Report: Vanessa Bryant Filing for Divorce from Lakers Star Kobe Bryant

Report: Vanessa Bryant Filing for Divorce from Lakers Star Kobe Bryant


According to TMZ it appears that Kobe Bryant might be a single man again very soon. The celebrity gossip site recently released an article stating that Bryant’s wife Vanessa is filing for divorce. She reportedly cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reasoning behind the divorce.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ … Vanessa — who stuck by Kobe after he was charged with sexually assaulting a Colorado woman in 2003 — decided to end the marriage because she believes Kobe has been unfaithful … again.

TMZ is also reporting that Bryant is doing “whatever it takes” to prevent the divorce and win Vanessa back. If nothing else it comes at a poor time for the Lakers who are desperately looking to rebound from an unpleasant, early exit at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks during the Western Conference Semi-Finals last May.

Apparently Vanessa signed the divorce petition back on Dec. 1, and is seeking half of Bryant’s earnings during the last decade. Since there was no prenuptial agreement the former couple will most likely be forced to settle the case in court.

The family released the following statement:

“The Bryants have resolved all issues incident to their divorce privately with the assistance of counsel and a Judgment dissolving their marital status will be entered in 2012. We ask that in the interest of our young children and in light of the upcoming holiday season the public respect our privacy during this difficult time.”

There are rumors of infidelity beyond the sexual assault case Bryant faced back in 2004.

Best wishes to Kobe and his family as they work through this difficult time.

  • Jerry Lai

    i was somewhat believing it until i saw the money part. half of his last decade’s earnings? GOLD. DIGGER.

    • antonio

      thats the california law he should not have cheated just ask paul mccartney he had to pay $170million to the trick he married..but i feel sorry for the lakers this year bigtime

  • Tradjacob

    shed b lucky to b with kobe

  • trishaizi

    Wow, the last decade???

  • Chris

    that’s ridiculous that this bitch probably has never picked up a basketball in her fucking life but gets half of his money!!..I understand that yeah she needs money to survive but come on that’s just insane..and then they wonder why men want to kill these selfish ungrateful bitches!!…smh

  • abumbyanyothername

    As a divorced male (before I ever moved to California), I was shocked to find out that under California Community Property Law all monies earned by either spouse during the course of the marriage are the community property of the marital estate.  Upon the dissolution of the marriage, each spouse is presumed to be entitled to one-half the marital earnings.  It gets worse if you are a divorcee paying child support from a former marriage . . . that is your responsibility, not the marital estate’s.

    It seems a little harsh, but in other ways . . . isn’t that what marriage is supposed to be about?  Share and share alike.  Would make one think twice (or more) before marrying someone like Vanessa if it were all overtly laid out on the table like that.

  • robert castellanos

    As a man and a father. She can have all she wants if its for my kids as well

  • Yummy1d

    Why is everyone mad at Vanessa? She gets half because it’s the law in California! Start voting and change the law before you start making her out to be a gold digger.

  • abumbyanyothername

    I don’t think that anyone who marries an athlete, politician, movie star or rock star has any standing to complain about infidelity.  In fact, if you marry the most desirable guy you can find, don’t be surprised if he takes his desirability elsewhere.  Unless you are giving him pornstar treatment at home.

  • KW

    ummm yes people. the last decade… the length of their marriage, which she is legally entitled to…especially when the marriage contract is broken with infedility. Not her fault her man’s ego out weighs his morals.

  • antonio

    kobe always had cheated on her  and yes she is about to be paid he done fucked up bigtime yes he is a great b-ball player but his cheating ways was not cool he need to think b4 his actions

  • Stlien

    @antonio…. You sound hella gay! Are you sure your not a girl?

  • As-multani

    She is another gold digging bitch. If you dont wish to be part of the marriage anymore then walkout of the marriage, but to go for half of his earnings, that is just unacceptable. I mean what  has she done to earn half of kobe’s money…..nothing!!! Kobe worked hard to be the superstar he is today and earn the money through hard work, she must’ve enjoyed spending his money and now wtf? Just get a divorce and leave, and I am pretty sure he is a better parent than you, THINK ABOUT the kids for once….

  • Mmcervantes

    10 years is the magic number. If Kobe is in fact a habitual cheater, then she should have left him sooner! She intentionally waited 10 years so she could get lifetime alimony. Vanessa will never remarry at this rate. She preferred to live in a miserable marriage than divorce sooner, she is a classic gold-digging whore!

  • Angie793

    I new this was going to happen, next time get a hood girl she will not being going no where…..

  • Vandiesell40

    i think Kobe is going to b alright i just feel sorry for the kids