Ric Bucher: Lakers Should Explore Trading Kobe Bryant

Ric Bucher: Lakers Should Explore Trading Kobe Bryant


The Lakers have been surrounded by more trade rumors than nearly any other team this season, and it seems that nearly every player on the team is untouchable. That is, every player other than Kobe Bryant. Right?

According to ESPN’s Ric Bucher that might not be the case.

During an appearance on SportsCenter on Tuesday, Bucher stated his belief that the Lakers should explore trading Bryant. Yes, you read that right.

Now, Bucher’s reasoning is mostly financial, stating that the team is facing a steep luxury tax in the next few years, and that by clearing Bryant’s contract off the books they can look to make a splash in free agency next summer.

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However, even if the team was interested in trading Bryant (which I assure you they are not), they wouldn’t receive enough value in return to make the trade worthwhile. Bryant is still performing at a high level, and is even contending for the MVP award this season.

I’m all for improving the team at any cost, and even wrote about how I felt the Lakers needed to consider going after LeBron James instead of re-signing Bryant following the team’s victory over the Celtics in the NBA Finals, but the simple fact is the team isn’t going to trade the face of their franchise for the last 16 years, and one of the most popular players in franchise history, to try and free up some cap space. Especially when Bryant is still putting up the numbers he currently is.

To make this scenario even more unlikely, Bryant has a no-trade clause in his contract, and would have to agree to any trade the Lakers try and make.

To watch the complete SportsCenter segment with Bucher’s thoughts, see below.


  • http://twitter.com/Anenoso Oscar Kingnoso

    He’s obviously trying to get some attention. Can’t happen, won’t happen. Kobe will retire a Laker. 

  • Jacoblaterlly

    he has a contract clause that he can’t be traded without kobe’s approval. he literally can’t be traded. non-issue.

  • http://twitter.com/Swoosh40 Will

    Why even bring up Kobe? Kobe should not ever be in a trading conversation…End of story!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alvin-Lopez/100000158442782 Alvin Lopez

    This guy needs to have his head checked. Look what happened to Le Bron when he skipped town.It ain’t gonna happen pinhead. This clown just wanted to stir the pot. Kobe belong to us.He’s bought the game back to us Laker fans.Forever Laker Damitt!!!!

  • Nelson Freytes

    you forgot an option on the facebook post. “comment if I think YOU’RE off your rocker by suggesting to not resign Kobe and go for Lebrick!” you’ll be on my shit list for some time to come!

  • Righterjc

    ESPN need to get there crap together, for the past week almost everything said for 710AM Los Angeles is just a bunch of crap. They are just whoring out anything to get press.

  • Thatgirl

    If you recall the Buss family gave Magic Johnson a 25 year contract to ensure Magic stayed a Laker. Kobe has 5 Championships and will retire a Laker. 

  • R0nnie

    remember people this is the same foo who pretty much guarenteed a couple of seasons ago we would never see kobe bryant in a lakers uniform again ;’  just sayin this guys full of himself  might as well get a job at tmz   !!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jerry-Osorio/1429207329 Jerry Osorio

    Kobe is a Laker icon just like Magic; always will be.  Sometimes individual players are bigger than the politics or finances of the game.

  • Pennpimpinproduction

    rick YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Art-Torres/1799887483 Art Torres

    If anything I think this is ridiculousness. Yet, if this was a parallel universe. Kobe Bryant has expressed his love for NY. Carmelo Anthony would be the target and maybe some. I would hate to see that trade.. yet it’s the most likely trade the Lakers would make especially with that no trade clause. Any opinions on this people? I would like to hear yours.    

  • Bobby

    What a total idiot this guy needs to be fired

  • lakerslvr

    both ric and the writer of this article should be fired. can’t believe this retard wrote about how they should dump kobe and chase a queen who hurts himself by stepping on an old lady’s foot.

  • diamonddr16

    trade a franchise player after everything he has done for you ?

    do you think any star player would want to stay committed to your franchise EVER AGAIN ?

    get fired , you sound very stupid

  • Brian


  • Marc

    This is guy needs to be fired this is laker hating at its best wow……come on man 

  • http://www.mlwebco.com/ Michael Locke

    LA would burn the Staples Center down. What a dumb ass to suggest such a thing. Why don’t we auction off the Statue of Magic and Chick Hearn to save some cap cost as well. What a freakin idiot. This has to be a PR stunt by ESPN. 

  • Joseph Andres

    plain and simple this is a stunt to get attention and stir up some stuff. lol it is NOT gunna happen, and is probably the single most illogical load of stupidity ive ever heard someone spit out of their mouth. me spitting on the ground would make more sense. 

  • nebs

    I normally like Bucher, but seriously, right now, what he just said is the dumbest thing I have ever heard come out of his mouth. Kobe Bryant is one of those guys that you should NEVER think about trading. He is still one of the best players in the league, even at 33 years old and as hurt as he is, he’s leading the league in scoring and is the main reason the Lakers are where they are right now. Trading him would be the single worst and dumbest move in franchise history, he has done more than almost anyone else for the Lakers and he had said the last few years he wants to finish his career in Los Angeles. He is the symbol and icon of this city, and will retire with the purple and gold. End of Story

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Pruitt/100002037317977 Kevin Pruitt

    He talking to the BULLSSSS

  • JohnSmith00

    Yeah, yeah Stephen A. Smith already said something “controversial” like this earlier in the season, he also said there was no way it would ever happen.



  • LakerLyle

    Kobe will retire a Laker. Staredown, you and me, Bucher.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZH6FUZRL22QEASI5BWO2TWU5SY elf

    lets talk about some shit that wont happen…another dumb article …someone need to talk with ric butcher about cleaning out his desk his 15 min were up 

  • Eli Smith

    this is stupid, why are the lakers doing these trade rumors. THEY NEED TO STOP! let kobe finish his career in LA, he only has about 4 years. First it’s Pau, then it’s Bynum, now it’s Kobe. This is unbelievable. 

  • Im_Me_Homie

    this is the most ridiculous statement i’ve ever heard unless you get mario chalmers and dwade for kobe don’t trade him even then i probably wouldn’t do it dwade is looking injury prone  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1270344560 Malek Rest

    is he high or what????????????? trade Kobe for what??? this guy is a Kobe haterrrr

  • Jamesh1917

    Can you imagine some-one saying that about Micheal Jordan when Mike waswith the Bulls and still at the the top of his game ? No way, You have to be crazy to think that

  • Iqushon

    he mustve been smokin on some strong crack

  • purp&yellow

    espn should explore firing ric bucher for makin such a dumbass report…. kobe is the only player on the lakers who is untouchable..he should know that

  • Lakers

    I’ve been a die hard Laker fan for over 30 years now and consider Kobe to be in the top 5 or 6 players who have ever played the game.  But I totally understand where Bucher is coming from.  I remember when Dr. Buss hung on too long to the 80’s Dynasty and got absolutely blind sided by Magic’s retirement.  The 90s were flat out painful for a lot of Laker fans as we had to rebuild.  The truth is Kobe is a dominant alpha dog player and will not give up or even share the spotlight with another player, so you will literally have to wait until he retires before you can rebuild. IMHO, He has 2 or 3 really good years left, and if the Lakers can get a younger superstar and a few good role players for him along with a future 1st round draft pick while his stock is still high, then they should do it and remain a viable championship team for another 10 years. I know It’s hard to do because of all that he’s done, but business is business, and the lakers will always come ahead of a particular player, except for Magic, for me. That is the only way to keep a competetive team and rebuild from the middle of the pack rather than spend the next few years with a one and out playoff team and start from the bottom. Oh, and believe me, if Kobe heard the Lakers were shopping him, he would demand a trade ASAP.  His ego is not going to allow the media to say the Lakers don’t want him but he’s blocking a trade.  He will go where he is wanted.  Just my two cent.