Priorities of Lakers Nation Have Shifted to the “One” on Guard

Priorities of Lakers Nation Have Shifted to the “One” on Guard


Coming into the 2012 season, the Lakers had a number of questions surrounding their team. From the health of Kobe Bryant to the emotional durability of Pau Gasol, to the stability of the Andrew Bynum’s knees, none of them flew under the radar as much as the current situation at the point guard position – known to some as the one-guard spot.

For most of the past 16 seasons, Derek Fisher has donned the purple and gold and become a leader on and off the court. With countless hustle plays and the ability to come through in the clutch, the Lakers captain has earned each and every one of the five championship rings he owns today.

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Fisher has also taken great care of his body, and by playing in his 506th consecutive game tomorrow against Phoenix, his dedication and professionalism will never been questioned. But with every NBA player, Father Time has always been the biggest opponent and as always, Father Time is still undefeated.

Steve Blake has definitely done his part this season to help Derek Fisher recover from a summer of long negotiations and missed time in the gym. Although his performances at home and on the road have been inconsistent, his confidence within the role of the system is starting to show.


Derek Fisher: 4.4 ppg | 4.4 apg | 2.2 rpg | 1.8 TO per game | 35.3% FG Pct | 8.3% 3Pt Pct | 23:36 min per game

Steve Blake: 7.1 ppg | 4.0 apg | 2.1 rpg | 1.1 TO per game | 40.3% FG Pct | 34.1% 3Pt Pct | 24:23 min per game

Based on these numbers, it looks like Steve Blake should be considered for the starting point guard role, but according to our poll, Laker fans are still loyal to Derek Fisher for all that he’s done:

Who should be the starting point guard for the Lakers?

The Lakers have tried to address the point guard situation over the years with players such as Sasha Vujacic and Jordan Farmar, but with the triangle offense and Phil Jackson’s affinity towards veterans, it was hard for those guards to develop into starting caliber players, much less, contributing players to the Lakers success.

Add this all together and even with the prospect of bringing in superstar Dwight Howard, Lakers fans apparently know what is the most important problem for the Lakers to fix:

Would you rather the Lakers:

It’s obvious that bringing in a younger and more skilled point guard would help keep opposing point guards honest. Let’s face it, who can really defend the likes of Derek Rose, Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook? But if the Lakers can keep the opposing point guards honest by making them work on the defensive end as well, that’s a huge improvement in itself.

Along with improving on offense, a new point guard could also help the team gel faster by setting up the bigs in the post better, and getting the team out and running on fast breaks while the bigs gobble up the defensive rebounds.

Bottom line is that the Lakers point guard position has been an ongoing problem since the late 90’s, and it’s time to finally address it.