Poll Results: Does Lakers Nation Prefer Jodie Meeks or Leandro Barbosa?

Poll Results: Does Lakers Nation Prefer Jodie Meeks or Leandro Barbosa?


Yesterday on our Facebook page we posted a poll concerning two potential Laker options – Jodie Meeks and Leandro Barbosa. We asked the fans who they would prefer the Lakers sign for next season, and the results were surprisingly one-sided.

As the photo shows, Leandro Barbosa took home 1,611 votes out of a possible 1,871. This is an extremely high percentage, making it very apparent that the fans are more interested in seeing Barbosa wearing purple and gold than the former Philadelphia 76er.

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Yesterday, Lakers Nation staff writer Elizabeth Benson explored this topic a little further to try and figure out who would be the better fit for L.A. You can read her column here.

  • Me

    the majority is wrong, that is all i have to say.

  • Coast6

    are you sure those were laker fans voting? i dont think 1,611 people are that dumb

    • Charlesperez277

       Your the dumb ass.  barbosa is fast pushes the ball, is what LA needs

      • Coast6

        *you’re. and no, that is NOT what LA needs. barbosas offensive skills have been declining recently, and he is complete shit on defense, about as WORSE IF NOT MORE than derek fucking fisher. the only thing barbosa has is quickness, which he INCONSISTENTLY uses on offense. Meeks is a better defender, and gives the lakers perimeter offense, which is exactly what we need.

        How the fucking hell could you possibly think barbosa is the better option? he pushes the ball? gtfo here, he is one of the worst decision makers i have ever seen with the ball. i hate “fans” that think they know whats good for the team but they don’t know jack shit about basketball. I’ve watched barbosa play for about 6 years now, and have watched meeks before he even came into the league. smh cmon man if you were going to argue with me at least provide some substance to your argument. “fast pushes the ball”, what a joke….

        • Matthewojisan

          About as bad, not “about as WORSE” genious

          • Coast6

            quit while you’re ahead lmao. you would have had me if it wasnt for the end. *GENIUS

        • Odamnitssam

          Sorry but I’m gonna have to disagree with what you said.  Barbosa has quickness but that’s not all he has.  I feel like with our bigs we need to add perimeter shooting and Barbosa is a career 39% 3pt shooter compared to Jodie Meeks 37% over a shorter career.  Barbosa shot 42% from behind the arc last season compared to 36% for meeks.  Also in less minutes per game Barbosa averaged .9 steals per game where as Meeks was at .6 steals per game.  I know getting steals and playing D is different but if its numbers you are looking for then Barbosa still got it.  He’s played for a couple of bad teams over the years but lets not forget how he used to torch us back when he was with Nash and the Suns.  He can come off the bench and play the 1 and the 2 so in terms of depth I think he’s the better option.  Overall with where the team is trying to go with the squad they have now I’ll take Barbosa.  You can argue the age and how Barbosa has been in the league for 6 more years but obviously the Lakers are going in a direction where they aren’t exactly thinking about the future right now.  Right now we are trying to put a 6th ring on Kobe’s finger and if thats the case gimme Barbosa.

          • Odamnitssam

            And if it’s defense against the Westbrook, Rose, Wall, even Jeremy Lin that you are looking for then stop looking.  I can’t think of any guards that can play these guys one on one.  That’s the problem that these new “point guards” are giving the league.  No one can stop them not even Ramon Sessions who Lakers Nation thought was the answer to the PG defense problem.  It has to be a total team effort to keep these guys out of the paint and slow down their production.  BTW i put quotes around “point guard” because to me these guys are just a second shooting guard on their respective starting rosters.  Rose and Westbrook both don’t count as point guards in my book.  Both SG to me.

  • Oshaolian

    get em both?

    • Ongsantiago

      how about this patrick beverly,he’s like a finesse ramon sessions,and jodi,dont think we can ge t barbosa and meeks both..

  • py25

    my opinion to be honest.. let DJO be the backup, and grow in the league. let him learn from kobe.

    get a back up sg, perhaps one whos fast and can push the ball.

    • Ongsantiago

       i thought im the only one,you can see clearly..

  • py25

    *i meant pg

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sidney-Carter/1204960610 Sidney Carter

    We need to pick up Carlos Delfino!!!!!

    • Benjaminpina1