PHOTOS: Lakers Introduce Their New Roster Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="308"] It was quite the busy week for the Los Angeles Lakers who introduced three new players in three days at the Lakers practice facility [new_royalslider id="308"] It was quite the busy week for the Los Angeles Lakers who introduced three new players in three days at the Lakers practice facility Rating: 0
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PHOTOS: Lakers Introduce Their New Roster

It was quite the busy week for the Los Angeles Lakers who introduced three new players in three days at the Lakers practice facility this week. On Wednesday, the Lakers introduced Ed Davis, followed by Jeremy Lin, and Carlos Boozer. Who’s been your favorite acquisition? Check it all out in our photo gallery above!

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VIDEO: One-On-One With Jeremy Lin

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  • kookiebuger

    “Carlos Boozer is really, really bad

    He ranks 79th out of 89 PFs in the survey with a -3.79, and I doubt
    that surprises anyone. What’s shocking about this number is that it’s
    made up of a -3.74 on offense and a -.05 on defense.

    Now it’s probably fair to note that if you are playing defense next
    to Joakim and Taj, both amongst the best defenders in the NBA then
    you’ll look a bit worse on defense than you really are, but I can’t
    truly believe that Boozer’s defense is just a shade below average.

    What I can believe is that his offense has been horrible this season.
    He no longer can score in isolation at all, though truth be told, he
    was never that good at it for Chicago anyway. He draws no fouls, hits
    no threes, and shoots mostly fade away jumpers at a pedestrian rate.

    When Boozer can’t score, he’s dead weight on the floor because he
    sure isn’t helping anyone defensively. That said, the Bulls need
    someone to chew up some minutes, and at least Boozer can do that better
    than Nazr Mohammed. Maybe.”

    This is a bit concerning.

    • WAYNER

      What are you smoking obviously you must be reading and listening to Espn and the rest of these internet dummies and not paying attention to the all around stats, you can’t just judge a player from one bad season and forget about what the person has done and can do for in the future general managers don’t base things off what critics say numbers don’t lie
      Carlos Boozer was the best pick up on the market and when it works out it will be wonderful

      Carlos Boozer nearly avg 14 points and 8.3 rebounds 0.3 bpg .456 fg%
      .767 ft
      Chris bosh avg 16ppg 6.6 Rebound 1.0 bpg .516 fg 820 Ft

      these are last year stats Carlos Boozer numbers were around the same as Chris Bosh numbers 3 years in a row before last year, so would you not pick up Chris Bosh if he was a free agent and had the season Boozer had last yr next yr and he was available in next yr free agency , A guy in Chris Bosh who is much better in the post but rather shoot 3 pointers and say thats his game lol okay.

      • kookiebuger

        ” according to NBA(dot)com. Boozer (55.6, opponents field goal percentage), on the other hand, comes in as the 137th best defender at the basket.

        Being able to guard opposing power forwards in the paint is a must.
        Without the ability to defend the interior one-on-one, there is a
        trickle-down effect on the rest of the team as the guards have to
        collapse the lane, which then leads to open shots on the outside.”

        was never a great defender and he didn’t play well last year with the
        Bulls, he may or may not might play better with the Lakers his stats
        look okay but he didn’t have a 14.4 PER (below average) on accident.

        • WAYNER

          Boozer is the type of player who feeds off his Offense oppose to feeding off of his defense, Derrick Rose isn’t a pass first player which means he is a point guard that is taking almost all of the shots which isn’t given Boozer the chance to get going on the defensive side, Boozer also didn’t get as many min in Chicago last yr playing 28.2 min but when give 32 or 34.4 or more min he is way more effective offensively and defensively because when his offense is on he then plays defense, Chicago were going younger as well, but now think Boozer is 32 has a olympic Gold Medal and he’s a 13yr vet who will use his IQ and angles on the court has a passing point guard in Lin N Nash the same way he had Utah with Derron Williams, and numbers went down once he went to Chicago but weren’t bad excluding last season

          2010- 2011 he avg – 17 ppg 9 rebounds
          2011-2012 he avg – 15 ppg 8.5 rebounds
          2012-2013 he avg – 16 ppg 9.8 rebounds

          • kookiebuger

            That kind of complicates things, Rose was out in 2012-2013 and this year so he really wasn’t much of a factor, Lin isn’t really a “passing” point guard per say he averages the same number of assists as Rose (6, he nearly averaged 8 at one point). Boozer put up the worst FG% of his career last year along with the 2nd scoring averages, and a terrible defensive year. It’s pretty concerning.

          • WAYNER

            Well that is true you made some valid points man but your just talking last season but forgetting what he’s really capable of, i am just looking at things on the bright side because he normally averages 16 ppg or more when given more mins and his FG % was only .456 last yr which wasn’t that far off from Kevin Love FG % 457 last yr and Lamarcus Aldridge FG %458 so with the right coach Byron Scott and the right personnel he can possibly be a good fit and also we don’t have to pay the rest of his contract which is i believe is 16 mill Chicago has to pay that we payed 3 mill for his amnesty waiver so we basically got him for a year for almost nothing so he has chance to start fresh with a chip on his shoulder like everyone on our team and if he doesn’t work out then that one yr means nothing.

          • Joseph Rejekt

            I would actually argue that not having Rose around has hurt Boozer. Lets be honest, Boozer obviously isn’t a 1st option but can definitely be a solid 2nd or 3rd option ala Pau Gasol (though not as skilled). I agree that his decreasing numbers are probably a product of the team he was with last season, but having a number 1 guy like Rose or Kobe for example will open things up for Boozer to operate more. Boozer is known for being an offensive based PF and with the Bulls being limited offensively, teams were able to crowd up on Boozer more and limit him. Noah also not being a ranged threat clogs the paint and allows for 2 bigs to look at Boozer rather than just the man guarding him. I’ll admit, while Boozer does like to muscle, if he’s muscled back he tends to shy away from contact and relies on his jumper. Having Hill, Davis and Randle around though will help to hide Boozers limitations defensively to an extent and the athleticism the Lakers have can help as well, but that will require the team to learn how to play team defense, something that was lost during the D’Antoni era and will likely be present when Scott takes the helm.

        • Thomas Klein

          Thats what we got Jordan Hill and Ed Davis for, Boozer just has to play positional defense, and let the week side defender help when needed. Thats Davis speciality anyway.

      • Henry Martinez

        I totally agree with you Wayner. Carlos is a role player, so you cannot judge him with his performance in one team. Let’s wait and see if He plays better with the Lakers. He’s a good perimeter player just like Barkley. Good luck Carlos!

      • ND_Irish_Fan

        Boozer’s market value has been $10 million plus for about 10 consecutive years, and the Lakers got him for a little over $3 million. This is on the verge of being criminal!

    • Kobe Hates Losers

      Carlos Boozer sucks ass.The Lakers will be lucky to win 30 games.

      • kookiebuger

        It can go either way.

        • Lakers Band

          Nah man it’s not so bad guys.Carlos is on a 1 year deal essentially to prove his worth on the upcoming free agent market so he will play as hard as ever and he will produce some good numbers and the Lakers will win more than 30 games son please come on son they will win 45 games easy and maybe 50+ if things go perfect.Kobe Hates Losers son come on be smart about this team and know your facts about Boozer he is a good player.

          • kookiebuger

            That’s assuming Kobe can play at a high level and stay healthy along with the team playing great defense.

          • Joseph Rejekt

            I think people forget that Kobe over the years has refined his game and it’s not so much predicated on his athleticism from his 20′s but rather his footwork, his fundamentals and ability to still knock down his shot. Kobe hasn’t taken guys off the dribble in some time but still has an uncanny ability to score. Kobe will still play at a high level, that’s no issue. Team defense is the biggest issue. Boozer isn’t a great player defensively. Has never been nor ever will be so I’m with Kobe Hate there. But he’s not so terrible in that he’d diminish the Lakers to 30 wins either. Boozer is much more polished offensively than any of our interior players right now (at the least unless Randle potentially establishes himself).

          • JoeJoe

            Lmao, the if the Lakers get 50+ wins, I will be very surprised.

      • Dino Madness

        If you end up being right the Suns will enjoy their number one pick very much courtesy of Steve Nash.

      • Thomas Klein

        Troll, there is no way for you to know how many games we will win!

    • Brandon

      Shut the fuck up dog !! You ain’t balling in the NBA .. So why are you so worried ??

    • JB Wyatt

      Boozer is the Lakers problem now…GOOD LUCK!!

      • Joseph Rejekt

        A cheap $3.25 million 14+pt 8reb problem. Solid numbers for little money.

      • JoeJoe

        Really man ? The amount of money he is being paid, that is basically a steal for the Lakers ? Don’t complain about it.

    • Thomas Klein

      What a bunch of crap, his points per minute played are almost dead even with the last 3 seasons, grow up

    • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

      Obviously Boozer Doesnt Have The Range Out To The 3pt Line. May I Ask, Are U A Laker Fan?

  • Bo

    Carlos Boozer was getting paid in the $15 million range now it’s in the $3 million range he is now worth his contract before people talked stuff because he was overpaid not it’s fair game he is earning a fair amount.Boozer is not Anthony Davis or Tim Duncan but he is more like Paul Millsap or David West than the latter.I predict Boozer 18 PPG and 10 REB.

    • shanedem

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    • Zack4me

      um he getting paid $20 mill this season, 3 million coming from LA and rest coming from the bulls

      • Joseph Rejekt

        Actually he’s getting paid $16.8 million. The Lakers are paying $3.25 million of it from his signed contract with Chicago making up the remaining roughly $13.6 million.

    • Dino Madness

      Whether people like it or not Boozer is now a 3.25 mil contract for the Lakers. So you can’t be piss if his playing like a 3.25 mil because he’s getting paid 3.25 mil from the Lakers and the other 13+ mil will be paid by Chicago. The Lakers will most likely come out winners out of this deal. I think Boozer will have a come back season now that the monkey is off his back.

    • Joseph Rejekt

      Boozer will top out more likely at 16 and 8, not 18 and 10. Playing beside Hill, Hill is a rebound eater as well which will keep Boozer from double digits. Anthony Davis is young and very athletic which is why he’s better and Tim Duncan is probably where Boozer is now, though more intelligent. Age does play a factor here in where Duncan is at, remember how old he is now. West has regressed to where he’s nothing more than a bench guy and Millsap would be a fairer comparison.

      • Thomas Klein

        16 and 8 is not far off what we were getting from Pau, who also didn’t play spectacular defense, and was being paid 20 million and wanted a extended contract. Boozer costs 3.25 million for ONE year.

  • MDA For President

    Carlos Boozer is a big time player that is very strong and he is always on a playoffs team.

    • Bryan

      You haven’t watched him play for the Bulls. The Bulls made the playoffs despite Boozer being on the team, not because he was on the team. He doesn’t play any meaningful minutes down the stretch and sits on the bench. No desire to play D, which may be okay on the West coast. But centers averaged 58% FG % when he defended them. He can’t play at the rim and gets out rebounded badly for his size and doesn’t like contact. He lost his vertical the last year he play for Utah and has been a shell of himself since than.

      • Joseph Rejekt

        Centers are bigger than Boozer. Boozer is a 6’9″ PF remember, not a 6’11″ + center (though I know some are generally 6’9 – 6’10″). Some of what you say is true but at the same time, one must also wonder where his interests lied with the Bulls and his willingness to produce. He was clearly unhappy there, having Noah who was also an interior guy clogging up the lane on offense didn’t help matters. Boozer is a low post and mid range guy who needs someone else on the floor who can defend beside him and hit from range to open up the lane for him.

      • Thomas Klein

        Were going to play him more at the 4, not center, next to Hill, Davis or Sacre, and we will be rotating in Randle at the 4 when Boozer goes out. If he plays well, he keeps his starting job, if he coasts, Randle will take it. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  • vdogg

    i predict 17 and 10 for the booz.

    • Joseph Rejekt

      That would be tall for Boozer. Remember, Hill is a solid rebounder as well and will probably keep Boozer from reaching 10 rebounds. 16-17pts isn’t outside the realm of possibility with Kobe and Young capable of opening the floor for him.

      • Thomas Klein

        Does it matter WHO gets the rebound, as long as it’s a Laker?

    • sonatona10

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  • John Buchanan

    The Lakers won’t be back in championship contention for years to come. And a lot of the fault is Kobe’s — his greed. I believe in karma, and my prediction: Kobe goes down again with an injury and the Lakers finish last in the West. Jim Buss, more than anyone, has wrecked the team. His father is rolling over in his grave.

    • aztig8

      kobes greed got him and the lakers 5 rongs so shut the hell up fool

      • aztig8


    • tbone

      Greed? Kobes being paid his fair worth to the lakers organization. It isny necesarrily his basketball value right now but when you help net hundres of millions a year over the course of your career and played at the elite level he has, a true franchise like the lakers will pay you thank you money. Remember magic johnsons final years with the lakers? He was miserable but still had huge salary, kobe is nowhere near THAT bad. He still is arguably a top 3 SG in the league easy.

    • Joseph Rejekt

      What greed? He could have made 32.5 million and 35 million on these 2 coming seasons if he demanded max money and very well could have. The Lakers would have paid it because he brings in revenue over $100 million annually for them. He gets paid not just for what he does on the floor but also for how well the team does because of him financially. He took a nearly $20 million paycut. Hell, this past season he made over $30 million. Did you know that? Jerry Buss would have signed Kobe to that contract as well. Jerry wouldn’t be rolling over in his grave over it. Kobe was making more money during his championship years with Gasol than what he is now. It amazes me how people are quick to forget these things or overlook them.

      The reason the Lakers won’t contend is because they don’t have the personnel right now. LeBron wanted to go home and Melo is an overrated player who opted to stay in New York (he wouldn’t have helped the Lakers win a title anyway). Look at the free agents this year, there wasn’t anyone worth a damn. Lance Stephenson is a total headcase, Bledsoe isn’t an elite point guard, Greg Monroe is a plus PF but he’s not an elite guy like an Anthony Davis or Kevin Love. Lets get real, there was nothing there this offseason. The Lakers have positioned themselves so that next year they have $30 mil + available for free agents and the following year when Kobe comes off the books with $25 mil off the books for someone like Kevin Durant. Big picture John. Look at the future free agent market, look at the salaries on the current contracts and think about those future years.

    • Sam Lin

      What a …hater!!

    • VillainKing™

      FUCK YOU LOSER!!!!!!!!!

    • Thomas Klein

      He John, please voluntarily send me half your pay for this next year, if you don’t, your going to be injured, but hey, it’s just Karma, because of your greed.

    • Robert J. Carmack

      You probably believe in Elves and Pot of Gold rainbows too.. stop being so negative or become a fan of the Clippers. They could use some more..Laker haters

  • jc

    Boozer was an all star before and he played on an Olympic team. Laker fans just judge on one bad season, he is a solid offensive player.

  • preciousbwallace

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  • pwizo

    boozer will be fine. the lakers have Lin who will throw him dimes.

  • dmpartners

    Good luck with Boozer he is all but done

  • sw

    I do not trust Jim Buss with this organization, he’s been making bad choices from day 1 and continues to do so. He needs to hand over the reigns to somebody who knows what he’s doing!

  • sw

    Lakers are taking on anybody who can bounce a ball and that’s not a way to build a contending team, this is Jim Buss’ way of running the team.
    He’s more interested in selling ballgame tickets than winning titles.

    • Joseph Rejekt

      If you believe that then you obviously know little about running a team. LeBron and Melo (who isn’t worth the contract and is an overrated player) weren’t coming. The Lakers filled the roster with short contracts in order to prepare for the next offseason. There wasn’t anyone worth a damn and worth the money for them to invest in. As I said to John Buchanan up above:

      “Look at the free agents this year, there wasn’t anyone worth a damn. Lance Stephenson is a total headcase, Bledsoe isn’t an elite point guard, Greg Monroe is a plus PF but he’s not an elite guy like an Anthony Davis or Kevin Love. Lets get real, there was nothing there this offseason. The Lakers have positioned themselves so that next year they have $30 mil + available for free agents and the following year when Kobe comes off the books with $25 mil off the books for someone like Kevin Durant. Big picture John. Look at the future free agent market, look at the salaries on the current contracts and think about those future years.”

      The Lakers can’t contend every year. I know Laker fans are so spoiled that they believe we should simply just pick and pluck whoever the hell we want off every team and out of every free agent market and make some superstar laden all start team, but that’s not how the NBA operates. The Lakers are rebuilding and that needs to be realized. Kobe, though he’ll still be great is older, Gasol aged and isn’t what he was during the championship years, Enjoy the last 2 years Kobe is in the league. The Lakers need to rebuild and let the Kobe Bryant era come to a close. Just like the Magic, Kareem, Worthy eras, the Kobe and Shaq era, the West era.

      • Thomas Klein

        Joe, GREAT points, all lost on morons who have absolutely no vision, or spoiled brats who want everything now. Then there’s the trolls, who’s pathetic existence, has them preferring to visit Laker sites, rather than their own teams,

  • jayjay

    He is just in the Lakers to complete the roster together with Lin and Davis.

  • Straight Talk

    Boozer has a 5inch Vertical – enough said !!!! Don’t believe me ? Watch game 1

    • Thomas Klein

      Larry Bird couldn’t jump to save his life, and still managed to compete, so why focus on jumping ability?

  • Mangoosteen

    From what i’ve read, Boozer is going to play SF for the Lakers. Just don’t know how true it is.

    • Thomas Klein

      PF not SF

  • dk

    wow. that is one incredible bunch!

  • ND_Irish_Fan

    As a diehard Celtics fan, I’m not even close to being a Laker admirer. However, the Lakers flat out stole Boozer for a little over $3 million. I’m sure Kupchak almost stained his drawers when he heard their bid was awarded.

  • Ace1g

    Basically the Lakers are putting a team on the floor that is filled with guys that should be in the D league, playing overseas, or making retirement plans.

    • PoweredByRice

      Jeremy Lin is hardly a D-League player. Get real. Last year he actually posted better numbers than during the Linsanity run. He just couldn’t get any traction with a ball-hog like Harden on the floor with him.

      • Ace1g

        You could argue that Lin is the best player on that team. I think you just proved my point.

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