Report: Dwight Howard Mocking Kobe Bryant’s Shooting Woes

Report: Dwight Howard Mocking Kobe Bryant’s Shooting Woes


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Washington WizardsIt’s never a good thing when the two best players on a team aren’t on the same page. However, it’s even worse when the team is the Los Angeles Lakers and the players are Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant.

This historic franchise is accustomed to winning, and after an amazing off-season many people expected this roster to set league records. A few months into the season, the Lakers are struggling mightily and they are currently an embarrassing 17-24.The chances of missing the playoffs are beginning to increase and the Lakers are not playing like a cohesive unit.

The chemistry on the court is clearly lacking and Kevin Ding reports that Howard is “mocking” his teammate Kobe Bryant. Bryant is struggling from the field as of late and Howard feels inclined to ridicule the team captain about it.

Despite¬†Kobe Bryant¬†shooting at a career-high level, Howard has mocked Bryant’s shooting stats behind his back when he hasn’t shot well, leaving Lakers teammates feeling awfully uncomfortable.

Something like this is not expected from a team that has championship aspirations and it is quite sad seeing such a division in the Lakers’ locker room.

There have been reports of an apparent Bryant and Howard feud, but the two knocked down the rumors before they could escalate. However, it seems appears as though the two do have animosity for each other. These reports have some truth behind them and there is definitely a chance that Howard and Bryant no longer see eye-to-eye.

Still, it is still a little shocking to hear a center that shoots 50 percent from the free-throw line with limited offensive moves mock the second leading scorer in the NBA.

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  • marcus mims

    really this is a story all players do this

  • TJ Butler

    Ummm Author he’s not the leading scorer and he’s no longer shooting that lil high FG% him and Melo was touting early in the season they both are volume shooters who can’t do anything else!! The leading scorer shots 50+% from the field!!

  • dwightmare

    o now dwight is sorry laker fans i thought he was superman get rid of bynum andrew bynum is a bum o now dwight howard is sorry wow then trade pau gasol the one who won 2 rings with lakers never acted like this toward this lakers team and this how yall treat pau now look dwight could leave and pau still be here smh

  • Weezy M.

    Dayum!! we cant trade em tho.

    this type of stuff happens to teams … we jus gotta put D12 IN HIS PLACE …


    it looks like Ramneet Singh is trying to start ish. everyone on the team knows that dwight is the type that jokes around. he’s been doing it the whole time hes been in basketball. stop trying to blow it up into something that it “aint.” the lakers are having a difficult enough time with this new coach and the offense.

    • Brandon Breeze

      Thank You!!!

  • Pablo Diaz De Leon


  • Always Next Year

    Whoever wrote this blog should spend more time proof reading, and less time spreading rumors. What a dousche nozzle.

    • Brandon Breeze

      U couldn’t of said it better!!!

    • I correct you

      Says the guy that mispelled “douche”.. Buy yes, the idiot that wrote this, is spreading rumors.

    • Laker Fan

      Bottom line is the Lakers coach D A”douche” has to go. He’s a joke and he deserves all the blame.

  • cougar

    tired of watching this garbage. that’s why we needed phil. coz phil knows how to coach people. he woulda set howard straight

  • Hal

    There is no truth to this story and if so where’s your source? The Lakers DON’T need to trade Howard! What they need is TRUST in each other & DISCIPLINE. They need to have each others back & stop talking to the media everyday about why they suck. ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! #lakernation

  • Edgar Hernandez

    Rumors people write because they have possibly nothing else to write about.. Especially since all the nba is talking about the lakers. why not start something to bring the attention this way.

  • the equalizer

    just google kevin ding and read the actual article…it’s not a rumor..kevin is actually in the locker room for all the games,..

    it looks like howard is back to his old ways ie orlando,,,,dwight is holding all the cards and is starting to show his true colors…he knows he has management and the coaches by the balls….that’s why he acts the way he does…that’s a true professional… lakes…

  • bigess

    Get it together as a TEAM!


    can’t blame kobe. nash can’t get howard the ball either howard needs to do more inside to get open for a pass he picks up silly fouls also gets stripped all the time and if that doesn’t happen he goes to the free throw line never has a feel for the game (stuck in the mud all season)of coarse he doesn’t like the direction of the team right now cuz he stinks right now. We need to make a trade for a knock down shooter at the small forward poss. and a good back up point guard for Gasol also bring back mike brown for your paying him anyway either way we lost another season with kobe and now nash. lakers must hit up howard for that extention now I DON’T TRUST HOWARD YOU MIGHT HAVE TO KEEP GASOL AND TRADE HOWARD NOW I HATE TO SAY IT BUT THATS BIZ OR TRADE KOBE AND GASOL FOR 4 SOLID ROLE PLAYERS BIG $$$ ROLE PLAYERS

  • Jose Santiago

    ok let kobe rest today vs memphis and see what howard can do / smh when kobe was with shaquille he shoot the same attemps so it a excuse of howard been soft

  • Douglas Lauder

    If Dwight wants to criticize Kobe, he should do it in private to his face in an earnest attempt to help the team. Also, the Lakers should high Mike Brown to coach their defense.

  • Justa JustaLakerFan

    This time I disagree with Mitch. D’Antoni has got to go. He is killing a championship team forcing his ill fitting system on a team not suited for it. Go after Byron Scott as he was part of showtime Lakers. Or Brian Shaw.

  • TouchZone

    The truth is Dwight Howard has no heart. He’s a big baby who’s just going though the motions when on the court and a cry baby off. Get that loser outta LA ASAP. He’s decent trade bait, but that’s it.