Poll Results: Will Mike Brown Be on Hot Seat With Lakers Loss?

Poll Results: Will Mike Brown Be on Hot Seat With Lakers Loss?


The City of Angels will be in panic if the Lakers end up losing tonight’s game against the Detroit Pistons.

The Lakers have lost their first three regular season games and Dwight Howard has yet to experience what it feels like to be in a winning Lakers locker room. Many people have criticized the Lakers’ play so far and a lot of that blame has been put on head coach Mike Brown. Brown has installed pieces of the Princeton offense to the Lakers playbook this season, and for the most part, he has received some serious backlash for it.

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Even though it is very early in the season, there is already discussion as to whether or not the Lakers will fire Brown. The Lakers will play the fourth game of their season tonight, but the match may escalate talk about Brown’s future with the team if the Lakers lose.

On Lakers Nation’s Facebook page, we asked readers if they thought a loss tonight would put Mike Brown on the hot seat.

Voting Breakdown:

  • Yes- 1,106 total votes
  • No- 59 total votes

By the looks of it, readers of Lakers Nation believe this is a make-or-break game in Mike Brown’s tenure as Lakers head coach. The Pistons are not a very deep team this season and they will likely miss the post-season once again. Even though the Lakers will be without Steve Nash, they still have enough talent to beat the Pistons quite easily.

However, the Lakers fell to the Dirk Nowitzki-less Dallas Mavericks on opening night, so there is a chance that Los Angeles will walk off the court as losers for the fourth consecutive time.


  • Nintendo_Rules

    He should never been the coach in the first place!!! Every game he should feel the hot seat regardless what the Lakers record is!

  • Guest

    I think that instead of having one good of starters team explit the good players and have two good team the starters and bench and they will be more productive..

  • J Lee

    Is there anyone that thinks Mike Brown can coach the Lakers to win a championship? Honestly. Instead of coaching the second unit in the final six minutes, he called in the starters? A good coach should be able to overcome that and coach the second unit into completing the last quarter. Wait and see, when the finals come, every other coach will out-coach him.

  • Scott S

    It is hard to understand what the front office sees in Mike Brown. He is probably a very nice man and would be a good assistant coach but in no way is he a Championship Caliber Coach. We should cut our loses now and find someone that really can coach. I beleive if Phil was coaching last year we would have beat OKC. We probably could of been up 3-1 in that series instead of being down 1-3. We will win in the regular season but wins in the post season are a lot of coaching.

  • #baniasnoel

    Brilliant as he is as a coach, he ain’t what the pound Lakers need. The Lakers badly needs somebody who can rein in the various egos that the team has, nobody but the Zen master can do it. Yank Phil Jackson from his Montana ranch and reinstall him as head coach, there’s no immediate, patch up solution to bring out the best from the Lakers, and management better do it soonest if they are to revive their championship aspirations.