Red Auerbach’s Daughter Praises Kobe, Says LeBron Doesn’t Compare

Red Auerbach’s Daughter Praises Kobe, Says LeBron Doesn’t Compare


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Over the past couple of seasons, there have been heated debates about Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. While their places in NBA history will always stir up a conversation, the daughter of Celtics’ Red Auerbach recently praised the Lakers future Hall of Famer and five-time champion.

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In an interview with CLNS Radio, Randy Auerbach says James doesn’t have the same intensity as Bryant when he is on the court:

“I’m not a fan of LeBron. He’s very talented, but he’s not always focused. He doesn’t have the intensity that Kobe, even Kobe. As much as you know how I feel about Kobe, but you can’t take away his talent and his intensity. He gives you 150 percent every game and I don’t know that LeBron does. Sometimes I see him (LeBron) on the court and he looks like he’s staring into space, then he snaps into it, but it’s inconsistent for me.”

In addition to talking about Kobe’s intensity on the court, Auerbach believes the Achilles injury could have been avoided, and says he is one of the greatest players ever:

“When I saw that injury, he didn’t need to have that injury the first one that took him out last year. I saw him fall, he said no I can go back in, saw him fall again, no I can go back in. Never should have put him in again. He was definitely off his game and they didn’t need him. It wasn’t a playoff game. I don’t understand why they did that. That to me is a case where the player ruling the team and not the coach. It’s a shame because regardless of my feelings about the Lakers and Kobe, he’s an enormous talent and one of the greatest players ever.”

Despite the heated rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, true basketball fans can appreciate Kobe’s talent and intensity on the court. Although LeBron has had the most recent success with two straight championships and Kobe is making his way back from injuries, there is no denying that Bryant is one of the greatest players ever. Even Kevin Durant believes Kobe and Michael Jordan are “neck and neck” in terms of skills.

With seven months to prepare for the 2014-15 season, Bryant enters the final two years of his career with hopes of winning another championship that would obviously tie him with Michael Jordan. Although the Lakers have been eliminated from the playoffs, the team will have a high draft pick and cap room to turn the franchise around as soon as this off-season.

(H/T Kobe Bryant – Our Legend)
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  • jj

    respect. although the lakers and celtics rivalry is heated and we’ve gone to a lot of battles, there’s no team i would rather face than them for the championships. can’t wait for the day both teams rise back up and dominate the NBA again.

  • dr

    She can say whatever she wants. She is a student of Dumtoni.

    Lebron is a better play-maker, better re-bounder, and a better defender. The IQ X factor also, goes to James. He has always been a leader.

    Kobe is a better scorer. As a matter of fact, Kobe is the best scorer we have seen in modern era. Yes, better than MJ.

    But, that does not make Kobe better. Basketball is:

    1. Scoring
    2. Play-making
    3. Rebounding
    4. Defense
    5. X factor: IQ

    • tl

      you gotta be the dumbest person ever everybody knows Kobe has one of the highest IQ in the nba

      • R3N3GVD3

        you got that right bro

        • dr

          Bird, Magic, Jordan, LBJ (granted he choked in 2011, but that was due to Spoeltra for not setting up the plays for LBJ), would never willfully do that to their team. Kobe was disrespectful to Shaq, and Jackson said that in his book.

          • comrade24

            Shaq’s work ethic was disrespectful to the team. That kind of hijinx drives professionals crazy. Kobe was right to question him.

      • dr

        that is your take. before, you call anyone, dumb here. bet your IQ is negative……….all the best!!!

        Sure, Kobe’s IQ was so good, that he squandered the 2004 championship by jacking up shots after shots trying to score past triple team!!!!!

        • LakersOverEverything

          Kobe didn’t squander anything, Shaq quit on the team and that should be obvious to anyone with an unbiased opinion

        • LakerNation81

          Last I checked the whole team didnt show up in that championship game. Ben Wallace owned Shaq in those finals. So get off Lebron’s nuts and stop hating on Kobe, being a passer doesn’t mean his IQ is higher, Lebron reads defenses and breaks down teams with penetration and passes, no one reads defenses better than Kobe, he tears down teams with his penetration and infinite ways of scoring that teams defenses are qued on how to stop him and him alone and then he still breaks down that plan, because he knows defenses and offenses like the back of his hand. He can and has adapted to multiple offenses under four different coaches and how dare you say Lebron is a better defender. Granted he chases down and blocks shots from behind, but hike your shorts up and lock a defender down from the perimeter, negative batman, LBJ is not that guy.

      • mauri

        No he is not, when a player tries to score over 3 guys then he is not that smart

        • pro america

          As Kobe was tripled team, pass it to Payton, and drive and dish to Shaq.

        • pro america

          Looks like you are in the minority, his post has 74 likes. Go figure.

    • Art

      D-u-m-b! Dumb!

      • dr

        Clearly, you have stuck your head in the…….Kobe’s first three rings came with Shaq…..Wade or Bosh are not even close to Shaq……………Wasting my time!!

        • dly8

          You should look at kobes stats those 3 years. And kobe also saved their ass when big daddy shaq fouled out.

          • dr

            Shaq 3 Finals MVP!!!

          • Lakan Kildap

            against what opposition? Rik Smits, Dikembe, Dale Davis, Antonio Davis, Theo Ratliff, Jason Collins and an impaired Alonzo Mourning? when Shaq matched up with a prime Hakeem (1995) and Robinson (1999) he got sent home early.

          • Lakan Kildap

            plus they don’t even get past Portland in that 2000 Game 7 without Kobe leading the rally.

        • chandler

          You’re ridiculous. Look at Kobe’s stats and watch those games. You really must have been born in the late 90’s for you to say Kobe got carried. Kobe averaged around 27-5-5 in the regular season, but turned it up in the playoffs to around 33-7-7. LeBron is the opposite. 26-7-7 in the regular season. 25-6-6 in the playoffs. “Wade or Bose are not even close to Shaq.” you’re right. How about Wade AND Bosh? Pretty darn close. Kobe would have won 5 with them. Wade was the 2nd best SG in the league at the time of the “decision” and Bosh was a top 5 PF. Could Kobe have won without Shaq? No. But could Shaq won without Kobe? No! You look at how they played together in the playoffs during their runs, you can tell Kobe wasn’t a 2nd option. Shaq and Kobe were 1a and 1b. Shaq even said that in an interview.

        • Ryan

          First of all to you idiots who say shaq carried kobe an kobe needed shaq this n that. LOOK UP THE STAT SHEETS from the Playoffs from those three years. KOBE WAS DOIN WORK. So was Shaq but dont you ever say one carried the other. Shaq was just in his prime but Kobe EASILY could of took those mvps. Kobe was born in those playoffs an he did it himself. Get a clue

          • ZZ

            Phil Jackson as mentor mentor with B. Shaw…”he did it himself”.

            Would have love to see Kobe, play with the Raptors….Just another TMAC and Vince Carter in the making…or worst.

          • LakerNation81

            Another TMac or VC?? First of all a TMac in his prime gets picked before Lebron. Again a man who reads defenses set up to take him out the game and he just destroys teams regardless. Then he plays defense from the perimeter down in the paint agsinst that teams best player. You get spurts of Lebron guarding a teams best player, protecting him from foul trouble.

    • Ok

      Looks like James’ IQ, scoring, playmaking, rebounding, and defense has only gotten him one ring, lol stfu don’t even know what you’re talking about haha gtfo

      • dr

        and you sound like an illegal immigrant who just got off the boat…yes I realize it is legal to be illegal in Los Angeles.

        • Ok

          And you sound like…wait you’re just an ignorant fool looking to sound smart when in fact, you don’t know what you’re talking about, haha

          • Al Haldie

            You both sound like a couple children – u talk about a waste of time….

        • Eddie Hernandez

          wow you went racial! You are an ignorant SOB!

          • zz

            Pro-America is not racist. But, to a law breaker, they will call it racist. How is immigration status has to do with Race. There are a lot of European in the USA who are illegal.

            You are America Hating law breaker.

      • lakerfan

        Fuck No.. Kobe has better IQ, and is a better play maker. When Kobe plays in the Pg position he looks like a Point guard.. Lebron is just big and strong, He looks so stiff has no post moves no nothing just run, and run and dunk. Drive in Dish out a pass. And plus the Heat have real good scorers. I wanna see Lebron play when he hits 33-35 years of age.

    • jr

      She never said Kobe was physically better than Lebron, in terms of rebounding, assists, etc… All she said was that Kobe always gives you 100%. Which is true. Kobe’s intensity when it comes to the game unmatched.

      • Dede

        Red Auerbach’s daughter is just that, his daughter. She sound like a kid in grade school. I’m thinking LeBron have no ideal who you are lady, remember you are not your dad.

    • Chris Green

      Your goofy how is james a better defender? Kobe checks point guards the best ball handlers on the court. Basketball is shooting ball handling, free throws, defense, passing, rebounding, foot work, block shots, posting up, and IQ. James beats kobe in rebounding and block shots thats it. And if they played one on one kobe hands down every time

      • Chris Green

        James is not a play maker what games do u watch? They run plays and he passes to open people. He’s not braking down defense with his ball handling skills

    • R3N3GVD3

      first off you got it wrong basketball is only 1 thing and thats winning
      which we all know Kobe tops LeBron on that, Kobe understands do what ever its takes to win. your basically saying LeBron stats are better but stats doesn’t win games something Kobe obviously doesn’t care about, hes about winning. he knew that playing with shaq

      basically what shes trying to say… its a shame you didn’t get that

      • dr

        How is that? Lebron’s first 10 seasons, 4 finals, 4 MVP, 2 Rings. Without Shaq.

        If you compare Kobe’s first 10 seasons, to LBJ’s first 10 seasons. The disparity is quite clear. The choice is clear who gets the spot on the Mr. Rushmore.

        • dr

          And 2 Finals MVP!!!!

        • iDontCare

          Didn’t Shaq join LeBron in Cleveland? I know he was old but still. Wasn’t it LeBron who left Cleveland for an easy way out? I know Kobe wanted to leave LA but he DIDN’T. LeBron DID.

          • dr

            Shaq was way too old playing 16 minutes per gam. VS in LA 35 minutes 27 ppg 12 rbg.

            Now you are showing your IQ..It counts in Basketball.

          • iDontCare

            Relax, you mock people on the INTERNET! I just find it funny how you are on the this quest to prove every soul out there that LeBron is better than Kobe. I would insult you but then I would be just as bad as you.

          • dr

            Ok, good night. Take care……Thanks.

        • jb

          LeBron played with Shaq in Cleveland never won, Wade played with Shaw and won

        • Young Trout

          Shesh quit chewing on Lebrons nutsack

        • K.Y

          You say without shaq like Kobe had no say in those ships. Sir please look at those stats in those winning seasons and come to reality that Kobe raised his game from about 27 a game in regular season to about 33 a game in playoffs. Don’t be bought by the bandwagon fans of LBJ and his illusion of greatness. he’s a beast because his bulkiness. Reason his shot will never be in the like of MJ or KB. Fg % yes but why will his be better is the real question? Sir Lebrons greatness is an illusion and I ask you to literally think about it. Plz I want someone to see this as it is so plz look into lebron and his greatness claim. It’s not as good as most believe. Reason Mj says kb is closest to him, Durant says mj and kb are 1A and 1B, Jamaal Crawford saying KB is next after Jordan. I am sorry I am venting but I read comments on the lbj vs kb fiasco and I never comment about it. Occasionally I choose 1 comment and I try my darnest to convince atleast to see If that person can adhere to obvious illusion of an incredible Hulk playing against a bunch of smurfs. Of course he’ll dominate. Doesn’t make him the best at the sport when the level of playing field is at a disadvantage for him. Plz look into this for me and don’t think that I’m trying to say who’s wrong and right but I want to convince a LBJ fan of the advantages he’s had and has. He did team up with two players in their prime that were taking their respectful teams to the playoffs. KB had Shaq. And Kb wasn’t even in his prime yet. But LBJ dance on the sidelines and made commercials about shoes. Still has the playful character now but look at his demeanor in Cleveland (playful) and look at him now after the shame of “the decision ” he’s more focused. This is simply what Mrs Aurebach was saying. Sorry for the venting. Please contact if we can continue to further the debate. Only civilized tho.

          • proamerican

            That is the point. KB was not in his Prime for the firest three Rings. So Shaq had to carry the load (Rebounding and Interior Defense is something any SG cannot provide, and that wins Rings). If they had won in 2004, Kobe had primed, and Shaq was the Robin that year. Kobe should have found a way to use a post Prime Shaq to win. When, Shaq was prime, they won.

            You have answered your own question.

          • Gab Sanchez

            It’s not right to say Shaq carried Kobe. Kobe worked for those championships as much as Shaq did. Kobe averaged 7 rebs during those playoff runs so yeah, he helped with the rebounding too despite being a shooting guard. And although he couldn’t provide interior defense, he was arguably the best perimeter defender during those days. And guess who took over games everytime Shaq fouls out? (which he did a lot during those playoff runs) Guess who handles the ball when the opposing team pulls off a hack-a-shaq because Shaq couldn’t hit his free throws? It was Kobe. I could be wrong so I guess Dennis Rodman carried Jordan because he brought rebounding and interior defense which an SG (even Michael Jordan) couldn’t provide.

            Lebron might very well be the better athlete and a better team player, but no one in their right mind can say that Lebron is better than Kobe in terms of skills. Kobe has the better post moves, better foot work, better handle, and better shooting form. You can make a case for Lebron being the better passer but in terms of overall skills Kobe is better than Lebron. I would be surprised to see Lebron playing as well as Kobe once he loses his athleticism. Right now, Lebron might very well be the better player but it’s not a fair comparison as they are from different eras.

      • dr

        Basketball is winning. Then, Lebron has done that as good as any in his first ten seasons.

        Bird had 3 Real Max Contract Players: Mchale, Parish, DJ

        Magic 2: Worthy and Kareem (Old and past prime)

        Jordan : Pippen,

        LBJ: .5 Bosh, .75 Wade

        • dr

          Kobe: Shaq = 2 Max Contract Player (First 8 Seasons)

        • Jade Baxter

          bottom line…………….when the game is on the line…….I want Kobe to have the ball……….period…….and scene!

          • Zz

            Lebron is ranked number one for last shot of the game. Kobe is number 4. There is a post here with references.

        • Wizard24

          .5 bosh won them two championships. The x-factor in the finals with OKC goes to Bosh out performing Harden. Also don’t forget those 2 key rebounds at the end of game 6 vs the Spurs. SML I bet half these people who try to flame the lakers on their own web page didn’t even watch the damn games they think they know all about.

    • idionatic

      are you crazy? what the fuck are you watching lately? so dumb, your getting in my nerves

      • dr

        You sound like an illegal immigrant too! Get your language straight boy.

        • Alfred Luna

          talk basketball, racist dumbass

          • zz

            Sounds like typical America Haters. Pro-America, is Racist. Try that in China or Russia or even Canada.

        • illegalimmigrant

          S oyou ignorant sir, illegal immigrants don’t watch NBA? You are making it like they are not smart, USA is #25 on education in the world, how about that? You yourself don’t sound smart.

          • dr

            Then don’t live in the USA. There are 24 other countries for you. Case closed.

    • SD

      we’re talking about apples and oranges here. since you’re talking about what basketball is…you do know…that when the game was created…and positions were created…each position was given certain duties. So in knowing that…you should know that a SG is not expected to do the same things as a SF…especially when you think about size. Kobe is 6’6 205 lbs….LeBron is 6’8 250 lbs..SF’s are supposed to be able to defend from SG to SF to PF…by design they are your multitool in basketball. To me, what makes Bron special is his ability to pass and his athleticism. Kobe is special because he has the best footwork the game has ever seen, the ability to score from any spot on the court (shooting guards are supposed to be able to do that), and his work ethic/mentality on the court which is as big of a part as winning as skill or athleticism.

      They’re both great. I give Kobe a notch because he’s done things on the court that NO ONE has ever seen before. It took me a long time to give Bron credit because no other great has willingly gone to play with 2 future hall of fame players in their PRIME. It was unprecedented, and it makes me question his mind state at that time. Could Lebron have won with just Bosh? or with just Wade? I don’t know.

      • dr

        Bosh is over rated. He is just an “Odom”. He fooled the league with that 24 points 12 rebounds in Toronto. Also, that was regular season stats. He was never a playoff tested player. Seeing him play with the heat. I can easily name 20 Centers/PF that are ahead of Bosh.

        • dr

          Wade, if you see him play last 3 seasons, Is not so PRIME, if he needs “back to back game’, rest. I have never seen this in Prime TOP NOTCH players. So, clearly, Wade is over rated. This current Wade is not the one we saw in 2006 finals.

          LBJ is making the best of the situation.

          • SD

            This year? he’s not in his prime…and last year he was struggling with his health..but he was the reason they were able to get over the hump against SAS….their first 2 years together…he most certainly was still in his prime….it wasn’t until last season that the injury bug bit him…but he’ll be the difference this season too.

        • SD

          The problem with you saying Bosh is “overrated” is the simple fact that he never got the chance to prove you wrong. Bosh isn’t a center…and that’s the difference between his rebounding #’s. IF Kevin Love was asked to play Center…the same would happen. Bosh, in Toronto, was a perimeter based PF…much like Love. Slender build and all. “regular season stats” invalidate players? Ok. and Not 20…not even 10 centers of PF ahead of bosh. At the time, they went to miami…they were all all-stars…in their prime. That’s just a fact.

        • Steve

          You are wrong about Bosh.without Boshs’ skills the heat don’t win. You’ll see.

      • comrade24

        idk, i don’t think Bosh is an automatic hall of famer. maybe, depending on how many rings Lebron wins him

        • SD

          at the time bosh went to miami, his career’s trajectory was hall of fame worthy. his #’s were…and are still pretty insane. imagine if he continues to average 22 pts, 9-10 rebs a game and get all nba honors and all star bids. We can’t say for sure anything, but I think if he’d gone to the Bulls…they might have had a championship appearance that year instead of miami.

    • Eddie Hernandez

      you are an idiot…Lebrick will never win 5 championships! In the future when historians have this conversation his name will be an afterthought like other great rebounders such as barkley, moses Malone and karl Malone! When it comes to being great he will be measured by CHANPIONSHIPS not rebounding!!!!

      • zz

        Outside Los Angeles, Kobe is known as Pippen to Shaq. Yes Pippen won six rings.

    • marvell

      Shut that weak shit up kobe will always I repeat always be better then lebron

    • marvell

      Paul george is gonna b better then lebron next year lebron cannot shoot 80% of his shots comes from in the paint

  • Patrick Jackson


  • Ll

    This dr guy calling people ”illegal immigrants” because people don’t agree with him and call him dumb. You sure aren’t that much smarter then those illegal immigrants your replying to

    • Guest

      Can’t blame humanity, humans will always put others down so that they themselves can feel better.

      I am not saying that I don’t do that sometimes, but we sure can be a better person by ignoring these people.

    • iDontCare

      He has nothing better to do.

    • dr

      Thanks for sharing this with me. Peace.

    • ProAmerica

      Being Pro America is dumb. Being Pro America is racist.

      Let’s get a real life.

  • dr

    Kobe is better than LBJ. LBJ sucks.

    • Jade Baxter

      and LeBrons contract comes up…….watch him jump ship again and leave the Miami fans just as pissed as Cleveland………he will follow the money and a team he knows he can win on…… least Kobe remained loyal to his franchise…….how many players are doing that today??? I can name maybe 3………….

      • zz

        Jade, he did not follow the money to go to Miami. He left tons of money on the table.

        At least Kobe remained loyal. Did he not threat to leave in 2004 and 2007.

        And, who would not be loyal when, Kobe’s last five years are worth, $140 million. No other team would have paid him that.

        Loyalty to money.

  • dr

    Kobe’s IQ, Rebounding, Play Making, Scoring is off the chart. He owns LBJ in every way. LBJ is just a poor unfortunate player who had to go to Miami to win.

    Are we good now?

  • LA!

    kobe and lebron play different positions. this DR dude that’s commenting here just pisses me off. players nowadays even admire kobe with his talents. he’s not the kobe of old but that dude is a winner. he lifted his team last yr to the playoffs. if he wasn’t got injured, that team can still make noise with the injuries and everything. thats a fact with or without shaq. lebron have wade and bosh that’s 3 superstars in one team. the heat just got lucky last yr i think everyone knows that but that is basketball. no disrespect to lebron he is a great player tho.

    • dr

      Bosh is not a superstar. Looking at Bosh, Odom was a better player.

      Wade is not the Wade of 2006 with all the injuries.

      It is clear all you watch is the last place Lakers.

      There is more to NBA. Cross town rivals, OKC, the Heat and the Rockets.

      I realize if all you are watching is NBD(D league)A, then your reference point is just that. The Lakers are a D League team right now. A collection of Vega bonds.

      • LA!

        if Bosh plays with another team without James or Wade he can easily put up 20 & 10. maybe you are right with Wade that he is not the same player that he was but he can still put up 15-5-5 every game or even more if Lebron is not with the team. just accept the fact that James won his rings with those 2 players and the same with Kobe before you bring it up to me. he won his first 3 rings with Shaq but he stood his own especially against the Pacers wherein he got injured and came back in the series and won the game when Shaq fouled out. yes i watch this last placed Lakers team because i’ll live and die with them win or lose not such a bandwagon type of fan. go ahead and make fun with this team cause i’m sure they’ll be back soon. count that!

        • zz

          Just Accept the fact that Kobe Won his first three Rings with Shaq as the Batman, and Kobe as the Robin.

          • LA!

            did you read what i posted? lol i admitted that. tss. there’s no way Kobe as the Batman and Shaq as Robin. Shaq is on his prime and Kobe just a couple years in the league. NO ONE WINS THE CHAMPIONSHIP BY THEMSELVES.

            Bird- Parish, McHale
            Magic- Worthy, Kareem
            Jordan- Pippen
            Duncan-Robinson/TP, Manu
            Kobe- Shaq/Pau
            Lebron- Wade, Bosh

          • zz

            Bird was most Blessed, He had Mchale, Parish, and DJ (DJ won in Seattle before he came to Boston. Do not you thinkg he would get max contract if playing today?)

      • Dragon7s

        “Bosh is not a superstar.” Had to stop reading right there…lmao

        Do you even follow basketball or are you simply trolling for replies?

        • pro america

          Someone who grabs 6 rebounds, and can not play defense. NOT SUPER STAR.


  • Leo

    Respect to her… and she is right. Kobe’s intensity is unmatched. NBA fans love or hate him – just like MJ or Bird – but You cannot ignore him and be neutral about him. LBJ is a rare talent but does not generate feelings in every NBA fan. He is just another great talent.

  • truth24

    Kobe will not win his 6th with this roster. Must trade Henry, marshall, kelly, gasol, young, farmar, brooks, bazemore, sacre, hill, meeks, johnson. Nash just needs to retire. I’m just stating what’s obvious. The Clippers have a deeper roster plus this is doc’s first year of coaching they will get better. They already gave the Lakers their worst loss in franchise history. I dont see the lakers being able to hang with em in the long run. Lol you think marshall can hang with cp3?????? Righttttt. Whats even sadder is that doc rivers and now phil jackson are making basketball decisions, they will be able to attract players. Jim buss has zero knowledge of basketball and I doubt anyone wants to play for him. Lakers must make room for Wiggins and hire Jerry Sloan for coach.

  • Hater gon hate!24alldayallday!

    Kobe ! all day everyday!!!

  • dr

    LBJ’s first 10 seasons:

    4 Finals
    2 Championships
    4 MVP
    2 Finals MVP
    (all without Shaq, the best player for the fist 6 of Kobe’s seasons).

    2 times Best Record with Cleveland (minus LBJ, that would be. 250 team).

    With Mimami: Bosh is over rated. Wade unfortunately with injuries has not been the Wade of 2006.

    Conclusion: Kobe’s fist 10 seasons kills LBJ’s.

    • ZZ

      That’s right brother! We will have to wait and see how LBJ’s season 11 and forward play out, to compare Kobe v LBJ part two. LBJ is not done yet.

  • Jimmy Besos

    The hate is as bad as the hype:

    “Kobe is selfish”.
    In Lakers history, only Magic Johnson and Jerry West have more career assists than KB24.

    “His own teammates hate him.”
    Wilt and West didn’t get along. Kareem and Magic clashed. Jordan’s teammates weren’t all nicey-nice toward MJ23 either. But you know what? Rings don’t lie.

    “Kobe had Shaq.”
    Yeah, Kobe won three championships with Shaq, and two without Shaq. Shaq’s got four rings. Rings don’t lie.

    “LeBron’s won two championships.”

    You must have been watching a different NBA Finals, then. It was all Ray Allen. Not only wouldn’t there be a championship, there wouldn’t even have been a Game 7 without Allen’s last-minute threes. All LeBron did was remove his sweatband.

    Anyone with any basketball sense will tell you that Kobe beats LeBron hands down. If you doubt that, just remember: RINGS DON’T LIE.

    • ZZ

      That can be said of all of Kobe’s and Shaq’s Ring. Big Shot Horry and Fish bailed the Lakers out many times.

      • Jimmy Besos

        Oh, man! That game-winning shot Horry put up against the Spurs was CLASSIC!! Who got the assist on that shot, btw?

        • zz

          Fisher put it up. Are we on the same.

          • Jimmy Besos

            Not even close. You’re focusing on one shot that Fish put up to try to make your case, while ignoring the year before, when KB24 fed Horry the 3 that put the Spurs in a 3-1 hole in the Western Conference finals. You’re also ignoring the year before that, when Kobe’s defense against the Trail Blazers sparked the rally that eliminated Portland in the Western Finals that year. If you want to make your point, it helps if you look at the entirety of their championship runs, instead of just four-tenths of one second of one game.

  • Don Sullivan

    You know what’s sad is the cancelled CP3 trade. This deprived
    the fans of the Kobe vs James in the finales. It would have been epic like
    Magic and Bird. Maybe if the Lakers can get it together, not next season but
    the one after when they get Love, and the heat after they get bounced out of
    the playoff picture this year come roaring back the following season, maybe,
    just maybe, Lakers and Heat, Kobe and James, for all the marbles. Yeah very big
    longshot, but wouldn’t it be grand.

    • mr

      You are assuming that Kobe and CP3 were going to the finals.

      • Golteb

        I believe Don is assuming that since CP3 joined the Clippers, the team had improved so much hence, being that much of an impact to an average team, imagine what CP3 would do to a team with Kobe and Gasol in it. No a long shot at all.

  • Terrence Vocals

    I’m still trying to figure out the point of this article lol maybe it’s my ignorance but what credentials does Randy Auerbach have that makes her statements about LeBron vs. Kobe article-worthy? The fact that she’s Red’s daughter doesn’t mean anything lol

  • aaron

    The F*** does she know. Why put out these pointless articles. She lost me after the first two sentences.

  • zz

    A lot of you piked Kobe as the Last Shot Man. That was emotional. Here is the Answere.

    Go to Swish NBA dot COM

    LBJ Wins. With 11 Less Shots so far, and LBJ is still going to play a few more years, when, it all said and done, this will not even be close for KObe.

    Post Season; a shot to tie or take the lead

    Last 24 seconds

    Kobe: 7 for 28 (25.0%)

    LeBron: 7 for 17 (41.1%)

  • ranfan

    Lol the amount of trolling is hilarious here.

  • troll

    Troll Troll Troll all the Way Troll.

    Since when is Red’s daughter an expert. Sounds personal.

  • proamerica

    Kobe is always being pitted against Jordan. Let’s get this opinion first?

    Bird or Kobe?

    I do not even know!!!

  • proamerica

    “tl dr • 2 days ago
    you gotta be the dumbest person ever everybody knows Kobe has one of the highest IQ in the nba”

    If this was ever analysed, it clearly would demonstrate who is the “dumbest person ever”?

    To make such a strong statement denigration, this requires the said author to be examined in his/her total life style to establish why there is so much hostility? It is way off the norm.