Rare Footage of a Very Young Kobe Bryant in Italy

Rare Footage of a Very Young Kobe Bryant in Italy


See if you can find a young 8 year old Kobe Bryant chomping away and seeing what future awaits him on the 94×50 hunk of wood.

Thanks to @Gotem_Coach for the find!

  • LakerLuver89

    haha! hasn’t changed at all. Who would have known that in 10 yrs from then, that little kid would be a phenomenal HS player and go on to be an NBA great?

  • Qwill82


  • Gary Belton

    I’m posting this assuming that coach Brown won’t see it but I have to try. This may seem an odd idea but I can just about assure success with this idea. Lamar Odom needs to be the starting point guard. But how you say, if you watch footage of lamar  getting switched up and having to defend against Steve Nash, Chris paul and a few other star points in the game the same thing happens over and over. Because he squats well and has a long arm span, smaller guards have a hard time getting around him and usually give the ball up around the three point line. Watch footage and you’ll see what I mean. Also ever wondered why Lamar doesn’t get more triple doubles. Its because his game is patterned after Magic and while he can play with the bigs his truest talents show when he’s controlling the ball, he’s an excellent distributer and towers over most (like 98%) guys at that position. Again I know that most will think this sounds crazy but I say to that watch the footage. Lamar is a point guard in a large small forwards body and if we’re ever going to see the Lamar we’ve all dreamed of I’m sure that moving him off the bench and into the one spot would bring one of the games most well rounded players into the spot light. LAMAR at the one is a monster waiting to happen. LAKERNATION!!!!!

    • Zionbliss30

      I think this post is genius.  I’ve been saying similar (back-up PG) for years.  I hope Brown has a flexible view of the team and basketball, like we do.

    • LoveLakers

      Amen on that!

    • Matthewhaotran

      LO can’t run the pick and roll, which even our triangle offense, was run 30% or more of the time.  The types of passes LO has amazed us with are not the fundamental passes a point guard makes on an every game basis that we take for granted.  Nice try, but you obviously do not know enough about basketball and you’re just a casual fan who wants the best players on the court in any combination.  Doesn’t work that way.

      • JayAych

        Why was that last part necessary? You probably can’t even play basketball.

  • LakerLiker

    Hagoka, you’re gay for misspelling usual.

    This video is a GREAT find! It’s as if the camera guy knew that 8 year old boy would be the greatest NBA player of all time some day.

    • shaun

      I gotta stop you their, MJ

      • Ron_Don

        KB24 > MJ23

        • http://www.facebook.com/alexander.yuan Alex Yuan

          no…laker/kobe fan, but no

  • Patrick Lide

    looks like he’s ready to go get in some booty then killer instink early

  • Pat

    lakers rocks!!!!!