Playing Time Continues to Decrease for Derek Fisher Reviewed by Momizat on . In last night's victory over the Phoenix Suns, point guard Derek Fisher started his 525th consecutive regular season game. Fisher is the active leader in consec In last night's victory over the Phoenix Suns, point guard Derek Fisher started his 525th consecutive regular season game. Fisher is the active leader in consec Rating:
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Playing Time Continues to Decrease for Derek Fisher

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In last night’s victory over the Phoenix Suns, point guard Derek Fisher started his 525th consecutive regular season game. Fisher is the active leader in consecutive games played at the moment, but has seen his playing time begin to diminish.

Fisher played just 25 minutes Friday night against Phoenix, but that was after only playing 19 minutes in each of their two previous games. According to Mike Bresnahan of the L.A. Times, coach Mike Brown has already talked to Fisher about the possibility of his playing time decreasing this season.

“Yeah, I talked to him,” Brown said Friday. “Before Steve Blake got hurt, [Blake] was finishing games for us. I just felt that’s the direction that I needed to go with this team.”

The injury Brown is referring to was a rib injury that sidelined Blake for 13 games. Prior to Friday’s game, Fisher was averaging 5.1 points and shooting 35.2 percent while Blake was averaging 6.9 points and shooting 36.9 percent.

Brown went on to say that ideally he would like to see Fisher play 22 minutes per game, but that it isn’t always going to work out that way. Still, Fisher’s rapidly decreasing minutes are a sign of his decreasing production as well. His 5.1 points per game average is the lowest since his rookie season when he averaged just 3.9 points per game.

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  • Marty Susman

    Everyone seems to blame someone else for the Laker problems when in fact the blame is with the players we now have on the team….

    They blame Baby Buss but honestly if I were in his shoe’s & had just taken over the team from my father & I were paying out salaries as high as they are & getting shall we say not much more then avg play from the team I would not be a happy camper… We need to understand that the owners of team see it as an investment as well as a sport… They spend the money, they are supposed to get results & honestly right now they are not getting the results they should be getting for the dollars going out…

    As for trades & moves, come on folks we also have to look at the long picture here… Kobe is maybe two years max from hanging it up & the team does not have a replacement star to hang with… The team needs to look at the contract with Time Warner that will pay them based on the amount of people watching, without a real super star that will cost tons on money to the team… Translated that means the number one goal needs to be a super star for the future, like a Rose, Westbrook or Williams. Tweaking does nothing for tomorrow, it just prolongs the agony of a sub par team hanging on to the olden days, nothing more. There is NO way they can tweak themselves into a championship, forget it, not going to happen.

    This team needs to get young, fast & good & they are not going to do that through trades & free agents, not anymore when teams like the Heat, Nicks, Bull’s & the Mavs are making themselves heard in the league. There was a time when coming to LA meant something, now players are going to N.Y. & Dallas & Miami & happy to do so… Worse the Clippers are a young, fast & exciting team to watch with Blake & CP3 & DJ & so on… This all add’s up to the Lakers need to for the first time in years go to the draft to fix their future…

    The team as it no sits can begin to trade off whatever they have for 1st round draft picks in the upcoming draft. This years draft is fairly deep & although they might not get a Barnes or a Marshal they could get lucky & get a Westbrook later on in the 1st. (Look at the Nicks rookie) Between Pau, World, Drew, Barnes & yes Kobe if he asks for a trade so he can get more rings the team could end up with a bunch of young studs as well as a payroll that is maybe 25% of what it is now. If they pick the right guys we could have a Thunder type team & get back into the hunt by 2014…

    Having said the above, watch Mitch go out & get D12 & D Williams….


    • Margarite

      Wake up Marty! D12 will never be a Laker!

  • Anonymous

    Fisher and world peace both need get huge time cut like no more than 10 minutes, both are terrible this season.

  • Joedumlao

    D fish has given us sooo many great memories. I am eternally grateful for everything he has done, that being said father time catches up with all of us

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