Report: Dwight Howard Close to Extension with Orlando

Report: Dwight Howard Close to Extension with Orlando


According to Dime Magazine, Dwight Howard may be close to signing an extension with the Orlando Magic. This comes as bad news to Laker fans, who have been campaigning for Howard to join Los Angeles since the Lakers’ untimely exit from this year’s playoffs.

Rumor has it the extension is ready and only needs Howard’s signature to make it official. The deal would keep Howard in an Orlando uniform for four more seasons.

There is still a chance that Howard leaves Orlando, and much of that depends on the organizations ability to build a championship caliber team around him. After trying to do so this past season by adding players like Gilbert Arenas, the Magic have made it clear they want Howard to stay and they want to win with him in Orlando. Whether or not they can satisfy Howard with the pieces they have is yet to be seen.

  • voteforpedro

    thats great new! Stanks!!

  • Naron16

    Come tO lakers pleaseee

  • Thirtysixscorpio

    Come to the LakeShow Dwight, they Van Gundy is not gonna get U there

  • Meaniepie1

    Dwight baby go with your heart and it’s most definitely not with the Lakers. Please sign the extension and stay with Orlando a little while longer.

  • Vinniemaclaker

    Go ahead & sign your extension Dwight! You’ll feel bad that you did when you see the Lakers win another title next season. And the Magic getting knocked out of the playoffs in the 1st round every year for as long as your with them. Its either this year with the Lakes or not at all.

  • Keith Swanson

    I think that the Lakers should put more focus on developing and retaining players, rather than always looking to hijack players from elsewhere. We draft good players that wind up helping other teams.
    It makes sense to get a free agent here and there , but we can’t use that as a model. Look at the Knicks who have specialized in that see where they are

  • Lance Manley

    D12 dog lol dont do it plz don’t u want a ring COME TO LA

  • Scotty

    Getting Gilbert Arenas was such a bad idea.  Why pay soooooooo much money for a back up point guard?!  Thats not nearly enough to keep Dwight happy.

  • Gerardo Mayorga7587

    We don’t need Howard ,we need someone to replace Blake and help,fisher. Lakers gave the mavericks a free pass for a championship. I still don’t understand, how we lost after seeing the lakers demolish them the last game of the season, and winning the season series.