Ranking Mitch Kupchak’s Player Transactions As Lakers General Manager

Ranking Mitch Kupchak’s Player Transactions As Lakers General Manager


Since taking over for Jerry West as the Lakers’ General Manager prior to the 2000-01 season, Mitch Kupchak has made some of the most memorable and successful transactions in team history. Kupchak first made his splash as the team’s G.M. by signing Karl Malone and Gary Payton in 2003, and he has recently formed a Big Four in Los Angeles, bringing Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to town to join forces with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

In the following pages, I have ranked all of the major player transactions Kupchak has made throughout his tenure as G.M. of the Lakers.

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12. Almost Acquiring Chris Paul: December, 2011: Before we talk about all of the wonderful deals Mitch Kupchak has helped make happen that were actually approved, let’s recognize the one which was eventually vetoed by Commissioner David Stern. Despite the Chris Paul trade of December, 2011 being thwarted, we still have to give Kupchak his credit. The man worked his magic to bring arguably the best point in the game to the Lakers. It’s not his fault those “basketball reasons” intervened.

Now that the Lakers have Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, the vetoed CP3 trade seems like ages ago. I think the Lakers would rather have a nucleus of Kobe, Pau, Nash and Howard than Kobe, Paul and Bynum any day of the week.


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  • Maro

    this should be number 2, number 1 should be not losing kobe when he wanted to leave even though that isnt a transaction

  • Gerland Smith

    The best ever laker adition was the signing of Gary Payton on 2003-04, it provided to the lakers the best point guard of NBA History…

    • Elmer Chavarria

      LOL was just Allen Iverson selfish and even got Fisher on the bench, I hated that he came and ruined the Lakers.

  • Lakerfreak

    Gasol trade us greater than Dwight trade in my opinion. We went from a team that would get eliminated the first round to making the finals. And won two in a row afterwards. With the roster before the lakers acquired Dwight we could have still won it all. I certainly think we are better with Dwight and it was a huge trade but I think the Gasol trade should be #1. A draft bust, a couple players that will never be anything and a player who 4 years later became an all star for an All- World player. As to where the lakers gave up an established all star center.

    After throwing that into the discussion….man, it’s ridiculous what the lakers have done since Mitch took the reigns. And we had our doubts when he took over. Imagine making a list of laker moves since the Gail Goodrich trade the turned into Magic.

  • Alexxa

    It also assured box office sucess for at least a couple of years!!!!

  • Elmer Chavarria

    If howard is Number deal, See number 2 it go us 2 rings, so It seems that number 1 deal will and should get us more than 2 rings =)