PHOTOS: Jeremy Lin Statue Unveiled In Taiwan Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="304"] Jeremy Lin is arguably one of the most popular players in the NBA today. Lin may not be an elite player like fellow teammate Kobe Bry [new_royalslider id="304"] Jeremy Lin is arguably one of the most popular players in the NBA today. Lin may not be an elite player like fellow teammate Kobe Bry Rating: 0
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PHOTOS: Jeremy Lin Statue Unveiled In Taiwan

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Jeremy Lin is arguably one of the most popular players in the NBA today. Lin may not be an elite player like fellow teammate Kobe Bryant or superstar LeBron James, but he’s incredibly popular overseas as well as the United States.

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Recently, Lin was honored with a statue at the Conscious 3 Basketball Art Exhibition in Tapei, Taiwan via BallisLife.com:

Paintings, digital work, magazines, but nothing stood out more to me than a Kobe statue with a Black Mamba biting his Achilles….well, actually the Jeremy Lin corner with a statue of Kobe’s new teammate made me stare a little longer.

Jeremy Lin Statue 2



With Lin now set to play alongside Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles, the Asian-American superstar will continue to see his popularity skyrocket around the world. The combination of Kobe and Lin in the Lakers backcourt will instantly make the storied franchise one of the most-watched teams in the league overseas.

Kobe’s popularity in China is second to none and adding Lin to the mix only makes brings that much more attention to the Lakers. The Lakers will usher in a new era at the point guard position next season with the addition of Lin.

Lin was already a star on the rise before heading to Los Angeles after an incredible run with the New York Knicks back in 2012. Linsanity put the young floor general on the map with his popularity increasing every year since.

The real question is whether Lin can rebound from a disappointing stint with the Houston Rockets. Lin lost his starting job to Patrick Beverley last season and will need to make an impression in Los Angeles to earn the role as a starter next season.

With Steve Nash dealing with constant injury problems over the last two years and Jordan Clarkson getting no consideration as the starting point guard, Lin’s chances are good that he’ll be named the starter to start next season.

The Lakers will face the Rockets on Oct. 28 to get the 2014-15 NBA season underway at the Staples Center. It’ll be Kobe’s first game against Dwight Howard and Lin’s first time facing his former team.

Kobe Bryant’s message to Jeremy Lin

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  • Zach

    Aren’t most statues more than a foot tall? Sheesh, I think that museum needs more funding…

    • Jezza

      Yeah, I was expecting a monument. It’s more like a statuette than a statue.

    • Al Haldie

      FACH–HOW MANY DO YOU HAVE OVER 1/8 of an inch and larger -Your have nothing just a lot of HOT AIR—no CLASS AT ALL…

    • Ultimate187

      It’s a humble statue. If anything Lin is probably pleased. He wouldn’t want a monument.

  • Houstonrocketfan

    It is great to have Jeremy Lin statue with Bruce Li Statue. Please do not put Jeremy Lin side by side with Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is famous but not popular in Chinese community.

    • 1+1=3

      Are you stupid ???”Not popular in Chinese community”?The whole Asia knows who he is,just like Yao Ming.

      • TN

        Well as a Hong Kong citizen I would say Jackie Chan is famous but not popular in here.

      • Tom

        By your logic Mel Gibson must be popular in the States because everyone knows who he is after his anti-Semitic tirade.

      • NYGriego74

        Bruce Lee? Fkn moron

    • JuniorJunior

      Um it’s Bruce Lee ,not Bruce Li

  • lucy

    it’s so small lol

  • Pseudohypoparathyroidism

    As of 2014, CHINA’S POPULATION IS 1,366,240,000 !!!!!!!

    1,366,240,000 !!!!!!!!

    As of 2014, Taiwan’s population is 23,398,263 !!!!!!!

    But for the coming 2014 NBA Season, the number of basketball players playing in the NBA from both China and Taiwan is 1 !!!!!!!

    1 !!!!!!!!

    So, yeah, Jeremy Lin deserves a statue.

    • waky wake

      No offense intended, but being a native born minority-American “BLACK”, I have to correct you. Jeremy Lin is not from Taiwan, China, or any other part of asia. He was born and raised in the good ol’ USA. He is by birth, an American of Taiwanese decent. And yes I know That Chinese and maybe some other asian cultures promote the fantasy that blacks are somehow inferior to themselves, but stupidity like that of “Jet Li” exists all over. I wonder if Jackie Chan’s stance in that area has anything to do with asian-Chinese rejecting him? Just needed to get that out there.

      • elaine

        correction: his dad was born in
        Taiwan but his mom was born in China (i believe. for sure, his mom-side grandparents are from China). So he is ABC/T.

        • waky wake

          Elaine, what are you talking about? Yes, his mother was born in china {Then at some point, her family migrated to Taiwan and became TAIWAN CITIZENS} and his father was born on the island of Taiwan, so he was a Taiwan citizen by birth. Then they met, got married and at some point immigrated to the US, {where Jeremy was born}, so there is no correction. If you’re refering to my leaving out chinese when I wrote X-American, that’s because HE refers to his lineage as Taiwanese. As a fact of genetics, I believe the vast majority of Taiwanese are of chinese lineage, there is no unique Taiwanese, or chinese genus as far as I know so “Splitting hairs with that?”. I was just explaining that Jeremy is from the USA and not some place in asia

          • elaine

            If you want to talk about genetics, some researches say all humans are from Africa but others don’t believe the researches. JL is hard working NBA player, he didn’t want to get involve in this lineage thing but some Taiwanese citizens are too self centered and if they are not corrected, they will always think JL is Taiwanese lineage ONLY! At least give some credits to JL, he is doing his best and some people just down play his ability.

          • waky wake

            Elaine, I myself am a Jeremy Lin fan, so I’m going to try this one more time. Your replies hints to you’re being from mainland china, so please read this carefully. If you research far enough back you will find that ‘MOST’ if not all of Jeremy’s father’s ancestors migrated from mainland china as well, so if you want to call JLin chinese, be my guest. But, once his ancestors {mother’s and father’s} settled on the island of Taiwan, they chose to be recognized as Taiwanese. Han, from what I understand is the largest ethnic group of mainland china, but it’s also the largest of Taiwan, Hong Kong-china and Singapore. There are other significant pockets of Hans all over and around asia. Here’s the crust of my original comment though, which was meant for whom I believe is another American commenter. “Jeremy Lin is not FROM Taiwan, china, or any other nation on the continent of asia, he was born and raise in the USA. That makes him American by birth. Nothing else. JEREMY LIN himself said that he was of Taiwanese lineage. For me [THE BLACK GUY], he’s a fellow American, christian and a brother that can flat out basketball. Good hunting on your research.

          • elaine

            U see. U even think I am from china! Let me double triple tell u that I am NO t from china!


      Yao Ming is a Billion times what Lin is and you think lin deserved a Statue.
      Maybe a Bubblehead, lin hasn’t proved anything.

  • elaine

    i like jeremy lin and wish him the best at lakers. but this from taiwan is too much!

  • Vergrassi Sous

    That is not a statue! More like a figurine…. This article stinks.

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