Pulse of the Fan: An Open Letter to Lakers’ Executive Jim Buss

Pulse of the Fan: An Open Letter to Lakers’ Executive Jim Buss


Dear Mr. Buss,

Being a Lakers fan is extremely hard. Why you ask? Ridicule. Ridicule from fans of every other team, and some people who don’t even like basketball but “hate” the Lakers. I’m sure no one is bold enough to stand in your face and talk about how bad they performed or looked in the playoffs. We hear it day in and day out.

It is hard because of our expectations. We don’t expect to make the playoffs. Most teams in the NBA would be excited to make the post-season as often as we do. Just ask the Clippers. But Mr. Buss, this is not good enough for us. We expect to win the title. Period. We expect nothing less than to win every year, and that is hard for you to live up to. We know that, but I’m sorry. That is the level of expectation you have set for us.

Sir, we are not dumb fans. I personally believe we are the sharpest, most analytical fans on earth. We are not blind to the facts of the new CBA but we don’t feel like it should stop our success. Although it is far fetched for me to believe you actually read some of our favorite blogs, we research, we plan, and we work within the system to create a solution to the teams’ problem.

We want to return to the glory days of “Showtime.” We want the best point guard in the league playing alongside the best center in the league. We want starters who would be All-Stars on teams in the East and bench players who would start on any other team in the NBA. Tying these elite players with the absolute best player of this era could create something that could eclipse even the great “Showtime” era. Yes, it is a tall order but these new “Showtime” Lakers, let’s call them “Lakers HD,” could create the one thing that we all strive for individually. Legacy. In our own lives we all want to leave a legacy. To feel like we are part of something larger than ourselves. This is your opportunity.

How can this be accomplished you ask? Simple. Throw caution to the wind. Swallow the pill and disregard the new CBA. We know the facts of our current contracts. Bynum for $16.4 million, Gasol for $19 million and Kobe for $27.8 million puts us in a situation where blinking hard puts us over the cap. With the new CBA you would pay somewhere near $45 million in luxury tax, up from $19.9 million. Starting in 2013-14, teams more than $4 million above the tax level cannot receive a player in a sign-and-trade transaction. Thus, now is the time!

The time is now Mr. Buss. Time to improve. Time to construct a new team and a new legacy. We have the perfect centerpiece in Kobe Bryant to build around to win now. The right pieces would allow us to win in the future after he retires. Lets not squander his remaining years leaving us to think about “what if and could have been.” Leave your mark on the NBA sir. Do it now.

Concerned, loyal & devoted fan,

Robert Cheeseboro

Note: All thoughts and opinions expressed above are that of Mr. Cheeseboro and do not reflect the opinions of Lakers Nation as a whole.

  • Sarah

    Great article, I completely agree.

  • Alvaro7

    I completely agree, what do you all thing about this trades?? they would give as a huge chance of winning next year

    Player2012/132013/14kobe bryant$27,849,000$30,453,000pau gasol$19,000,000$19,285,850andrew bynum$16,473,002$0metta world peace$7,258,960$7,727,280ramon sessions$4,551,626(po)$0steve blake$4,000,000$4,000,000josh mcroberts$3,135,000$0jordan hill$3,632,526(to)$4,896,645matt barnes$0$0troy murphy$0$0christian eyenga$1,174,080$2,119,214devin ebanks$0$0andrew goudelock$762,195(to)$0darius morris$937,195(qo)$0derrick caracter$0$0totals:$80,306,668$61,466,130player option / team option / qualifying offer / amnestied
    I think that the most important thing for the lakers is KOBE BRYANT and how bad he really wants this championship and what he is willing to sacrifice for it. If i was the lakers that i would do is:
     (1) Have a meeting with Kobe and sign a new deal worth 70-80 million dollars for 4 years, winning between 17,5-20 million a year which is still a lot of money but not the 28-30 million he is going to earn for the next two years, this would give the lakers room to operate
    (2)Once the lakers do these kobe should DESPERATELY try to convince KG and D12 to come to the lakers, i think that if people see how kobe earns less money there desire to play for the lakers will grow just like what happened in miami, D12 recently said that all he wants is to go to a team that can win and quick and the lakers i think is definetely his best option,same with KG he and KObe and really close friends and i thing theirs a chance the´ll work it out. Players with contract→Steve Blake, Kobe Bryant, MWP, Christian Eyenga, Pau Gasol, Mcroberts, Andrew Bynum.(78,890,042)What moves should the lakers do:The best option would be:(1)      Orlando Magic receives: Kyle Lowry and Brook Lopez and Eyenga( to match salaries between all of the teams)(2)     Brooklyn Nets receive Dwight Howard,Luis Scola and McRobert(to match salaries), then they could sign Steve Nash and have a really good chance of competing in the east.(3)     Houston Rockets receive Pau Gasol, Steve Blake and MWP(4)     Los Angeles Lakers receive Deron Williams, Kevin Martin and Chase Budinger
    -Sign a 4 year deal with D12 worth 65-75 million dollars, and sign Kevin MARTIN FOR 2-3 YEARS WORTH 17,5-22 million dollars, I think kevin martin will accept these if he actually talks with kobe and realizes he is 31 has only one year and this is probably the only chance he is going to have to compete for a championship and is not like he is getting the veteran´s minimum or something like that he is getting 6-7 million a year.
    -Sign Odom for the veterans minimum, doesn´t matter he is not coming with the team until December, we can use some other players and the 4 during that time.
    -Sign KG if Kobe convinces him to go for a championship run for 2 years worth 14-16 million, that´s 7-8 million a year which is pretty good and he is going to compete for a championship caliber team, if he decides to resign with Boston SIGN ERSAN ILYASOVA, the lakers need a good shoteer that rebounds the ball, that´s why pau gasol did so bad, because he is a low post player not a guy that plays away from the basket, and if you actually wacthed boston during the playoffs what KG has at this stage in his career is a really good game outside the basket, he can really make long jumpers, same as Ersan ilyasova, if you have to give him 14-16 million for 2 years you do it also, even if they ask for 10 million(KG or Ersan) do it and don´t resign Jordan hill.
    Front court option 1: Andrew Bynum,Odom,Kevin Garnett/Ersan Ilyasova and if one of them accepts 7 million a year pick up Jordan Hill option. Power forward:KG/Ilyasova and Lamar Odom. Center: Andrew Bynum and Jordan Hill; total salary→28,305,528
    Fron court option 2: Andrew Bynum, Odom, Kevin Garnett/Ersan Ilyasova for 10 million a year and draft a big men that is not supposed to get in the draft like Robert Sacre if he doesn´t get called earlier, Greg Mangano,Garret Stutz…(any player that is 7 feet and can actually defend or rebound a little, I know in that position there´s not going to be really good players but someone like that to play 10-15 mins a game and get paid the minimun of 473,604);total salary→28,146,606           (you may also try to get another big man for the veteran minimum; that´ll be 28,873,002)
    •Either get sessions if we wants to or get a point guard for no more that 3 million a year, also get darius morris for 937,195 and Andrew Goudelock for 762,195.(look at the chart of salaries that is in the beginning)
    •Then i´ll try to get gerarld wallace(extremely competitive and the best deffender for Durant) for about 5-7 million for 3 years, so that´ll be 15-21 million, and a freea gent for 3 million a year maximun,or Chase Budinger whose salary is 942,293.total between 8-12 million.The roster would look like this:•Deron Wiliams(17 million a year) + Ramon Sessions/free agent(no more than 3 million) + Darius Morris→22,488,821/20,937,195•Kobe Bryant (18.75 million a year) + Kevin Martin + Andrew Goudelock→26,512,195•MWP/Gerald Wallace(5-6 million)+Free Agent (2-3 million max)→8,000,000-10,000,000•Kevin Garnett/Ersan Ilyasova  +  Odom→8,200,000/11,200,000•Andrew Bynum+Jordan Hill/Draft pick/Veteran minimun big →20,105,528/16,946,606/17,673,002
    I would do: D12+FA+MORRIS at point guard and hope that keving garnett accepts 7 million a year and doens´t matter if a get Jordan hill/ FA/Draft pick, depends on how much I care about the salary cap; for the total count more or less i´ll get 28,000,000 betwwen the Power forward and centerThis would make:20,937,195+26,512,195+28000000+10,000,000=85, 449,390, counting that we are giving a lot of money to role players so they accept, also if they see that deron williamd and kobe made an effort to play together they could accept a little bit less of money so the lakers get closer to the maximum salary that is 70,000,000
    •This team I think would definitely win the tittle or be a top 4 team, the problem is the money, the only thing I can thing of is being lucky enough to sign kevin martin+KG/ilyasova+gerald wallace for a total of 18,000,000, but only in Budinger is goes to the lakers in the first deal and MWP to the rockets and have morris or goudelock as the backup point guards. This way we would have a total salary of 25,000,000 between the shotting forward position(gerarld Wallace+chase budinger) power forward (kevin garnett/ersan ilyasova+odom), bench players( goudelock, morris and big men from the draft or veteran´s minimunvia free agency)25,000,000(last paragraph)+18,750,000(kobe)+17,250,000(d12)=61,000 ,000 +Bynum salary, that would make 77,473,002 .I thing it can happen but it al starts with kobe accepting that money, and convincing d12 to get that money too, because I thing that trade can happen and all of the other players will go to the lakers for that money to play with d12+kobe+bynum. This way we could be only 7 million over the cap, please comment on what you thing, if you thing this could happen. I made this trade because I thing it gives lakers the biggest chance of winning and it´s also realistic.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/IP3FISZUTNSSXWLQLLWBXWDREM JBully

      Wow, you spent all that time working off the basis that Kobe would renegotiate his deal. Guess what? Players can’t renegotiate their contracts to create cap room in the NBA. They can do it in the NFL, but it is against the rules of the current CBA, and it was also against the rules of the previous CBA. You’ve wasted a whole lot of time because you don’t know one of the most basic rules of NBA player contracts. Sorry to break the bad news to you, but you’ll never get that 45 minutes back again.

      • Alvaro7

        ok thanks for the information

  • Alvaro7

    forget about all the numbers on the begginig, they were a chart of the salries, start reading  from where it says, i think….

  • Schneiderman4545

    Easy to say bite the bullet when it is not your money. Then not give specific things thy can do being such a “smart” fan. Not a smart letter at all. Please do not send this, because disregarding the CBA is the last thing a team will do. The bottom line is that Kobe’s contract severely prohibits what type of team the Lakers can field. Ignoring that is ignorant and lazy. So go sell crazy somewhere else.

  • http://www.facebook.com/esteban.e.herrera.3 Esteban Ezequiel Herrera

    Ok so the best PG in the league.. Rose? D-Will? CP3? Westbrooks?..alongside the Best Center.. that depends on who you consider to be the best center..Bynum or Howard?..NBA All stars from the East? Like Iguodala? Bench players who owuld start in other teams: Odom? Harden?.. 

    • Rob Continental

      I think D Will is the best PG in the league. We can land him with the right offer. Center, I would say is Howard with Bynum a close 2nd. I just want them to push and make moves without forgetting about the bench.

  • Jujuwoody043

    VERY well put! I think this most certainly does express the views of Laker Nation! The time is now and we cannot squander it.

  • Sean Nichols

    I think this letter has good intentions but is poorly conceived. Easy enough for a fan to tell Jim Buss to go 3x over the salary cap penalty, it’s not his money. And I think the very fact that we HAVE been so spoiled by all the winning means we should appreciate the good years when they’re here, and not complain and issue ultimatums when things are a bit tougher. It takes time to fix things when they are broken, and sometimes it doesn’t happen in a season or two. Ask Bulls fans how hard it is to get used to winning and then disappear for awhile-I am a Laker fan, and I have to say sometimes all the winning robs us of our perspective.
    All I can say is sit tight-this Laker organization will do everything they can to improve the team. That’s how it’s always been, and I for one am going to sit back and have faith that it will continue.

    • Rob Continental

      I never said for the Lakers to go 3x over the cap. It is a call to action for the front office as well as true Lakers fans to act now. We cant sit back and complain without offering out help to improve the team. If you dont agree that is fine but my stance wont change. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is, are you? I just don’t want the team to sit dormant.

      • Wayne Nagata

         Ok pull that money out of your ass and hand it over.  Big talk no action.
        Buss and Kupchak no more about trade and the rules that you can ever understand.

        • Rob Continental

           It’s not ‘big talk” it is a viable solution that I’m offering instead of sitting around complaining like you seem to be doing.

  • Marty Susman

    The comments are absolutely absurd, money people, a salary plus tax’s in 2014 would be close to $150,000,000.00 plus a year, that folks is just stupid…. It is easy for fan’s or people with zero business background to simply say, spend your money, forge tit people, it won’t & should not happen…

    The Lake Show is a sports team & also a business & the Buss family needs to treat it just that way. The team has THREE MAJOR NEEDS & all three of them NEED to be done before the team can say it is again successful, not before….

    A. The team needs to find a replacement star for Kobe, this is a team & a city that needs star power & now with CP3 & Blake playing don the hall, it needs that star power even more… Forget Kobe, he is here but on his way out the door age wise as well as ability wise. Remember it took Kobe a few years to become the star he is so even if we got that person now, it would be 2014 before he could take over the power of the teams needs….

    B. The team needs to follow the example of OKC, meaning youth & speed is the new NBA & the Spurs, Celtics, Mav’s & Lakers are all out of sink with the reality of today’s game. We used to be a center league but not any more, CP3, Westbrook, Rondo, Irving Etc are the new stars. All of these older teams need the youth & desire that the young men have & it is going to be with that youth that new super teams will arrive…

    C. The third is payroll, no owner is foolish enough to spend $150,000,000 plus revenue sharing just because a few fans whine about wanting a winner. The teams of tomorrow will be stocking themselves with young men for many reasons but one of them will be because these young men will be paid much much less. No longer will these guys get $25,000,000.00 a year when the team can get three or four good men for the same amount. based on the dollars older players, the old guard will see the dollars they earn go don slowly in order to stay on a team & hope that the team does not find a player who will play as well for 1/4 the amount of money.

    Now, how can all three above be done at once, simply by first trading & not re-signing any players over age 24… (Kobe will be discussed soon) Trade these people, Drew, Pau, World Etc for draft picks & for young players who are still on rookie contracts but no way should we pay anyone other then proven young stars like a K Irving more then a few million tops… Sure players like Love & Blake Etc make more but they sure as hell don’t make $25,000,000.00 & won’t even make tat much, that is why the league did what they did in the new contract…

    Mitch should aim for players like Monroe, Cousin’s & Irving hoping to find that diamond in the rough as Kobe was when he got here… We can’t do that with tweaks & signing free agents who are old,washed up & dumped by the teams they are now on. Forget signing these over 30’s, forget this tweak nonsense, go for YOUTH… I used to tell my children a story about how Henry Ford always hired young engineers because they didn’t know things could not be done, & guess what, they did them anyway…

    • Rob Continental

       No one said spend 150M on payroll. Matter of fact some of the trade I would personally like to see we could very well balance out and not spend extra money. The major spending would be to improve the bench. Kobe-Bynum-Gasol would make conceivable the same money as Kobe-D.Will-Howard and we would be younger, faster and more defensive minded. the fact remains the Lakers need veteran roll players to come off the bench and put up numbers to be successful. 

    • Rob Continental

       Also how are you to question me business IQ. I’m sure, based on your comment, I have a larger business acumen then you sir.

  • Marty Susman

    I forgot to mention, I was on the waiting list for decent seats for three years & gave up because I really didn’t move up, that was my decision based on the facts in front of me, I could have gotten seats in the nose bleed section but hell, I simply could see that far, so I chose TV instead, not as much fun but best based on the reality of my knowing I would not live long enough to get into the sections below. That is how the Buss family needs to think, do what is based on the future of the team, not on tomorrow….

  • http://www.facebook.com/ballaholix34 Preston Harris

    The lakers organization did make the right moves… if you want to blame anyone nlame that clown DAVID STERN… When miami made their trade i didnt hear the owners crying to stern to stop that… Lets be honest the guy is a LAKER HATER and when the Chris Paul trade went through he knew Dwight Howard was coming next so all the owners got in his ear because their general managers cant make the same trades. Mitch did what he needed to do and got stone walled by the NBA. 

  • Dbrooks11

    Amen agree 100%

    Very easy to spend $ that’s not yours but if you own the team isn’t the ultimate goal to win championships?
    So if you get a ring or two while Koby is still around and are set up for the future, wouldn’t you pay the lux tax fine to get D.Will & D 12
    I know I would
    Anyway,rings pay for them self.

    Loyal Laker fan since Magic’s baby hook over the Celtics
    Please go get D.will & D 12 to run with The Black Mamba
    It’s really a no brainier if you play to win the rings
    You will make a name for your self with rings, not by saving a few million dollars in cap money

  • Rob Continental

    Thanks for the positive comments guys. I have been a Lakers fan my entire life and win, lose or draw I will remain a Lakers fan. This letter is not just a call to action for Jim Buss. It is also a call to action for passionate Lakers fans like me. We have to do our part. I am sure the teams financial people look at and estimate a sum of revenue from jerseys and other merchandise sales. If WE stand up and buy more then what they expect it can offset the extra expense of the new CBA. We must be willing to do our part!

  • Juliancuban

    3 way trade works for all 3 teams
    Lakers get: Deron Williams
    Nets get: Luis Scola, Kyle Lowry, Patrick Patterson or Draft Pick
    Houston Gets: Pau Gasol

    Sign Michael Beasly for Mid – Exception 
    Move Jordan Hill to the PF or Sign a Vet like KG hes a free agent now 
    Nick Young is a free agent also he would backup kobe really well.. or billups
    Sign Lamar in Decemeber for Vet contract

    Deron Williams/Ramon Sessions
    Kobe/Nick Young or Billups
    Michael Beasly/Mwp
    Lamar or KG
    Bynum/Jordan Hill
    This is a championship team & Yes Lakers could get this done ONLY IF PAU GASOL GETS TRADED.
    It can happen ive read into it we would still have the same almost salary.. Make it happen buss this would put us in the finals next season most def.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loic.bica Loïc Bicamumpaka

    I totally agree, but personally I think Kobe, Gasol & Bynum make way too much money. If they want to make their team better, they should take a pay cut. 

  • GrownAzzMan

    Sports may be the only business where the customers feel perfectly ok with telling the business owner to spend $45 million of his money to do what the customer thinks they should do. SMH

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RWT7QSW57NERKWTPCXOC7QFH7M So…

    LAKERS SUCK. Biggest problem is you guys always cry when you lose and talk about how good you should be. SHUT UP. Who really writes a letter full of tears like this and all you people are agreeing with this surreal response to a lazy egotistical team being swept 2nd round from the playoffs in consecutive years. Learn more about basketball, that’s why everyone dislikes your fan base. Great to watch you crash and burn.

    • So… sucks dick

      You are an idiot. You have nothing better to do than to go on to a Lakers’ fans website and talk shit. You probably did this while taking a break from masturbating to pictures of your mother. And by the way… How is your team doing? Because unless you are a bandwagon Heat or Thunder fan than your team is at home as well right? BITCH

  • http://www.facebook.com/adelyamoreno Nicole Moreno

    I agree on everything thats in the letter!! It’s time to rebuild around Kobe. Like you said to make a future after his gone!! Well said & written!! Being a laker fan is a way of living, not just being a bandwagon fan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Lee/743373511 Ryan Lee

    Lakers have bynum, gasol and Kobe. What we NEED, is for bynums balls to finally drop, for BOTH seasons. Including the playoffs. Shit hits the fan and big men clean the blades. Secondly, minimize stupid turnovers/arrogant fouls (Metta, causing suspension and consequently missing opportunities to expedite the nuggets speedily and with cohesiveness), like game 3 against Denver, 7 consecutive turnovers leading to a 30 pt Denver lead. Or game 2 at OKC, 7 pt lead with 1:45 to go. Turnover by Kobe leading to a KD 3. Or blowing a 13 pt 4th quarter lead to give OKC a 3-1 series lead, instead of tying the series. What we NEED, laker fans, is heart and a blank memory. We need Kobe Bryants OKC game 5 will and attack mode in every postseason game. Kobe needs to burn for #6 MORE than he burned for #1. They need discipline, minimize turnovers, continue to outrebound opponents and play laker basketball. Not roster changes, other than resigning Lamar; trust me, of all the components that we do/do not have=we have missed his (2011 6th man of the year winning… ehem.. James Harden) 23 Pts 11 Rebounds and 5 assists more than anything else. The lakers need to be the lakers, not sign this guy or that guy, or overflow the salary cap, or anything else. Lamar Odom and a 2nd year in Mike Brown’s system with more heart and more will.

  • Psisabela

    I totally agree with this letter! I to am a Laker fan way back when Jerry West was the coach for Laker’s, then general manager! Thank you for sending in the letter hopefully it was read!

  • Daniel Bogarin

    my team 


    Los Angeles Lakers receive: PG Brandon Jennings, PF DeMarcus Cousins 
    Sacramento Kings receive: PF Pau Gasol, PG Beno Udrih 
    Milwaukee Bucks receive: SG Marcus Thornton, PG Tyreke Evans, PG Andrew Goudelock





    thank you Robert Cheeseboro for your well written letter. This is my blueprint that the Lakers need to execute in order for success:

    I think the Lakers are going to be the front runners in getting Roy.  I think the Lakers should first address the bench before taking chances on big time names like Deron Williams.This is my blueprint in what the Lakers should do this current off-season:
    Step 1- Trade Steve Blake and Josh McRoberts and cash considerations for Lamar Odom(July 1).
    Reason- Dallas is currently trying to ship L.O. out of Dallas. They aren’t pleased with his attitude,and his production. It is clear he wants to be a Laker.Step 2-  Sign Michael Beasely as a free agent with combined traded players exceptions(Odom, Fisher, Kapono)
    Reason-  This will give us an all around scorer who can come off the bench and gives us about 13-15ppg.Step 3- Sign Brandon Roy to a veteran’s minumum contract using the rest of all combined trade exceptions.
    Reason- Before Roy retired, he was an elite 2 guard in the NBA. Remember, he was the third best shooting guard during his playing days, Roy is a all around threat. Roy can put the ball on the floor and attack the basket, he can shoot the ball from distance at a decent rate, and he can get to the line. Roy also can play both guard positions and small forward.Step 4- Resign Hill, Ebanks, Sessions, and Morris
    Reason- These players are young, talented and haven’t reached their primes yet.Step 5- Three team trade: 
    Houston gets: Pau Gasol and Matt Barnes
    Lakers gets: Deron Williams
    Brooklyn gets: Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola
    Reason-  This is a good trade for all teams, every team gets the stars that will will their team to victory.  The Lakers get the star to pair with Kobe, and New Jersey Nets get a solid duo for the future, and Houston gets the big they wanted and they get a defensive stopper in Barnes.Step 6- Sign Ryan Anderson or Brandon Bass to a MLE contract.
    Reason- This will gives us a lights out shooter in Anderson and a solid big man in Bass.Lineup View:
    pg Deron Williams
    sg Kobe Bryant
    sf Metta World Peace
    pf  Brandon Bass or Ryan Anderson
    c Andrew BynumBench
    pg Ramon Sessions
    sg Brandon Roy
    sf Michael Beasly
    pf Lamar Odom
    c Jordan HillReason- This gives us a really versatile team, we can now play tall or play small lineups. We can defend and play multiple positions. When it is all said and done, this is a real championship team for the next several years.


    OK FOLKS…THIS IS FOR THE REAL FANS!!! HATERS GET OFF THIS PAGE…FIND A  LIFE…We are the greatest team in all sports history…with the greatest fans…we expect to win championships…and the buss family has always delivered…Jim Buss you are on the CLOCK!!!..YOUR FATHER HAS LEFT HIS LEGACY!!!…TIME TO BUILD YOURS…REMEMBER WE(THE FANS ONLY CARE ABOUT CHAMPIONSHIPS) SO FIGURE IT OUT AND BRING THE CHAMPIONSHIP BACK TO THE CITY OF ANGELS….I’M A LAKER FAN FOR LIFE!!!…I BELIEVE IN YOU