Poll Results: Have the Lakers Lost Hope Without Pau Gasol?

Poll Results: Have the Lakers Lost Hope Without Pau Gasol?


After the Lakers lost Pau Gasol for what’s expected to be the remainder of the regular season, what little momentum they had garnered over the past several weeks was seemingly washed away. Even though Dwight Howard returned Thursday from an injury, he clearly wasn’t effective enough to make an impact on the game.

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Now, with their most skilled offensive big man on the shelf, have the Lakers given up hope in their season? They certainly needed him in the loss to the Boston Celtics on Thursday night, and could have used his skill set on Friday in Charlotte as well.

But what are the fans saying about Gasol’s loss? Has the team lost hope without Pau in the lineup?


As the poll indicates, most fans still believe in the team and that the Lakers haven’t given up. Here are a few of the other responses that you sent in.

So have the Lakers given up without Pau? What do you think?

  • JohnC

    It may be a good time for Pau to move somewhere else, once D’Antoni has made it clear he is not a fan of Gasol’s. Timberwolves could make a championship candidate with both Pau and Love. Oklahoma, Miami, NYN, Dallas, Spurs… many good options for Pau’s third ring. And D’Antoni can continue his system research project. Leave LA, Pau.

  • Marty Susman

    Dwight and Nash and Gasol and Blake and Beasley and the rest all need to go other then Hill and Clark and Kobe.