PHOTOS: Steve Nash Purchases $4.8M Manhattan Beach House

PHOTOS: Steve Nash Purchases $4.8M Manhattan Beach House


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The 40-year-old Steve Nash has been around the league for 17 seasons. After Nash admitted that he’s not retiring because of the money, most have criticized him about his extremely honest answer.

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With just 11 games played this year, it has been a disappointing season for Nash. While Nash is still signed through next season, this may be his last if the Lakers decide to use the stretch provision on him.
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  • Daryl Peek

    Stretch provision would be the wrong move. Wait for it, wait for it… GNashing of teeth will commence over this home purchase.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      So what is the point of stretching him anyways?It would add $6 million dollars to the Lakers salary cap for 2014 and then for 2 years a small amount of $3 million would be added to the books to me it’s better to just get this crap over with one way or another.

      This is not Lakers basketball and the rebuild is delayed by old men hanging on to large pay checks while contributing close to nothing.It sucks financially for the Buss family and it sucks for us loyal fans that actually are true Lakers fans and we want to see a better future for our beloved Lakers.But if he stays so be it we have a full $9.7 million dollars to play with in 2015 free agency.It is what it is and the Lakers will be patient with the rebuild.

      • Daryl Peek

        I was with you til the second paragraph. Thje rebuild is being delayed by past attempts at winning. It happens. Not all moves work out all of the time. The rebuild after Magic was on hold from 91-96, as missteps and mistakes were made. Patience’s is the call right now.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Wow it must be nice to get paid for what Steve Nash is doing.Sign me up.I am much younger faster bigger buffer build and much faster and i can i actually dunk the basketball and oh yeah by the way i play defense like a bull.Oh well good luck to Nash.LOL the dude Nash is balling on 24 inch rims lol.This ish cray.

    • Wayne Lee

      cool story jelly

    • Desert Shark

      Come back when you have 2 MVP big boi

    • Stephen Cash

      Yeah… You know Kobe makes more than 3x as much for even less work…

    • jackmouve

      First you have to put in the work to get in the NBA, then you have to play at a high enough level to become and All Star, then win back to back MVP awards, then… by all mean, feel free to get paid to do next to nothing.

  • Shannon

    Not bad for 60 games over two seasons. Haha. #yourewelcome

  • PapiSrg

    Typo… two time MVP. Zero Time Champion.

  • Jim213

  • Vicente

    Money can’t buy esthetical sense