POLL: Lakers Nation Likes Black And Yellow Unis Over Hollywood Nights

POLL: Lakers Nation Likes Black And Yellow Unis Over Hollywood Nights


black jerseysEarlier this week, the Lakers unveiled their newest alternate jerseys — the Hollywood Nights black uniforms — and they generally received a good response from Lakers fans. Fans in general typically enjoy black alternate uniforms, so it was only a matter of time that the Lakers brought a black alternate to Los Angeles.

However, before the Lakers unveiled their Hollywood Nights alternates, someone created a mockup of what they could look like, with the biggest difference being the lack of purple in the letters and numbers. That mock-up also received a very good response, so we decided to ask Lakers Nation which jersey they liked more.

The vote was close, but the Black and Yellow mock up took the cake with 55.7 percent of the vote. The black and yellow mock up is a great design. The white numbers really pop with the gold trim around them whereas the Hollywood Night’s version is a bit more subdued with the purple numbers and gold trimming.

Either way, the fans win with black uniforms. The Lakers Sunday White alternates are some of the best looking in basketball, and the Hollywood Nights are sure to rank among the best alternates as well.


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  • Jim213

    Looks like the pic I posted a few days ago?,,, Repost! However, I prefer the mockup but the other jersey should be good for business $$$.

  • vdogg

    either one looks really good in my opinion. who else thinks nash should grow his hair out again? somehow i have a feeling he will play better if he does.

    • Lakerfan

      he gets powers when he licks his finger after fixing his hair

  • JSawyer80

    B looks just like a limited adidas jersey from the past year (Champs exclusive), except that had a subtle star pattern on the back.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    I like the one on the left.. the one on the right looks like Paces jersey… I am imagining Jalen Rose on it.