President Obama Responds To Donald Sterling’s Alleged Comments Reviewed by Momizat on . Over the past 24 hours, all the talk has centered around Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his alleged comments about not wanting African-Americans Over the past 24 hours, all the talk has centered around Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his alleged comments about not wanting African-Americans Rating: 0
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President Obama Responds To Donald Sterling’s Alleged Comments

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Over the past 24 hours, all the talk has centered around Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his alleged comments about not wanting African-Americans at his games and Magic Johnson.

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While Sterling has had a history of this type of behavior, his alleged remarks are being investigated by the NBA. However, many players like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have spoken up and during a press conference in Malaysia, President Barack Obama spoke about the alleged situation as well via NBA.com’s Scott Howard-Cooper:

While most fans want NBA commissioner Adam Silver to make a decision now on the situation, the league has to investigate the tape obtained by TMZ.com first before taking any further action. However, if the investigation shows that it is Sterling, there are expectations that the league eventually remove him as an owner due to his history.

With the Clippers’ losing ways for 30 years, this is the franchise’s best chance to win an NBA championship. While the team considered boycotting Game 4 against the Golden State Warriors on Sunday as a response to their owner’s alleged remarks, they will play for each other, the coaching staff, and their fans.
VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Does Not Think Donald Sterling Should Own The Clippers

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    President Obama spoke on Donald Sterling being a racist yeah when the president of the United States acknowledges you’re a racist then you know you are in somer serious trouble.

    • Jim213

      Moving on with Lakers News, Pau Gasol (Marca. com) reflectioning on FA.

      Gasol: “I appreciate Kupchak’s words about his interest in re-signing me. It’s always important to feel wanted. Today there’s no first or second option. We’ll see when the time comes.”

      • Shabazz

        CarMax, State Farm, Virgin America Pull Away From Clippers
        The Huffington Post | by Jillian Berman and Kevin Short

        Posted: 04/28/2014 11:53 am EDT Updated: 04/28/2014 1:42 pm EDT

      • Shabazz

        No more Kia support for Clippers Blake Griffin possibly pulling all the commercials also.No more support from State Farm for Chris Paul and all his commercials might get pulled from TV.Yes Donald Sterling and his racism has affected the Clippers in a very negative way and it is shown immediately.Clippers are finished.

        • Jim213

          Wouldn’t say finished, but unless Sterling gets the boot things don’t look good for the overall long term success of that franchise.

  • Pedro

    The Lakers will scoop up all the big name free agents and gain more respect from potential free agents now that Sterling is proven to be a racist discriminating bigot also African American players will sign with the Lakers just to piss off Donald Sterling and to beat his teams ass.Look out for the Lakers they are about to get stacked and be much better very soon.

    The best thing to ever happen to the Lakers this year was what Sterling did being a racist shown racism and being insensitive to black people and minorities of all races.

    This is a huge loss for the Clippers their empire is now crumbling after these racist remarks by their long time owner Sterling.The Lakers biggest win of the year was Sterling being a racist this affects the future of the Clippers not very many top players will sign with the Clippers.Most of the top players wanting to relocate to Los Angeles will choose the Lakers as a desirable destination now that this racism case has come out against the Clippers owner Donald Sterling.Thank you Donald Sterling for being a ignorant bastard son of a bitch…

    • Guest

      I hope you’re right.

    • ra

      Sounds good!

    • Jennifer Morrissey

      Come on now, let’s be real. That is not going to happen. If and when this is proven to be real, my guess is that the NBA will step in and take over the Clips just like they did with the Jazz until Sterling can be replaced. Why on Earth with any of them come over to the Lakers???? It’s not like Buss cares any more for our team or fans, racist or not. The Clippers will be just fine once they surgically remove that cancer of an owner.

      • Lakan Kildap

        the last time the NBA took over a team, the New Orleans-Chris Paul trade to the Lakers was overturned.
        also, whatever happens, Sterling will only be richer. he will have to be bought out in order to be removed. he wins, whatever happens.

    • lmao

      i like how you just kept repeating the same thing over and over again but in a different context.

  • independentbynature

    So many things divide us;language,customs,religion and politics.I’ve always believed that sports are an opportunity to bring us together.Many of us come from different backgrounds.But,we join together in the spirit of competition,teamwork and mutual respect to play sports.That’s why we call it good sportsmanship.The Olympics are a prime example of this.I believe that sports have played a major role in what advances have been made in race relations.Obviously,we still have a ways to go.We cannot allow people like Sterling to pervert the good things that sports bring out in us.

    • Missy Griffith

      u are so right. my sons love sports and my whole family is sports oriented and right now im assistant coach to both a boys and girls basketball team of ages 11-15 and its hard to have to instill in them good sportsmanship, when u have to go behind someone like Sterling and make things right again. it kills their morale and brings division amongst our white and black players…SO SAD..SO SAD

      • independentbynature

        Just keep teaching them the right way.You can make a difference

    • Andy L

      Too bad the Olympics has become a big jerkoff for politicians to waste billions of dollars just to show off… Not to mention what Putin did to the good folks in Sotjin when they had the nerve to live in the wrong place, disturbing Stalin ver. 2.0′s building plans.

  • savtheanimals

    President Obama, what does sports have to do with running a white house? Do you think you are getting brownie points or something? I am so sick of the black race always starting crap? Why don’t you all get a tattoo of Sharpton and Jackson on your arms?

    • comrade24

      Mr. Sterling, stop commenting on this site.

      • savtheanimals

        That is stupid. Is that the best you can do?

        • Ronald Coleman


          • savtheanimals

            I am not sympathetic at all to any race constantly complaining and trying to start crap! It is getting old!

          • mercy

            So tired of people and their save the animals bullshit, it’s getting old. Survival of the fittest my friends.

          • Kieran Sanders

            And how did black ppl start this? He’s a racist and he said it. And if some one is complaining then there must be a reason. You are a sorry excuse of a person and racist yourself. You’re tired of hearing it, mf trying living it. Until you know, feel or even seen what it is to be treated a certain way because of the color of ur skin. Ppl locking doors cause you walk by their car or woman clinch their purse r move it to the other arm when u walk by. Being followed around a store. Then u can say something until then shit the f$%k up.

        • comrade24

          people like you should be drug out in the street and shot. or hung publicly. better, you fascist fuck?

          • savtheanimals

            And people like you should be hung, you n!

          • Ronald Coleman

            YOU MUST BE A WHITE N

          • comrade24

            i’m actually native american you ignorant tool. If you got a problem with immigrants i’ll help you pack.

          • sterlingantiblacks

            You are foolish. It is someone like you who is allowing Sterling to hide behind “White”. Sterling is not representing wonderful church going white people,nor does he represent the views of the whites in general.

            Sterling is representing Sterling vs. Africans.

        • michael

          I’m white, german american and your comments are full of sh**.
          You discredit people like Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, MLK or LBJ with these racial statements. Stop watching Fox news

    • independentbynature

      It seems Sterling is not alone.

    • HateRacistWhitePeople

      “Black people start crap” but I’m pretty sure it was the white people who came and “started crap” by taking African men and who continue to “start crap” by making ignorant racist comments. Oh wait, I forgot you just “started crap” too…

  • ra

    You know, it’s not just a ‘random comment here and there’, and by people like Sterling. There are many others that feel the same way, but are ‘commenting’ by continuing to marginalize the African American community, and those in sports. There have been, in the last few weeks, headlines that have been targeting African American athletes with every little nit-picky item they could possibly draw up. The DeSean Jackson incident is one of the biggest. Cut from a team, because he ‘allegedly’ knows gang members. Really?

    This has been becoming more prevalent lately, and it’s got to stop.

    The outcome of Trayvon Martin’s case, and lack of further pursuit by the Justice Department, set a VERY NEGATIVE precedent for this, which allowed racism to take a big step forward. And these comments by Sterling come out of that. The Trayvon Martin case allowed racists to feel better about the way things are, and feel less inhibited about making comments like Sterling’s.

    So, Sterling’s comments just underscore the feelings of many racists, and this should be a sign that further action needs to be taken to address the ‘hidden’ marginalizing of the African American and other communities, who have experienced racism for hundreds of years.

    In a way, it’s good that he came out. We can put a ‘big poster’ of him for all the children to see, and brand him an official ‘racist’. We can teach the children that this what you DON’T want to be like.

    • comrade24

      You know, i’ve never seen people rally this vehemently against the president before, either. Not even when Bush 2 was in office, and he was most likely the worst president ever. I can’t help but think that there are racial undertones to most of the southern brainwashed tea bagger’s disdain for the president. I hope they make an example of Sterling and oust him from ownership of the team.

      • ra

        The President has (unfortunately) been subject to daily death threats, and has probably been ‘told’ by the powers that be (the super-rich, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.) to NOT pursue the Trayvon Martin case.

        This President has experienced so much, and has survived with integrity (and, is still alive). Each day Obama lives on, and is able to function as one of our greatest presidents, is a day of triumph. The previous ‘faux-president’ TRASHED this country, and his thugs made sure that nobody could stop him. But he was just a puppet. It also showed that the election process is rigged.

        But that’s another forum.

  • LegendInMyMind

    “When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance…”

    Not to be technical, Mr. President, but it’s not as if he leaked that tape to TMZ, himself…

    Also, I’m a little bit wary of a person not being able to express their feelings, no matter what those personal feelings are, within the privacy of their own home. Look, racism is an ugly thing. But it’s not who you are on the inside, it’s what you do. And when he started banning black people from Clippers games, THEN there’s a problem. Until then, this is nothing but a bunch of people victimizing themselves. The league will likely step in because they have rules against allowing the integrity of the association to be compromised, but a person’s candid comments and beliefs should be respected for what they are, which is ‘not meant for TMZ’. Then again, that’s what they do. Invade privacy.

    • herbloke

      I agree. I’m sure lots of people probably feel the same way. Looks like a set up to me.

      • LegendInMyMind

        I don’t think the President of the United States should concern himself with this shit, honestly. I know the special interest groups expect him too, but it’s just like with George Zimmerman. Obama spurred more hatred by essentially telling the populace that Zimmerman should be imprisoned than he would have by keeping his personal feelings to himself and just asking people to consider the letter of the law. I can’t stand Barack Obama, honestly. He does nothing but cow tow to his “demographic”, he doesn’t have the best interest of anyone other than himself and his approval ratings at heart. A great leader needs to be able to stem the tide from time to time, not bandwagon with the rest of the witch-hunters.

  • Desmond

    President Obama is 100% right with his comments.Doanld Sterling is another Marge Schott a racist bigot with a distaste for the black people.Their is no place for racism in sports and the NBA Adam Silver is going to fuck the Clippers hard.Donald Sterling is no better than Jimmy The Greek Snyder or Marge Schott he needs to sell the team pronto to the Seattle investment group and relocate the Clippers to Seattle.GTFO!

  • Rhapzodic

    everyone is implicitly racist give or take.

    • herbloke

      Yup, just check out a facebook page. Whites have mostly white friends, blacks have mostly black friends and Asians have mostly Asian friends.

      • sterling anti blacks

        This is due to your lack of socialization ability as a heathen.

        This is not whites vs blacks issue.

        It is Sterling’s anti-black, anti-african, and anti-africa.

        Let’s not lump all the black and white folks. We have beautiful people sitting inside the church building with people of different race in America. I have seen it.

        Let’s keep it to Sterling. Period.

        • herbloke

          Yea, yea, the majority of black Americans have never set foot in Africa. We can like or not like who we want. That is the meaning of freedom.

  • sterling anti africa

    This is not whites vs blacks issue.

    It is Sterling’s anti-black, anti-african, and anti-africa.

    Let’s not lump all the black and white folks. We have beautiful people sitting inside the church building with people of different race in America. I have seen it.

    Let’s keep it to Sterling. Period.

  • Jovan

    Karma is a bitch and it biting the racist Donald Sterling and his Clippers in the ass.

  • Jovan

    Ya Clippers are done.The players need to just get out their contracts and ask for a release it’s not right to force them to work for a racist that views the players as slaves and their no place for slavery in this world.Donald Sterling is in deep trouble.

    • herbloke

      Slaves were not millionaires. There is no comparison. The players are well compensated regardless of the owners views. The players and coaches are not making less than their counterparts.

  • Alex

    This Jew fucked up the whole playoffs for everyone. In the tape when he says people have to call me to to tell me about your Instagram with you being with black people; that means his Jew friends are like that as we’ll. That’s why this Jews only support each other because they hate everyone.

  • Fernando

    Donald Sterling is a vicious tyrant racist the NBA has no place for racism.Force him out and make sure he never owns another sports team ever again.

  • Leon

    How is this for irony what if the City Of Los Angeles forced the Clippers to move from LA.Yes stating they don’t want their city to be associated with racism in any way shape or form,therefore the City Of Los Angeles has issued a imminent ruling for the LA Clippers to leave Los Angeles effective immediately.Well that could and should happen.Their is so much diversity in Los Angeles thir is no place for the Clippers owned by a bigot racist Donald Sterling.Bigotry and Slavery,Racism,Racist are associated with the name Donald Sterling and The Clippers.Time for change!

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