Robert Horry Believes New-Look Lakers Won’t Make it to the NBA Finals

Robert Horry Believes New-Look Lakers Won’t Make it to the NBA Finals


After winning seven NBA titles during his time with the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs, Robert Horry decided to walk away from the game in 2008. Horry left behind quite a legacy for a long-time role player.

Along with winning an impressive seven rings during his career, Horry was also known for his clutch shots in the NBA playoffs and NBA Finals. Even though Horry went on to play for the rival Spurs after winning three titles with the Lakers, “Big Shot Rob” is considered one of the Lakers’ key contributors during the three straight titles won with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant running the show.

With the Lakers reloading by adding Steve Nash and Dwight Howard into the mix, some heated debates have begun to circulate about the team’s chances of contending for title next season and beyond.

Horry put his two cents in about his former team’s new additions according to Shreyas Sharma of

“I don’t think the Lakers are going to be in the NBA Finals, despite Howard and Nash. To go deep into the play-offs, you need a strong bench, not just a great starting line-up. I still believe (last year’s runner-up) Oklahoma City Thunder are the favourites in the Western Conference, and (champions) Miami of course have just gotten stronger with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis.

You pick up history and you’ll see the bench that outplays its opponents usually wins,” Horry told Mail Today.

Horry isn’t the first former player to voice their opinion about the new-look Lakers and definitely won’t be the last. Even though at first glance it appears that the seven-time NBA champion is taking a shot at his old team, Horry does make a solid point as the Lakers may struggle next season to build some chemistry and might find their bench to be weaker than anticipated.

The additions of Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks were definitely steps in the right direction for the Lakers this summer as they were able to add some depth to arguably one of the worst benches in the league. Re-signing Jordan Hill was crucial as a backup for Howard and Pau Gasol in the frontcourt.

It could be argued that more depth is needed off the bench as the Lakers might not be able to make a deep run without as Horry mentioned. Leandro Barbosa remains a possibility for Los Angeles as the Brazilian recently mentioned that he’s still in talks with the team, but it’s uncertain whether or not the Lakers’ front office is willing to bring in another player before next season.


  • Don_06

    How is this reshaped Lakers bench not a good bench? Steve Blake or possibly Barbosa backing up Nash, Meeks backing up Kobe, Ebanks backing up Artest, and JHill and Antwan. All solid NBA players, get the f out of here. “Our” bench is solid, and Robert aint seeing that our starting 5 is better than some of the 3peat teams which will negate a possible lackluster performance by the bench this upcoming season. Some of our bench players will be lucky to even see 15min a game. 

  • Owens Stefan

    Did Miami have a great bench last year? Did the Mavs have a great bench? Don’t really think so.

    • Sanity205

      Miami no but the Mavs that year they won did have a good bench but with all that said Horry is wrong. Okc is the only challenge to the Finals and truth be told we gave away some games in the Okc series last year and Okc depend on jump shots too much and that will be their downfall, Lakers all the way !!!

      • Betto

        Exactly, the Lakers had a chance to win that series but fell asleep and out of the playoffs, but the opportunities were there. A lot of Lakers haters think OKC is gonna win the west, it’s the same people who thought the Clippers were the better team last year..  ESPN mainly. 

  • honestly

    stfu horry, the lakers had no bench after 2000 but still won 2 straight

  • Zachary David Robinson

    The Heat May Not Get Past Boston,They Were Hurt Last Year And Ray Allen Had Already Lost His Job There. Okc Will Be Better This Year But The LAKERS Will Be Better. We Have The Best Shooting Guard The Best Center A Top 5 Point Guard Who Is The Smartest In The Game. A 7 foot Poward Foward With Point Guard Skills. We also Have A Small Foward Who Wont Have To Do Anything But Play “D” & Hit The Boards. The bench will Be Fine. Lets Get It On !!!!!!

  • Joe B

    I think Morris and goudelock are dead weight and won’t contribute much at all…I would like to see more defensive help on the bench. Barbosa would help but at what price? I do think the bench is better than last year tho. But if barbosa can fit I can see his direct value.

    • Philpharoah

       Morris would be a real decent backup, since he did really well in the summer league.

  • Joe B

    It’s funny how every pundit is doubting D12 but everyone was ready to trade their first born to get him. Now that he is a Laker, here come all the negatives. If laqueen can take a bad team to the finals… C’mon man!!! I do know if there is a move to be made, Mitch will make it. He’s the wizard of oz…..I have the utmost respect for the FO….I’m just hoping the coaching staff has the desired impact

  • Oracle Neuron

    I don’t understand why people hate Horry for speaking his mind and giving an honest opinion. First of all, Horry is entitled to his own opinion… just like any of us here. His opinion does not mean he disrespects the Lakers, so hate and hostility towards him is totally uncalled for. Every now and then we critique the Lakers for doing a poor performance and that doesn’t count as disrespect.  Likewise, the Lakers organization does not disrespect Horry for what he said. We should think of it as motivational. Secondly, it is true that Lakers back office is trying to build up their bench and Kupchak as we speak is doing his best to sign up Barbosa. If you look closely, Horry has a strong point when he said “You pick up history and you’ll see the bench that outplays its opponents usually wins”. Lastly, there’s no doubt the Lakers have a strong starting five. However, Howard will not be in that starting five until late December or early January, so until Howard comes back from injury rehab, their center will be Pau, and perhaps Jamison will be in the forward position. Not to forget that Kobe is now 34, Pau 32, Metta 32, and Nash the oldest guy at 38. In 48 minutes of play – age will always be a factor. Despite what I said, GO LAKERS!

  • Linda Singleton

    Robert Horry is like all the other naysayers … they sound like it is “wishful thinking”, but we didn’t have what you would call a great bench when they won in 2009 and 2010.  Why don’t these prophets wait and see what happens.  I don’ believe Miami can repeat and I know we have enough fire power and a mental basketball guru (Mr. Bryant) that knows how to play and the players around him are certainly up to par.  Let’s just hope the “COACH” got the memo and have a better showing this season.  We will tell the naysayers to take a seat and see what the season will bring.

  • George Djordjeski

    Robert Hory is probably thinking it’s going to be like the 2004 Lakers and their problems. This time is way different, Besides the Lakers won the west in 2004 against Horry and the Spurs.

  • Choller1

    Wait how can he say you need a deep bench to make it to the Finals then say Thunder will make it? The only player off their bench who actually contributes is Harden, after that they have one of the weakest benches in the league. Yet adding solid contributers in Meeks, Jamison, and Hill = no bench? Wheres the logic in that.

  • Ryan Lee

    Robert Horry makes a valid point, and fans, lets remember now, Robert Horry won us a title in that 3peat along with 6 other rings. The man has his ducks lined up when it cones to knowing what it takes to raising The O’Brien Trophy. That being said, all of the analysis, projections and predictions are mere speculation. What it comes down to is Oct-June. This league is won and lost by key plays, key possessions (Kobe in game 2 with the turnover @ OKC, Fisher making a 3 in game 4 cutting the lead from 13 to 10 with 8 to play in the 4th), momentum plays, confidence gained and lost. And Miami had a grear bench effort, Mike Miller and Shane Battier both overaged over 17pts a game (2x their season averages) including Miller’s 7 3’s in a closeout game 5. The fact is this, bench players must have CAREER performances in the finals to outplay and out will the opposition. Antawn Jameson, not Jodie, or Jordan, or even Kobe, Dwight or Steve, is the X Factor to the Lakers’ 17th banner being raised next year. I am going to be watching his play the most, as the most tenured bench player and the undoubted leader of the bench to be. Jodie Meeks and Jordan Hill in one way or another will be feeding off of his productivity. Make no mistake, if James Harden would have played the ‘Final’ 5 games of the season as he played in the FIRST 81 games, The Thunder, not the Heat, would be raising the banner on opening night. At the end of the day, that’s why we lace em up and tip off: THAT’S WHY THEY PLAY THE GAME.

  • Colo Maldonado

    The mamba all the Way Ring #6 BaBy….Go L.A.

  • Jay Dayuday

    Blah Blah Blah. Just another reason for Kobe Bryant to get even more motivated.
    No one is going to stop the Lakers this season.

  • Betto

    For a player like Horry that was in the right place at the right time, it’s funny to me that he talks about the bench, the Heat won a tittle with one of the worst benches in the nba and not to mention the Lakers recent back 2 back tittles..  nuff said.