RUMOR: Kevin Durant Headed To Lakers In 2016? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="209"] Kevin Durant is the reigning MVP of the league and will be one of the most sought-after free agents in the Summer of 2016. -- Have Yo [new_royalslider id="209"] Kevin Durant is the reigning MVP of the league and will be one of the most sought-after free agents in the Summer of 2016. -- Have Yo Rating: 0
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RUMOR: Kevin Durant Headed To Lakers In 2016?

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Kevin Durant is the reigning MVP of the league and will be one of the most sought-after free agents in the Summer of 2016.

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He has said numerous times how much he enjoys being in Oklahoma City, but former New York Post columnist Peter Vecsey believes that if Durant does leave, it would be for Los Angeles as he said on CLNS Radio:

I say if Durant goes anywhere I look for him to go to the Lakers because they’re going to have a tremendous amount of money to give him. Kobe will be on the way out at that point and they won’t have anybody. A guy like him might want to start with the Lakers, or maybe he might want to go a team where he can win a championship.

The Lakers are surely going to do everything in their power to get Durant to Los Angeles, much like they put the full court press on Carmelo Anthony this summer. As of right now, the only players who will still be on the roster when 2016 rolls around are Nick Young and Julius Randle.

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Depending on what the Lakers do next summer, the team could have enough money to offer Durant and another player maximum deals. Needless to say, the Lakers will roll out the red carpet for Durant when that time comes.

The Lakers have always been a team built around stars. Kobe Bryant could very well be gone by that time, and Kevin Durant would be the perfect person to succeed him.

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  • Ike Creel

    just completely made up opinion. i guess laker fans have to have something to dream about besides another lottery pick.

  • Waldo R Perez

    7 years will be gone before the Lakers are able to be in the finals again.

    • vdogg

      thanks for your prediction. it doesn’t mean shit.

  • Duckathon

    Better chance just collecting draft picks and nurturing young players.

  • geofly

    Dream on. He’s going back home to DC and he’ll have a stocked and ready team to go to a championship run with too.

  • Paul Robinson

    Let it come out of KD’s mouth!

  • Duckathon

    Is this going to happen when every major free agent reach a year from free agency?

  • Nalin Shukla

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the cavs got him..

  • Richard

    I really hope and pray the Lakers get Durant.The Lakers could definitely make that work and maximize his proven skills. Right now I prefer him over Kelvin Love. Kelvin’s has the talent and versatility to play 3 or 4 positions except center.

  • Jim213

    You mean scrimmaging, right troll? SMH

  • Jim213

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    Even Andy L is all of a sudden showed up too. You have a jekyl and hyde thing going here with your many aliases dkwtty, chrmblly etc.. etc.. smh. Why are you having a conversation with yourself given your aliases?

    To put an end to your clippersrunla alias and don’t mean to diss the real Clipp fans but their franchise hasn’t done anything aside of winning a division title. Yet you expect to offend the masses and the brand (16x NBA champs) just to get some humor out? Lol, funny.

    Never seen A fake Clipper fan post so much on a rivals site. Let it go, put down your laptop down :P and head for the beach. You’re an antisocialite ain’t cha…

  • Jim213

    Smh, well freaky doo, looky here… promoting shirts all of a sudden? Smh, wouldn’t be surprised if this was? nah couldn’t be tho it actually is smh. Promote the sale of shirts on the Clipper site not here.


    Do you think Mamba will Strike Back this year? :)

  • Jim213

    Hell have no furry than a true scorned Superstar. :P

  • LakersHeatBeef

    LOL Should i watch old DVR recordings of the Lakers 2009,2010 back to back championships by living in the past or should i look forward to some empty pipe dream involving Kevin Durant that will never happen???Oh no thanks dude i rather live in the now you know in the moment and if we are terrible now oh well as a real Lakers fan i will deal with it.Congrats to the Spurs on winning the championship they deserved it and hopefully you guys make a run at the gold man the Clippers got the talent just gotta put it together in the playoffs and make a serious run.Good luck with the next season.LOL i live in the now so remember i didn’t mention the past just the now.27 Wins ya F that noise man.

  • Cindi Venable

    And enjoy your teams 0 championships! How did that feel loser?


    fuck u and your chinese grandmother

  • Cindi Venable

    You’re a fucking douche……you do know that right?


    The Lakers are the richest team in the NBA by over $40 million. They don’t need to sell any t-shirts to help pay his salary. Shouldn’t you be concerned about Flake Griffins broken back Mr. Bandwagon fan?

  • Cindi Venable

    You really need to get a life moron. What? Are you on dope or something? Grow the fuck up…………


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  • Jim213

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  • Jim213

    Smh. obsession? lol. You’re definitely on drugs. Brought up yo crappy alias name while not replying to you directly and here you are replying back for some reason. #dunce

  • Cindi Venable

    LMAO! That was too funny. Can I kick him in the balls after you punch him in the face? I would absolutely love that!

  • Jim213

    Smh, focus on building a team first rather than focusing mostly on star players. Only delays things as this year showed given they missed out on possibly acquiring some solid pieces (role players) to help the team. Although, Mitch did good but could’ve done better if he wouldn’t have waited close to a week for melo to make up his mind.


    Or because I read LAKERS NATION ARTICLES and saw your stupid fucking comment you paranoid crackhead. Is that illogical for a dumbass like you? It’s not my alias you stupid ass. Go fuck off already and stop obsessing over me.


    Absolutely! We can take turns.

  • Jim213

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  • Jim213

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  • Jim213

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  • Pat Oslon

    So what; we beat the Slippers in the 1st game with a bunch of scrubs LMAO

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  • Jim213

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  • Jim213

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  • Ike Creel

    clippersrunla, don’t forget Durant, Westbrook and DRose, All the superstars want to play with a 40 yo Kobe. ROFLMFAO


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  • Joseph Hernandez

    having to cover the championship banners because it hurts the players feelings, sad!!! Shit the Sparks have more championships hanging in the Staple Center then the Clippers hahahaha

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