Rumor Mill: Lakers Trying to Land Michael Beasley in Three-Team Deal

Rumor Mill: Lakers Trying to Land Michael Beasley in Three-Team Deal


With the NBA trading deadline less than 24 hours away, general mangers are scrambling and are trying to figure out ways to make their teams better. Rumors and names will be flying around for the next day and the NBA world will be busy until the deadline passes.

The latest trade rumor involves the Los Angeles Lakers and forward Michael Beasley. It was reported before that Los Angeles turned down a deal that would bring Beasley to L.A., but it seems as though that deal is back up.

According to Alex Kennedy of, the Lakers are working with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Portland Trailblazers in a three team deal that would send Beasley to Los Angeles, Steve Blake to the Blazers and Jamal Crawford to the Wolves.

Still, the Lakers will be looking to add another guard to their lineup and will not be willing to give up a valuable Blake for no point guard in return. Kennedy later went on to say that others players will likely be added to the deal, but those three players are the ones that have surfaced.

If Beasley were to come to the Lakers, Los Angeles would fix one of its weak spots. Beasley would likely move into the starting lineup and offer the team with some nice, young talent.


  • Kristofer James Cristofol

    I would go for this trade! We still need to land Sessions though. 

    • Kristine Keenan

      As long as we keep Pau…

  • Joe

    we need to land a decent pg FIRST, before even thinking about giving away our only viable backup pg

    • Lalaland

       Well said joe

    • Buddy Love

      Goudelock is ready to play… He is as good or better than Norris Cole.. 

  • Mart Blas Angelo Juan

    this would be an absolute STEAL for the Lakers. blake for a former no. 2 over-all pick? Noooooice.

  • Betto

    Get this trade done!   If we get Beasley then get the Lamar odom pick for Sessions, we’re in good position for a title run without having to trade Pau.   The hell with Dwight if he doesn’t want to play along Kobe, since he wants to be the MAN.  lolz

    • Richtight

      cheers to that

  • Yaniv

     People are underestimating Beasley’s talent. Make this happen Mitch!

  • Pearson Klein

    Yes please…and a 1st round pick for Ramon Sessions.

    • zxrated

      Understand this, first round picks are now of NFL value under this new CBA in the NBA. Buss will not part with them. Picks are now they best way to get young talent and stay salary cap friendly. You will no longer see the Laker FO hocking the future for a winner today.

      • Pearson Klein

         I understand this…the Lakers have 2. 1 is expendable. If you want a chance to win a title this year acquiring a PG is not an option and he is the best you’re going to find. If you’re willing to forfeit this season then use both picks in the draft but getting a player the quality and age of Sessions to run the point is worth it.

  • Edward Arenas

    Accept the trade and try to land Ramon Sessions to!

    • Richtight

      i was thinkin the same. that wud b so beasty

      • Big_boss9486

         Me too.  That would help improve bench production. 

  • Brad

    Why didn’t we get the deal done when all they wanted was a pick?

    • Eserilevi37

      they wanted 2 first round picks…

      • Justinyu_24

        now with rubio’s injury… the 2 and 1 guard spot is a huge hole for the twolves.. they now want to trade beasley for a shooting guard..

    • Kyle

      This deal would put the Lakers over the salary cap if they just traded away a pick…new cba rules

      • Justinyu_24

        i think giving up blake( a point guard thats more consistent than fisher)  is just ok.. that means giving goudelock more playing time.. this kid can give 8-10 pts a game… off the bench..

  • Dion Richardson

    Agreeing with Edward!

  • Madai Contreras

    Id rather get Jamal Crawford… More of an impact player.

  • Steve Contos

    How about getting Beasley and Felton…

    • Steve Contos

      or how about dealing the first round pick to Charlotte for DJ Augustin…I like Augustin better than Sessions. But I wouldnt mind either: Augustin, Sessions, or Felton…

  • kj

    why would portland get rid of jamal crawford for steve blake? not gonna happen.. unfortunately…

  • Omar Garibay

    i would have beasly coming off the bench if he were to come to us

  • Davidzalman25

    do this trade and sign arenas so he will be the replacement for Blake and get sessions!!

  • Kdelmar77

    It is on like Donkey Kong

  • DarthFubar

    DJ Augustin, Raymond Felton, Brandon Jennings, Ramon Sessions. All of those guards save for Felton could be brought in WITH beasley if blake goes using the LO trade exception.

  • Ericphoenixg

    If this happens and we don’t get a PG. Laker Bench will be:
    C – Andrew Bynum
    PF – Murphy/ McRoberts
    SF – World Peace/Barnes
    SG – Kapono/ Goudelock
    PG – Goudelock?

    World Peace or Barnes would have to play the 2 (SG).

  • Fatsoant

    How about throwing Walton in as a courtesy gift? But no Pau, no Bynum, no World Peace. No Goudelot. You can definitely get MC Roberts and Walton.

  • Ryan Young

    this trade does not make sense if we need a pg why give up a pg just for a sf.  Ya I like beasley only if we get another pg from somewhere else.  Laker management likes to do this ass backwards sometimes

  • Kalsdfj

    theres no way the lakers do this unless they know for a fact that they could get another pg

  • JohnSmith00

    I told you fuckers…. they’ll get both sessions and beasley just watch. You don’t pass up on players as good as them when they’re practically being handed to the Lakers.

  • Louis

    Just get Beasley here first then work on getting sessions. Just some new blood on the roster current lineup has gotten pretty lazy from winning those two titles

  • Ryan Young

    why not bring the big fish into the picture and try to get one last attempt of derron williams into the lakers plans without giving up to much since dwight is becoming a huge woman and flip flopping on his choices.  It is time for the nets to think about its future how are they suppose to sell tickets in brooklyn with out dwight or d.will

  • Corey Mark Tucker


  • Nathanfogle

    take the trade than sign gilbert arinas

  • Joseph Rejekt

    The only way I see the Lakers doing this is if Felton is involved and the Lakers use their exception of Beasley or they’re fixing to pick up Sessions. The Lakers can’t give up Blake without having something on the burner to go through at the same time to obtain another PG. 

  • Bawaneca

    I agree with @Edward, Make the deal!!! Bring in Ramon Sessions, you gain another youthful natural talent at the point with speed. Youthful talent at the forward spot with Beasley who can get his own shot and who can assist Kobe by freeing up the double-team and making opposing teams have another problem to deal with. with the Pay exception of 8 mil, you still have something to work with and possibly pick up some bench help. You wouldn’t have to deal either big man, Bynum or Pau and then Mike Brown can concentrate on making that playoff run for another Ring!!! Let’s Go Lakers Let’s Go!!!

  • Sti1lmatic

    Just another RUMOR….I’m still waiting for Rasheed Wallace and Agent Zero lol.

  • Batteakai

    I’d prefer Jamal Crawford.

  • zoomzoomzoom

    Ok everybody stop it. Ramon sessions is boo boo. He has had maybe 5 good games his whole 6 year career. Trade for a first round pick… doubt that that’s just stupidity. Stop pumping dude up so high.

    • Mel

      ok smart guy, so who’s your idea for a point guard if the lakers dont persue Sessions?

  • Joedilao

    beasley gerald wallace nick young session or felton

  • Nick Reeves

    You read my mind E. Arenas, do the trade and get Sessions!  That’s gotta be the best starting five in the NBA if L.A. pulls that off!

  • enrique

    i think they’re gonna pull this trade off, and then maybe sign arenas. if not, then make a move for sessions, but i think arenas will be wearing the purple and gold soon.

  • Imjeff

    can we trade blake for beasely in the 3 team deal and use the trade exception on felton?

  • Morky

    Beasley is like a mutated-big Monta Ellis. I’d take a true scorer like Michael and Ariza over Artest any time as defense is largely a matter of effort and can be taught.

  • Will925

    Laker just landed ramon session.