Post-Game Chat: Lakers are Eliminated in 5 Games

Post-Game Chat: Lakers are Eliminated in 5 Games


Facing their first potential close out game of the year the Los Angeles Lakers crumbled in the second half against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The loss marks the second consecutive season the Lakers’ season has ended in second round elimination. Despite the loss, Kobe Bryant put in his best performance of this series by posting 42 points on 54 percent shooting.

  • George

    do you think that the lakers need to get rid of Pau and Bynum and see what the market can offer them, lets face it none of them were really around in OKC series…we need concistancy.

  • Beawillis45

    to be honest there needs to be a major overhaul of the lakers team for next year one being Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum needs to be traded off. we need a new center and new point guard to help with Kobe Bryant he cannot do it alone and that is the problem. Last whoever told the Laker board of directors that Jerry Buss son was a good owner and knew what was best for the organization lied and he also needs to be voted down and someone else take over running the organization because looking at the major bungles this year from the impending trade that never happened with Orlando Magics center, the moving of Derek Fisher and LaMar Odoms it was a disaster!

  • Lindasngltn

    I lost a lot of sleep behind the OKC series … I hated to see them waltz off every time they beat the Lakers.  Harden with his trash talking … the flagrant foul charged to Metta which was a farce, just everything seemed to go against the Lakers.  Brown sat Kobe on the bench at a crucial time and put guys on the floor that just made no sense … but we still have the season coming up and it will be a different ball game.  Kupchak and Jerry Buss made some huge mistakes and it came back to haunt them.  I wish they also would usher him out the door and Jerry Buss, if he is not senile, needs to take the reins from his son and do what he used to do; Jerry Buss made a mistake when he let Shaq go, but if you remember, Shaq used to run his mouth just like Bynum, but he played his game irregardless.  The Lakers would have surpassed the Celtics by now if they had not traded off Shaq, because be it as it may, Kobe and Shaq were a duo.  So hopefully the mistakes made by Kupchak and Jim Buss will be rectified.  I know it is a long shot next to nothing, but I wish Jeannie could talk Phil into coming back, even though he and Jim Buss didn’t see eye to eye and Jim Buss was tired of the triangle … can you imagine you get tired of something that won you championships.  Jim Buss needs to be put in a department that won’t hurt the Lakers chances for progressing.  Hopefully the major mistake will be rectified, and I will say it again … it is Mike Brown.