RUMORS: Could The Lakers Be Looking To Trade Pau Gasol? Reviewed by Momizat on . For the past three seasons, Lakers big man Pau Gasol had been mentioned in trade rumors -- and was even traded once for Chris Paul -- but nothing has actually m For the past three seasons, Lakers big man Pau Gasol had been mentioned in trade rumors -- and was even traded once for Chris Paul -- but nothing has actually m Rating: 0
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RUMORS: Could The Lakers Be Looking To Trade Pau Gasol?

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Pau GasolFor the past three seasons, Lakers big man Pau Gasol had been mentioned in trade rumors — and was even traded once for Chris Paul — but nothing has actually materialized on the trade front.

This season, Gasol has continued his struggles he saw last season under head coach Mike D’Antoni, and tensions have started to rise as both Gasol and D’Antoni have called the other out through the media. With the two not being able to figure things out on the court, Gasol’s time as a member of the Lakers may finally come to an end, according to The Sporting News.

Tensions between Lakers big man Pau Gasol and coach Mike D’Antoni have been simmering almost since the day D’Antoni took over the team last year, and they might have finally hit a boiling point. League sources told Sporting News that the Lakers have been fielding trade offers for Gasol for a while now, and finally could find a new home for their disgruntled big man.


“I don’t think there is anything personal between the two guys,” one source said of D’Antoni and Gasol. “They’re both professionals. I don’t think they’re buddies or anything. But on the court, it is just not working out.”

While the Lakers may be looking to move Gasol, it may prove to be difficult. While Gasol’s $19.2 million expiring contract will be coveted by some organizations, especially those looking for a short term big man for the season, but the Lakers will not be willing to take on contracts that extend through the 2013-14 season.

The Lakers plan has been, and will continue to be, to try to clear enough cap space for this off season to bring in talent to play around Kobe Bryant in his final year, and to take the reigns from him once he leaves for retirement. If this summer doesn’t work out, there’s another class of free agents in the summer of 2015 that the Lakers will have their eye on.

If the Lakers move Gasol, which could be a real possibility before February’s trade deadline, it will have to make sense for the Lakers. The worst case scenario is that they retain Gasol for the remainder of the season, then allow him to walk in free agency, allowing for the cap space and freedom to chase this summer’s free agents. Best case scenario, the Lakers trade Gasol for a collection of pieces, namely a point guard and maybe some front court help, who would be stop gaps for this season.

There’s no telling who the Lakers are talking to at the moment, or whether anything will come to fruition. But something is going to have to get done to stop the brewing tension between Gasol and D’Antoni — and that could very well mean the loss of Gasol.

Kobe Bryant on Steve Blake’s Injury, Will Play Point Guard, Pau Gasol’s Struggles

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  • Lakers24

    I wish you could trade coaches

    • Ransom Ballard

      It still doesn’t change the fact Pau still has to go, and don’t bother D’Antoni has no trade value either just like Pau.

    • Austin

      You can, look what they did with Doc Rivers… lol

      • Young Told You

        who’s going to take MDA?
        he’s a sorry ass coach

    • Jim213

      Blah Blah… management get’s the blame. Could’ve made the change in the
      off season but Pau’s under performance is a yearly thing as of late.

    • Dragon7s

      It appears to me that MDA has a hard time earning the respect of Vets as opposed to having a bad system.
      With young players, and Vets with lesser egos, his system works very well as long as those players buy into it and stick to it.
      He’s made stars of many players who wouldn’t have been otherwise.

      I’m not saying he’s perfect, or blameless, because in any partnership it takes two to make things work but until MDA is able to earn the respect of Vets, he will be seen as a poor coach because the Vets won’t play hard for him.

      (And yes, I realise that earning the players’ respect is part of coaching but you have to agree that his system, when utilized properly is successful, and is a lot of fun to watch!)

      • Jaayadrian1

        What system is that exactly the oh let’s run up the court shoot 3′s all game long and play absolutely no defense ? What a joke and you expect us to win championships with that offense ? Also what stars are you talking about besides Nash ? He ran that offense in Phoenix when he was there and guess what it didn’t win any championships. Let’s say the lakers trade pau ok what then ? Keep playing this same system with an aging kobe Bryant come on man dantoni and his horrific run n gun NO defense system will never win us anything besides a handful of REGULAR season games. They need to get rid of him ASAP how are you going to try and trade a big man that helped us win 2 championships. We need a better COACH and new system that works better with pau and kobe

        • Dragon7s

          And what available coaches are there?
          The Van Gundy’s and….*tumbleweeds*
          And I guarantee you that neither of them is coming here to a rebuilding Laker team.

      • Jaayadrian1

        Btw you keep defending dantoni In all the post that are negative about him. Face it that man cannot coach idk why you would stick up for him instead of the player (Gasol) that helped us lakers become championship team because before the 08-09 season kobe wanted to be traded

        • Dragon7s

          That was then, this is now.

          I read an interesting article by a non-Laker fan that had this interesting comment:

          “Try to remember a coach is only as good as his players. Fans forget Phil Jackson was nothing
          more than a .500 coach in Chicago when Michael Jordan retired to play baseball. The year before Pau Gasol arrived in Los Angeles, the Lakers
          were 42-40 under Jackson.”

          MDA can coach and even if we agreed that he couldn’t, what other option would you suggest?
          The man can coach, why else would he have been given a spot with the National team?

          Now don’t get me wrong, at times I’ve been one of his harshest critics, especially when it came to player rotations in the past but the man has adjusted to all the roster changes/injuries and that’s what good coaches do.
          The other thing they do is to put the right players in the right positions to succeed…whether they succeed or not is up to them (and their effort….*looks at Pau*).
          MDA has a long history of putting what were seemingly marginal players in a position to succeed and those that grasped that opportunity got paid when they hit FA, albeit with other teams.

    • Dylan Glatt

      You can (Doc) but nobody wants D’antoni

  • Al Haldie

    Phillip Barnett: You say rumors you say source –with NO name-this is what LAKERS NATION pays u for—you never give names because there are none- you start crap going around thats not true and the only ones that get hurt are the players-why do u try and pick apart LAKERS PLAYERS….LONG TIME LAKERS FAN

    • Zimmeredge

      clearly you don’t know anything about investigation and journalism. when you have a confidential information from a third person you don’t say his name. that’s the normal thing. it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it doesn’t mean it’s true. but it means they are talking about it.

      • Al Haldie

        Are u a private eye —–WOW…

    • Dragon7s

      You do realise that if sources didn’t have anonymity, then there would be virtually no news to report since leaking inside information would likely result in them losing their jobs.
      It’s done in all types of news reporting because anonymity gives those sources the freedom to say what they otherwise couldn’t.

      Does it result in some reporters taking poetic license to make things up (or stir the pot so to speak)? I’m sure there are some but not any that are interested in a long term career as a journalist.

      • Al Haldie

        Then none of LAKERS NATION will have a career in journalist-their bad….

        • Dragon7s

          If that’s your true opinion then obviously you have no understanding of how the real world works and should probably find somewhere else to post it.

          I hear the lakernation FB page might be a place for you to fit in. ;)

  • Jim213

    IMO, if Gasol is traded it’d be best to get another team involved (3 team trade). Pau likely wouldn’t mind playing along his brother in his final years of his career. Z Bo’s salary is too much for the franchise to observe aside of other factors.

    However, hopefully management uses their brains and acquires another big (position for position) given the team would be left in a worse circumstance (inside) as Pau still produces avg numbers foremost.

    • Dragon7s

      While that would be ideal, I don’t see it happening.

      In fact, I think that it’s possible that Pau’s recent comments could be designed to keep him from being traded, i.e. the more he complains, the less his trade value and the harder to find trade partners.

      Just call me the Laker Conspiratist (yes, I made that word up :p)

      • Jim213

        Yes and no… in the end if he isn’t resigned he’s just hurting himself given that most of the league is switching to this style of play. Pau’s smart likely buying more time but though hurting himself if he becomes a FA next off season.

        • Dragon7s

          Yes and no…he may be hurting his chances for a new contract with some teams but there will be other teams that will buy into his excuse that it’s the system that’s preventing him from being a better player.
          It’s very possible that someone is going to overpay for his services next season, even tho’ the new CBA will limit that overpayment somewhat.

          • Jim213

            Possible, but if based on recent times (play) + age don’t see anyone giving him more than $12–13 mil a yr max. But in the end Pau doesn’t solve the problem inside with regards to defense and rebounding.

  • Jon S. Lakers

    D’Antoni, You Suck!

    • Ransom Ballard

      So does Pau.

      • Charles Weadon


        • Ransom Ballard

          What the hell does that have to do with anything?

          • Dragon7s

            Please don’t feed the Trolls….thanks

          • Ransom Ballard

            More like don’t try and choke out the Trolls.

    • Dragon7s

      Thank you for that well-thought out and insitghtful comment.
      It’s comments like those that keep me coming back to these boards.

  • Nick The Quick

    Bottom line, no one wants to play for MDA! Not Melo, not Lebron, not Paul George, not Kyrie, not K. Love, NOBODY! If the Lakers want to get back to the top and get Kobe his 6th ring and still be successful after he retires, they need either a winning coach or a coach that will get the respect of their players. And as much as I want Phil back, there just has to be another coach out there that will be in purple and gold for the long haul and not just for a few seasons.

    • Danny E. Pagan

      how do you know that? D’antoni is familiar with most those top guys because he coached them with USA basketball. In case you forgot D’Antoni is Coach K assistant on the national team!

      • Nick The Quick

        Yeah he was an assistant. Who was the main guy running the show, Coach K! All MDA does is sarcastically praise his guys to the media. Doesn’t back them up, doesn’t have strong relationships other than with Nash, and is stubborn on his idea of a stretch 4, offense run-and-gun team. And we all know that doesn’t win championships.

        I mean look at Doc Rivers! Doc Rivers is a coach that players respect and are willing to play for. He’s even a coach that was considered to take over for the USA team. I don’t see MDA being considered!

    • Ransom Ballard

      The person is that there is no one, and also it doesn’t matter who we get because Kobe will never get his 6th ring because his new contract will not let us have a decent chance so Kobe is at fault too just like Pau, MDA, and Laker management. Also Melo, and Lebron we’re not coming here regardless same thing for KLove and George and we can thank Kobe’s new contract for that.

      • Dragon7s

        So tired of seeing this ill-informed type of comment posted over and over ad-nauseum.
        Kobe’s contract, under the current CBA, isn’t a problem.
        In fact, Kobe took a huge pay cut with his extension.
        How is it that nobody is talking about that?
        In signing Kobe, the Lakers essentially signed one of the top FA’s of next season (at much less than the maximum), and that assumes that LBJ and Melo opt out of their player options for next season.

        • Alex Vermont

          ahhh common sense. it’s a beautiful thing. thank you so much, Dragon7s. finally someone understands!

        • Ransom Ballard

          Not big enough cut because outside of Kobe and either LBJ or Melo we have no team.

          • Dragon7s

            Ermmm…there’s no FA’s next year worth max. contracts (although ’15-’16 is a different story but that’s a long way off), full stop.
            The Lakers don’t need to bring in another max. contract if they use the remaining cap (and exceptions) wisely which I’m sure is the plan.
            The Laker F.O. has, over the decades, proven themselves to be shrewd enough to work within the system to rebuild championship teams and I believe that they will again.

          • Jim213

            Although, the Lakers would have to give up a lot (SMH like always) and while being a long shot three players that should somewhat be considered IMO are Rondo (Celts) M Aldridge (Blazers) and Manimal (Nuggs). Looks like Ainge wants to try out Rondo this season but if things don’t work out he’ll likely be available next season given he’ll be a FA (2015).

            Aldridge has made it known that he wants to return to his state of Texas. However, if he could be convinced to play in the West he’d be a good fit inside (2014 FA). Manimal wants max pay after he comes out of rookie salary. Denver seems hesitant to pay him the amount he’d like though they have two more seasons with Faried.

            Any of these players would help to address the teams needs now being at the 1 and 4 though the Lakers would have to sacrifice a trade or two as well as a player. But given management’s past bad moves it remains to be seen if they can close out deals.

        • Al Haldie


  • Danny E. Pagan

    I have watched every single Laker game last 3 seasons and without question Pau Gasol needs to go lol I mean he was awesome in his heyday but he is almost like an antique, a relic, of yesterday’s NBA. He is simply too slow and soft to deal with today’s stronger and faster centers. Tim Duncan on the other hand lost weight last couple of years and is still mobile enough and tough enough to handle his business in the paint with all these young bigs. I mean Duncan will attempt to block your shot while Pau will play his matador defense and get out of the way because he doesn’t want to be in anyone’s poster. I mean that’s honestly what it looks like with all the dunks bigs are getting. Pau thank you for all you done and endured but you should’ve been gone a couple of years ago on the Chris Paul trade.

    • Dragon7s

      Well said and I agree about Pau’s aversion to D in the paint.
      I cringed on one play in particular when a player (sorry, I forget who it was) in last night’s game went for a dunk and Pau not only leaned completely out of the way but made a face, as if to say, “Oh no! Please don’t hurt me!”.

  • Damon The Killa

    I’d rather we didn’t trade Pau Gasol, but if it needs to be done then they better make it well worth it. Gasol is still very talented and I think we can get a great piece for him. However we will be very short-handed in the big-man region

    • Al Haldie


      • Damon The Killa


  • Daniel

    My biggest problem with Pau is defense. You can’t just stand around hoping for a rebound, and not box out. When someone takes a shot, get your hands up. Play like you want to win. You can’t be a spectator on D. Pau always looks exhausted and he’s 33.The lack of defensive intensity is killing us.
    As for D’Antoni his system rely’s way to heavily on the 3′s. We’ve got the shooters, but you can’t expect anyone to be that consistent from beyond the ark.

    • Dragon7s

      First rule of rebounding: Get your body on your man and box out.
      Pau looks like he’s simply waiting for the ball to bounce off the rim and come to him while his man ducks under him and boxes him out…frustrating to watch.

  • Jose

    If the Lakers are able to trade Gasol then I would be very surprised. Just as the article states any team that makes a trade for Gasol would want to send long term contracts and the FO really doesn’t want that unless it’s a superstar player. Also any trade that is made would include draft picks and the Lakers are not able to trade this years and why would they since they seem to be heading to be a lottery team. Well I still believe they stay the course and don’t trade anyone save the cap space and look to upgrade the roster but without superstar players. Maybe a sefalosha, turner or Hawes you know players that can move and maybe play some defense. Of course Kobe’s contract makes it difficult to sign all of them but one or two would do wonders for the Lakers and they can look at signing another star players after Kobe retires.

  • PauWeNeedYou#Suns

    Hey longtime Suns fan here.I heard the Suns are looking for a star player.Today it is being reported by Scott Howard-Cooper that the Suns are willing to trade multiple 2014 first round picks in order to get a superstar player to push them over the top this season.Here is a trade proposal for you Lakers fans tell me if you think the Lakers would do this trade?

    We really need Pau Gasol on the Suns,the fans in Phoenix would appreciate him.We need a inside scorer in the worst way to make it back to the top of the division.

    Trade would have to happen to benefit the Lakers by putting them under the luxury tax by the Suns taking on around $5 million dollars in salary.Emeka makes $5 million dollars less than Pau,both are expiring contracts and this works in the trade machine.

    Lakers Trade
    Pau Gasol

    Suns Trade
    Emeka Okafor

    3 2014 First Round Picks

    • Dragon7s

      Altho’ I think the Lakers FO would jump at that trade, I can’t see Phoenix giving up the 3 1st’s nor do I think they would want Pau to begin with.

  • Scott

    By saying this, he is forcing the Lakers to do something. You have to be a real A-hole to piss off Gasol and MDA is that man. I wish they would fire MDA, but either way at least they’ll do something besides letting the team rot in its current state.

    • Dragon7s

      As a I said earlier, I think that Pau complaining is his way to diminish his trade value so that he can stay with the Lakers.
      Whether he does or not remains to be seen.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Little lesson in recent trades Phoenix Suns got a potential All Star Point Guard Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler for a role player Jared Dudley.Rudy Gay just got traded with Aaron Gray and Acy to Kings Raptors got back 4 role players.The Lakers can easily get a great return for Pau Gasol.It’s up to Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss to make a deal.The pursuit of happiness is all about pursuing something that will make you happy eventually.

    Let us never forget the Lakers traded Vlade Divac for the draft rights to Kobe Bryant also the Lakers got a healthy young prime All Star Pau Gasol for piece of crap Kwame Brown and pieces Marc Gasol was a project at the time of the trade.Mitch can make big time trades and so can Jim Buss they are the best of the best when it comes to making trades to turn the franchise around.

    Please never give up on the Lakers FO,they always seem to come through in the clutch.Some trades they have made were bad but the Nash deal was a gamble at the time and the Lakers lost out on that one,but they thought it would have panned out same with Dwight Howard they gambled and lost out but they didn’t know it would turn out that way.

    Pau Gasol is worth a hell lot more since he is a huge expiring contract and a big man that has rings and a double double player.If Suns got Bledsoe for Dudley i am 100% sure Mitch Kupchak can get a big time young talent for Pau.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Like who can we get for Pau???

  • roseducanna

    We weight HOWARD from HOUSTON now and before at LAKERS you now about coach M.D.

  • lakersfantillidie

    I’ not here to bash on MAD but his style of play is not suited for big men period. It didn’t work with Howard it didn’t work with the suns and its not gonna work with gasoline or the Lakers. The lakers are known for great centers and big men defense MDA doesn’t utilize them to their potential although I do believe gasol is to soft in the post and needs to be traded I also believe in getting a new coach someone out there has to be able to play and utilize bogs
    MDA might be a great coach placed in the right situation but not here in L.A. what the Lakers needed was Phil and although his triangle defense is a tough system it has been proven with pure results I’m not saying bring him back although I wish it were possible lakers need to learn to coexist stop getting injured and make the most of the bigs. But trading gasol because he doesn’t believe in d antonis system is ridiculous but I mean look what happened to kaman hes been cleared for a couple weeks now and hasn’t seen the floor since opening up about the coach. Also use scare you have a young player with all the potebtial just coach him and he Wil have a chance to improve the team its ridiculous to pay the people and not utilize them

  • John Smith

    MIke D is not that great of a coach….but that doesn’t change the fact that Gasol has under performed for years. He had a chance to put the team on his back when Kobe went down and completely failed!! Lakers have given GaSoft enough rope to hang himself twice…make the move PLEASE!!!!

  • Marty Susman

    Pau Gasol “NEED’S” to go as does Nash, Blake & this worthless coach…. The Lakers NEED to get rid of the three of them getting first round picks for Gasol, Nash & Blake.(Well maybe 2nd round for Nash). The Lakers NEED to be playing for the “WORST” record in the NBA so they can get the “BEST” draft pick…. Forget all this BS about the playoff’s, who cares, the only thing that matters is a “RING” & they won’t be getting one of those again until 2016….The “REAL” super future studs will be available in 2015 free agency, not 2014. The only player available in 2015 is Greg Monroe so if they can get him, great otherwise WAIT !!!!!

  • Marty Susman

    Forget Mello, he has never been, is not now & will never be a winner. He is a shooter, not a team player, always has been & always will be. He was with Denver, forced a trade to NY, now he wants a third team, this is a bad deal…L.J. won’t be coming to the Lakers meaning there is ZERO out this year meaning they need to wait till the following year….

  • magic j

    you cant trade coaches but you can fire them. i really dont like d antonis style of coaching.

  • Lakers24

    I wish pau would stay

  • thatoneguy

    lakers should try to get lowry

  • LakersHeatBeef

    According to ESPN the Lakers have inquired about getting Iman Shumpert via trade.

    My thoughts on Iman Shumpert are he is a great defensive player.He also is a guard that can play both PG and SG.His offense is limited but he can improve drastically in the right system,MDA is his original coach and the one that drafted him with the blessing of the Knicks owner and GM.

    Kid Shumpert is 23 years old and 6’5″ and 225 pounds.Iman Shumpert had a ACL repaired via surgery during the playoffs 2 years ago,that is a cause for concern tbh.Overall yes as long as Lakers don’t give up the farm it is worth IMO.Shumpert has great potential to blossom much like many have predicted he will.

  • Keroly Petit-frere

    yeah for real trade dantoni


    Gasol’s offensive talents, (The skill that many people say he possesses), simply DO NOT compensate for what he ‘gives up’ on every other aspect or essentials of the game…

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