I hear he wants to be a Pelican.


    Ya know screw Howard man we can just trade him to Boston for freakin Rondo and a 1st round pick


    Also he can’t even go to Brooklyn unless we trade him there and we ain’t doing that.

  • JohnC

    Please, tell me Howard is staying in LA: I have all my hopes in a 4-to-1 deal, with Pau going to Miami. It’s a won-win situatio: D’Antoni would have his innovative ‘open-the-court’ project + Miami the starting Pau, Bosh, James, Wade, Chalmers. Everyone happy = Pau’s third ring + bye-bye rumors and bye-bye Lakers-Fan of ‘the Gasoft’ rubbish, and for these, bye-bye to their concerns about Pau.