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Questions to Ask at Lakers Practice

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As you can see, we have a great time when we get to go to Lakers Practice and what we want to do is really get YOU the fans in on some great questions.


So, here’s the deal – Leave a comment below with your name and the question you’d like to ask to a specific player or coach. If we select the question, we’re going to try and tell the Lakers Player who is asking this question and get them to respond to YOU.

Let Loose Lakers Nation!


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  • JeddS.

    Kobe, with all your time at practice, how much time do you actually get to spend playing Call of Duty Black Ops?

  • JayTirta

    Kobe, any secrets on how to as unstoppable as you?

    • Jasmar Tirtasengadja

      how to be as unstoppable*

  • Jester562

    Lamar, do you think having steady cudi helped you have steady numbers on the court, and does being married helped your court game?

  • Francesca

    Hi, my name is Francesca and I was just wondering how the awesome Zen Master aka coach Phil Jackson feels about a Lakers vs. Bulls Final?! Personally, I would absolutely love it! I think it would be amazing as well as history in the making as this is coach Phil’s final year as a coach! Of course I’m sad to see him go, but seeing the Lakers and the Bulls battle it out for their best coach ever, would totally make my summer! By the way, I’m a hardcore Lakers fan, but even if they were to lose to the Bulls for the Championship, I wouldn’t be mad!(although a Lakers 3peat is what we all want)!!! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Santiago-Murcia/100000455515822 Santiago Murcia

    Lamar – Has the pressure of the post season started to linger in the back of your head, and if not do you know that Laker Fans all over are focused on YOU to be our savior this post season. We are only as good as the head of the Killer Bees is.

  • Jasonayala

    since when was D-Wills back on the team?

  • Princess

    Kobe, who do feel are the leading candidates for MVP this year? and is your name included in that list

  • Princess

    who do u feel*

  • Asheli B.

    Pau, how do you deal with the constant talk of your “soft play”? And is it motivating to hear people label you as that?

  • Sean Woods

    Shannon, what exercises do you do to get such crazy hops? Any tips?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Santiago-Murcia/100000455515822 Santiago Murcia

    Kobe – How set are you in solidifying YOUR Legacy as an NBA Player this year. Many people see you as the greatest of all time, but where do you see yourself Kobe. While all eyes are on the big 3 in miami this post season, TRUE Laker fans want to know if the Mamba’s mind is set on coming home with the bling. Once we know you are on that mode with certainty, then the rest is but a blink of an eye….. see you at the parade.

  • Stan Hastings


    Koby, I remember back in the day with Magic Johnson, Scott, Worthy and the rest that there were games when we did not know who was gonna show up for a game like this team before the allstar break. Playoffs was starting and Magic said “Its Playoff time….Its Showtime” Lakers kicked some butt in the playoffs and I believe they won that year….Koby, its playoffs time soon. The teams appears to be back and ready….Is It Showtime????

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Santiago-Murcia/100000455515822 Santiago Murcia

    d fish – No disrespect, I love you to death! but if your neck starts to ache because of younger, faster pointguards blowing past you, will you pull yourself out and call on steve to take over??

  • Sandraespinoza84

    - Sandra Espinoza.

    Shannon Brown & Kobe, You Two Are My Favorite Players And I’m Just Curious, How Close Are You Guys Off The Court? How Is Your Relationship Like?

  • Sandraespinoza84

    -Sandra Espinoza.

    To All Lakers, I Am A Huge Laker Fan I Want To Make A Documentry About You Guys! I Know It Sounds Crazy Because I’m Only 17, And It Probably Won’t Happen, But What Would It Mean To You Guys If Someone Like Me Would Make A Documentry Dedicated To You Guys?

  • mario2love

    do you guys have a secret crush on a celebs?

  • Radiohead9

    Myna Gill (My-nah)

    To any Laker: If you could pick any team from the east to meet in the finals, who would you choose and why?

    • Roger120

      I choose celtics. Why? I want them to be embrassed and beaten badly by Lakers.

  • Sharelg

    Hi Kobe,
    I just want to know if the Black Mamba will come out in the playoffs

  • Last1nehere

    kobe,lamar,pau,bynum-what do you think went wrong earlier on the season and how did you guys change it to be playing at the level you are now?
    also do u believe your going to get the #1 seed in the west?

  • Aknathan97

    To Kobe:
    Do you feel Thursdays game against the Mavs should be one of those “must wins” taking it if you get the 2 seed that you will face a hornets team without David West that you beat Sunday night instead of a blazers team with a now recovering Brandon Roy?

  • Bradley

    Kobe – would a 3 peat be sweeter won in Boston or LA ?
    Drew – any new cars ?
    DFish – What do you send Kaman for Xmas ?
    RonRon – 4seconds left, game 7 in Boston, you are guarding RR w the ball. Force him to shoot, pass or drive to the hoop?
    Pau – did you meet Lady Gaga? Is she as hot as pics?

  • Kjtsiaperas

    How can they carry their excellent play into the playoffs.

  • #24>#6

    Which team are you guys the most worried about right now?

    • #24>#6

      By the way my name is Yusuf.

  • Dtogawa

    Kobe which team would you rather face in the finals Bulls or the Heat.

  • EfromBOA

    Andrew Bynum, what are your feelings about Derek Fisher getting traded? Do you think you and Pau Casol are indeed a representation of the “twin towers” (as is last team) to coach Brown?

    E. from BOA (xoxo)

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